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10 Real-Life Struggles Girls Face With Long Nails

Long Nails Problems
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Long beautiful nails always nail the look. It is incredible to have wonderful long nails and paint them or keep them as is. It gives a stunning shape to the finger, making your hands look kissable. There are such huge numbers of upsides to wearing long nails: having the option to give yourself an Orgasmatron-style head rub, extending squat fingers, scratching the difficult inch of your back, however they accompany one immense drawback, LIFE. 

With long nails, you can’t type easily, can’t unlock your phone, can’t message effectively and just can’t do anything, truly. 

Long nails are for all intents and purposes the hand rendition of high heels. They’re jazzy, however, they include an additional element of trouble to the simple tasks, walking or opening a canned drink. 

What’s unusual, though, is how the length of your fingernails can change your point of view on things, for better and in negative ways.

Whether real or fake, you can attest to these 10 struggles if
you have exceptionally long nails.


You cannot wear or remove contact lenses without poking your eyes. 

poking eyes
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It very difficult to take out the card from any type of slot especially from ATM machines 

long nails atm problem
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You just cannot type on phone or keyboard without making weird annoying sound

fast typing
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Buttoning your shirt or jeans is a big big task

she is the worst
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Makeup and food gets stuck in the nails before it can go to the desired place

food in nails
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You constantly live your life in fear…of breaking a nail.

long nails problems
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Instead of pressing delete on your phone you end up typing ‘mmm’

long nails problems
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Perhaps one of the most disheartening things about having long nails is dealing with your changed handwriting. The longer the nails, the harder it is to write with a pen or pencil.

long nails problems
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If one chips off, then trimming others becomes mandatory

long nails problems
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Clasping bracelets and necklaces becomes impossible, it is a task that you just cannot do without the help of others 

long nails problems
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At the end, all the problems are worth it, cuz they make your
fingers look gorgeous

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