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10 Mugs That Are Sure To Make You Spit Your Coffee from Laughter

Two wooden mugs filled with coffee
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For most of us, coffee is the most important meal of the day. You’ll never catch me without a coffee in hand, fueling through my day. Coffee is everywhere, but the mug one chooses to carry is only as expressive as the person drinking out of it. One thing is for certain, the mug life chose us.

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you can never have too many mugs. A dirty coffee mug is not going to stop you from getting your daily jolt of caffeine, but it’s much better to start each day fresh. The mugs featured in this post are not just practical, though. Each one offers its own unique take on mug design. Some are a bit whimsical and funny while others are just plain pretty. If you need to add a few more creative mugs to your collection, look no further because all of these cool, cute, and stylish designs are for sale right now! Buy one for home, another for your commute to work and another to keep at the office to get your day really started right. Just make sure you keep it safe from those thieves in accounting who are always looking to poach a new mug. Try Some Coffee Cocktails In These Mugs

The coffee mug you use says a lot about you — it tells people how you really feel without you physically having to say it.

To have you java in a fun way, here are some of the most amazing cups, which are sure to elevate the taste of your coffee: *wink: I am sure*

Geekmonkey Middle Finger 350ml Coffee Mug

Geekmonkey Middle Finger Coffee Mug  - Curiouskeeda
Source: www.amazon.in
Color NamePrice

This mug looks completely innocent, however, once your victim gets to the end of his or her drink, the surprise 3D gesture will reveal itself. Showing the recipient a large middle finger. Now Laugh thinks this makes an ideal secret gift for your favorite colleague or perhaps even your boss. The hilarious middle finger mug is a great way to add a little smile to your day. It can also be bought for a man you hate! After all, honesty is the only way. Isn’t it fun?

INKlusiv O Stree Chai Piyogi Typography White Ceramic Printed Coffee Mug

INKlusiv O Stree Chai Piyogi Typography White Ceramic Printed Coffee Mug - Curiouskeeda
Source: www.amazon.in
Color NamePrice

For those who are obsessed with tea, since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like tea. For all the tea lovers out there this one is for you. Reminding you to have your hourly dose of tea by asking you the question time and again. With all the fun quotient, this mug is made up of fine quality ceramic material which is Microwave & Dishwasher safe. The print on the mug is permanent and fade-proof. This attractive mug will enhance the style quotient of any space. It will also attract a lot of attention from your friends and will hence prove to be a great gifting option too.

SHOPTOSHOP POPPEY Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug with Lid

SHOPTOSHOP POPPEY Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug with Lid - Curiouskeeda
Color NamePrice

For all the photography lovers and cool people out their, this one is for you! This camera lens coffee mug is nothing but a thermos but in a unique stylish format of the camera lens, perfect unique gift for everyone in your life, especially photography lovers will love this perfectly suited gift for them. Supporting an airtight cap with open/closed lid for small sipping, convenient for hot drinking while on the go, also great for your favorite beverages at home, school or in the office, camera lens mug is designed to be a multi-purpose container, for hot milk, tea or coffee or else cold beverages. Now enjoy your coffee in photography style.

Avengers | DC | Star Wars Superhero 3D Ceramic Tea Coffee Imported Mug

Model NamePrice
Astronaut Helmet599.00
Batman Face649.00
Batman Wing549.00
Captain America649.00
Ghost Rider – Skull699.00
Infinity Stones Gauntlet649.00
Pikachu Pokemon830.00
The Punisher – Knuckle Fist549.00

Charge up your mornings, zap out of boring afternoons and chill in your evenings – all with our Superhero coffee mug! Sculpted like your favorite Superhero’s face and crafted in high-quality ceramic, impress everyone with your unique collection of coffee mugs! The mug is made of high-quality ceramic earthenware, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, non-toxic, healthy and perfect for any cold or hot drinks.

Yedaz Quirky Coffee Mug ISS Duniya Mein Rehna Hai Toh White Ceramic Coffee Mug

Yedaz Quirky Coffee Mug ISS Duniya Mein Rehna Hai Toh White Ceramic Coffee Mug - Curiouskeeda
Source: www.amazon.in
Color NamePrice

Do you procaffeinate? I mean do you have a tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee. And you breathe Bollywood. Here’s a white professional printing ceramic mug that meets the purpose ready the ground coffee beans, pour hot skimmed milk, add low-cal sugar and a pinch of Bollywood. Perfect combo!

Satyam Kraft (Pack of 1) Lazy Panda Ceramic Mug with Ceramic Lid and Spoon

Satyam Kraft (Pack of 1) Lazy Panda Ceramic Mug with Ceramic Lid and Spoon - Curiouskeeda
Source: www.amazon.in
Color NamePrice

Are you a lazy bud? If your soul says yes, this one is for you! As you chill on the bed to watch Netflix, you can carry this one with you, which can be a constant reminder for you that you have to be lazy! This cute looking mug is sure to be a favorite, not for you but for the people around you also.

BonZeaL Women Accessories Lipstick Mug Beauty Series 3D Coffee Mugs

Model NamePrice
Bad Hair Day Hair Brush 599.00
Bad Hair Day Hair Dryer549.00
Black Heel550.00
Lipstick Coffee Mug 549.00
Red Heel 550.00

What is life with a hint of drama to add to? For all the drama queens who cannot keep calm over their vanity, this lipstick mug is here to hold their star tantrums. From being unable to decide the perfect matching lipstick shade to cribbing for hours over a chipped nail these queens indeed deserve some special treatment. And so to help blend some fashionista blather this beautiful Lipstick mug is here to bring life to your talks. Made of ceramic this mug are the best bae’s you will ever wish for. This is indeed the most unique and dapper gift for that swanky girl next door. Pick the perfect gift for your Girlfriend, fashionista friend for a laugh and warm drink!

BonZeaL Revolver Mug Pistol Mug Gold 3D Coffee Mugs

BonZeaL Revolver Mug Pistol Mug Gold 3D Coffee Mugs - Curiouskeeda
Source: www.amazon.in
Model NamePrice
Revolver Mug575.00

This is the perfect mug for a little shot of something extra in your coffee to help you get through Mondays. The Gun Handle Mug combines the much-needed calm of drinking coffee during a hectic day at the office with the aggression of fantasizing about pointing a firearm at your boss. Whether you are into guns or just cool stuff shaped like guns, you got to pull the trigger on this purchase.

The conventional handle has been replaced with a handgun grip complete with the trigger. Of course, it doesn’t fire anything, but I think the illusion of the firearm will make anyone feel a little bit badass. If you have been wanting to inject a bit of fun and danger during coffee breaks, the Gun Mug can provide that entertainment.

BonZeaL Wood Mug Bamboo Mug Coffee Mugs

Model NamePrice
Bamboo wood mug handle799.00
Cantaloupe Fruit Cup399.00
Color Change Magic Ghost499.00
Darth Vader Plastic550.00
Donut Mug Brown599.00
Gold Love Printed Mug499.00
Good Morning Mug499.00
Good Morning Mug Blue499.00
Good Night Bow Lid Mug599.00
Gradient Blue Coffee Mug850.00
Lemon Orange Fruit Cup399.00
Little Sweet Bow Lid Mug599.00
Pick Up Bow Lid Mug599.00
Robocop Mug 499.00
Valentine Coffee Mug499.00

Let us all be a little eco-friendly with this beautiful looking mug made with high-quality oak wood. It can be used for both cold and warm drinks. It is a neat handcraft, so it’s also a perfect gift for men so prepare to surprise your Husband, Dad, Grandpa or Friend on the party, gathering, or the coming Christmas! Now you can have your coffee in a stress-free manner as you are helping the environment be happy!

BonZeaL Build-On Brick Mug Blue DIY Brick Mugs 3D Coffee Mugs

Color NamePrice
Red 499.00

The Brick Mug does not come with any other bricks apart from the one which randomly comes with each mug. You can use your own bricks/blocks. However, we’re confident you’ve got a variety of compatible building sets at your house already. Fashion building blocks coffee water mugs fit for men’s women’s and also kids to use. Create a modern look enjoy the atmosphere and entertain in style. This Creative Build-on Brick Mug has built-in slots for kid’s building blocks. You can have separate building blocks and try building a design onto your mug. Kids will definitely love it! It is not only a mug but also a cool building blocks toy! Drink your coffee and build something, too. Durable and Perfectly weighted. Great gift for Kids, Family, and Friends. Important Note: The Blocks pieces can be stick to the only one side which is projecting.

Stock up your kitchen, workspace and traveling bag with these funky mugs and spruce up your caffeinating game.

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