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10 Irritating Problems Faced By People With Specs

Specs problems
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With amazing superpowers comes superbly amazing and greater responsibility. And who would know these responsibilities better than the ones who carry with themselves the excessive burden of wearing specs? 

When you wear specs, there are 99% chances of you being called by one or more of the following names- four eyes, chashmish, blind, nerd, wannabe nerd, etc. But, what people don’t realize is that wearing glasses is one of the most difficult tasks that humans are capable of handling. 

You having a truck full of responsibilities and problems make yourself envy people who can see things flawlessly without spectacles and more often than not, you are considered a walking talking nerd. I am sure you would relate with all this pretty much. 

A lot being said, here are 10 frustrating problems one faces when they say hello to them glasses.


Your face looks weird making you embarrassed every time when you have to take them off for a picture. You do not look you! 

removing specs
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With glasses on, playing with colors or any sort of activity that involves people getting dirty is a nightmare. The constant cleaning and wiping, makes you think twice before undertaking any task. 

wearing specs while holli
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You can never sport shades in the sun (unless you have powered sunglasses). Looking at people around you wearing sunglasses got you like

anil kapoor welcome funny scene
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Walking in the rain = A death wish made

specs with wiper
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Wearing contact lenses is more than just a terror

hotel transylvania contact lenses
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It is crazy when over time, the glasses become loose and they keep on sliding off your nose! Summers and humid weather makes the task even more tedious.  


You just bury your face in the sofa or cushion and lay comfortably watching Netflix with your specs on!!!

telling no
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Our body would prefer it better if we were blind, to be honest, because an entire day of wearing specs would lead to the worst headaches that make you want to break them into little minute pieces.

specs headache
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The deadly task of forgetting where you kept this godly creation and then not being able to see enough to find them.

You when lose your specs


You just can’t sip hot drinks, just because fog!

Specs with fog
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