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10 Ways To Maintain Your Hair Healthy During The Monsoon Season

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While everyone on this planet loves rains. Rainstorm comes as a welcome escape from the singing summer heat. The appearance of the stormy season carries delight to numerous as they no longer need to confront the warmth strokes and burns from the sun from the unforgiving sun

But this much-loved monsoon also brings with it a lot of negative effects such as increased levels of humidity which makes it very difficult to manage your hair. The high humidity in the monsoon can especially affect your skin and hair. Problems such as frizzy hair, dandruff, and hair fall become more common as well. But, don’t let the rains get to you. 

In such conditions it is important to nourish your hair and keep it clean. Here are some of the best tips to follow during the monsoon season. These tips will keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

1. In the rainy season, rainwater in general makes your hair limp. To forestall this, apply a couple of drops of hair potion on the mid-lengths and closures of hair. Hair Elixir is a definitive frizz safe recipe that in a split second turns harsh, grizzled, and harmed strands into delicate, velvety, and smooth hair.

2. There will never be a way out to get wet in the rain, given that we are consistently moving. Shampoo your hair consistently to expel any buildup or particles from your scalp deserted by rainwater. The basic hint here is to routinely purge and clean your hair, contingent upon its sort.

3. Conditioning your hair by applying a masque is mandatory as it neutralizes frizziness and smoothens out the hair. Ensure that the conditioner is applied only on the mid-length and ends. Only use a minimum amount though.

4. Tie your hair up to trap in dampness and forestall frizz. Consistent dousing in the rainstorm and significant levels of moistness spell awful news for your mane. There is a likelihood that you may fall prey to various scalp issues and terrible hair days. Consequently, it is ideal to tie your hair in free braids and buns.

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5. If you get wet in the rain, make a point to dry your hair completely as rainwater is filthy and acidic and ends up being awful for your hair. It might likewise cause contagious or bacterial contamination. In this way, keeping your hair dry is one of the least complex, yet best rainstorm hair care tip.

6. Go for a hair spa at your local salon and pamper your tresses. This is not a luxury but a necessity. Shampoo and conditioner will help you cleanse from the outside, while regular spa treatments are essential to nourish your hair and roots. Colored hair, being chemically treated, needs extra care, and protection.

7. A special tip for colored hair is to dampen your locks before going out in the rain and apply conditioner. This can prevent the color from bleeding. But, do not forget to rinse with cold water immediately after you are back indoors.

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8. Rains can make the color in your hair bleed or get washed out. It’s a good idea to refresh the hair color after a couple of weeks or months.

9. If you have to heat-style your tresses, use a heat protection spray or argan oil or Moroccan oil. Blow-drying is better than ironing. If you are heat-styling colored hair, your hair will need a lot of deep conditioning treatments to nourish and reverse the damage.

10. Regular oil massages, dry-head massages, deep conditioning treatments, hair spa days, and DIY home masks are all important to help keep your color vibrant and fresh.

By following these tips you are sure to have those luscious locks even during the monsoon! 

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