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Did You Know Lip Balm Also Has Hacks? Here Are 12 Hacks All The Ladies Must Know!

Lip Balm Hacks
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Winter is coming which implies the time has come to go for lip balm shopping. If you are one of those waits for your lips to chap, dry and shouts for some nourishment before putting resources into a lip balm, we’re going to change that eternity. If you’ve possibly been using a lip balm to soften your lips when they’re dry, just allow us to give you access to a secret: This trusty beauty product is a gift of god, and can do so much more than just curing your dry and chapped lips! Believe it or not, lip balms are just lifelines and they do so much more than just moisturizing your lips.

If you’ve been using your lip balm just to saturate dry lips, enable us to share some insane lip balm hacks. Who knew these trusty beauty products can accomplish so much more! Read on to look at new ways to use your lip balm past your lips, from speeding your beauty routine too easy and quick beauty fixes.

It’ll come in handy when you catch some cold

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Winter is here! Right, when the season is changing all over India, cold and cough has become extremely common. In such cases, you end up rubbing your nose every now and then. This rubbing of the nose can give you dry skin around the nose area. So, apply a little lip balm to get rid of this dry skin.

To just set those annoying flyways

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With winters comes the constant problem of frizzy hair which has flyaways. Or if your hair are not fizzy, a strand or two will surely stick out of your updo. To help you from these stupid and irritating situations, run some lip balm between your fingers and gently brush back the wayward hairs to create a smoother look. No need for hairspray! 

It works wonders as a makeup remover

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Came to a friend’s place just after the party? If you are thinking to go to the bed with your makeup wrong, you are wrong! If you want to remove your makeup, grab that lip balm lying in your purse and spread it all over a cotton ball to get rid of all the makeup and dirt in a clap of hands. 


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Did your makeup in a hurry and now missing some dewy highlighter? I am sure you might have a lip balm lying in your purse. Just sweep come to that lip balm across your cheekbones to add an instant highlight. Apply a single layer and keep in mind to not go overboard. 

Shoe bite problem?

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During winters, many of us become skeptical about trying new shoes just because of the fear of shoe bites, cuts, and blisters. To help you take that fear away, rub your lip balm on all the areas where you can get shoe bites and blisters the next time you plan you try some new shoes. Lip balm will keep your skin moisturized and protected.

The Best Lip Balms Available In India

Hard to remove mascara smudges, lip balm to your rescue

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This common beauty blunder of having mascara all over your eyes can easily be fixed! The time you’re a victim of runny mascara, just apply your lip balm to the area, and then wipe it off with a tissue. Job done easy! 

Want to hide those monstrous pimples?

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A lot of lip balms are packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, shooting shea butter, and jojoba oil, which can hide pimples if you apply it to the affected area before applying your makeup. If you apply lip balm to the affected area, it will create a barrier that will keep your concealer in place and help disguise your breakout.

Keep makeup in place

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Not only does lip balm act as a lip moisturizer, but it also aids in your daily makeup routine. Next time you’re applying eyeshadow, try using a bit of lip balm as a base. The substance will act as a primer, so your shadow will go on smoother and stay on longer.

Are you confused about your lip balms if it is the best or not?? We’ve curated a list for the best lip balms

Tame those brows and your arc!

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Don’t have a  brow gel? Well, you don’t need one. Though lip balm tends to be thicker than most brow gels, it’s still a great alternative.  The balm will not dry on your brows or harden. Just sweep a non-tined balm across the brows and blend with a spoolie or finger. But use a lip balm only if you haven’t used a brow pencil or brow pomade already as the balm may cause the color to bleed.

Wanna know the difference between lip balm and lip gloss

Problem with split end ends with a lip balm

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Though this is a temporary solution, it works wonders. Take a small amount of balm on your fingertips and rub into your split ends. This will tame them disguise them, even if it’s only for a day. As the consistency of the balm is heavy, use just a smidgen. 

Lip balm as a blush

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If you want a natural blush on your cheeks, you can use a balm with a slight tint. Sweep some balm on your cheeks and blend with your fingers. This will give a nice dewy blush on your cheeks.  If you don’t have a tinted blush just mix some lipstick with the balm. This will work like a crème blush.

To remove hair color from the skin

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Are you a messy hair color applicator? Do you also feel happy when you color your hair freshly but the coloring leaves some stains, marks or spots here and there can be bad for your look? We all know that removing these hair color stains is not at all an easy task. So, try to apply a bit of balm on that area and then try to remove the color. Trust me, this trick is very useful.

There you have it! A rundown of all possible life hacks!! Try some of these and let me know in the comment section below what worked the best for you!

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