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10 Hair Color Trends To Try In 2018!

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Your hair can completely change the way you look. The overall style, color and cut of your tresses can determine how trendy and fashionable you appear.

Recently, the hair coloring trend has soared anew and most people are giving it a fair shot. Whether you are bold enough to change your entire look or you just want some subtle highlights, you can be a part of this trend if you know which color you want to go for.

If you are looking for some great options to choose from, then you are just at the right place because we have some awesome choices for you!

Read on to find out!

1. Blackberry

Ultra Violet was declared Pantone’s Color of the Year which means purples and plums are here to stay. This blackberry hair is a unique mixture of purple and blue which is sure tosuit a variety of skin tones. Created for the first time by hairstylist, Megan Schipani, this shade can be achieved even without bleaching. If you are a person who is very particular about your skin tone and think hair colors won’t suit you but have a crush on hair colors, this is the color for you!

Honey Blond Ombre

Warm shades of honey which adds a glow to your skin never go out of style. There are different ways to style them, but this sun-kissed golden-ombré hue is topping all the charts in 2018. You will not be harming your roots since the color gradually becomes a lighter gradient. This looks perfect on girls having long hair, as the ombre effect is clearly visible there.

Ash brown

If you do not want to go crazy with your colors, try something like this that will attract attention without being very loud. Ash Brown is a harmonious combination of a deep chocolate brown and slate-gray that will make you look absolutely fabulous!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Hair

Another creation by talented colorist, Megan Schipani, looks  very glam and yet very natural. If you want something that will definitely turn heads, then you should try this look ASAP. The look consists of two simple tones. The golden blonde which is the representative of the peanut butter while the purple shades are the shades of jelly; hence the name.

5. Succulent Hair

Do you want something that truly makes you stand out in crowd? Then you cannot go wrong with this succulent shade. The jewel tones in the look will instantly brighten up your face. There is no fixed way to decrease this look because you yourself can decide the mixture of colors you want to go for. For this look, you need to combine purple, turquoise and magenta hues at varying degrees of intensity.

Rose Gold

Are you a no-nonsense person with a rather soft personality? Then rose gold will be the perfect color for you. This is a pink-tinted blonde that will especially suit light to medium skin tones well. You can regulate the amount of pink and gold according to your wish in order to flatter your complexion in every possible way.

Blue Denim

This dusty shade of blue will add a grungy touch to your look that you are sure to enjoy to the maximum! Blue is a color that flatters everyone, and denim blue is a universal favorite, so, there is no chance that you can go wrong with this one. If you think that turning all your tresses blue might be a little too much, you can simply add a few streaks of denim blue and feel the change.

Mulled Wine

Do you want the feel of autumn all year along? This deep burgundy shade is sure to do this to you. It is an all-time favorite because of its richness. It adds a certain degree of depth to the face which can change your entire look. Moreover, the color of mulled wine is such that it will suit a variety of skin tones. You can make it more auburn or more maroon according to yourwish.

Brown balayage

Balayage is a style that has been going around for quite a while now. If you have very deep brown or black hair, then you can sport a balayage with a lighter shade of brown. The completed look will be absolutely gorgeous as it is sure to add more definition to your hair.

Teal and Cobalt

This combination, if done right, will set you apart for all the right reasons. Teal is a beautiful shade of blue and green that is very soothing to the eyes. The cobalt streaks will add that extra oomph to the look. If you really want to change your hair and try something new altogether, then this is a great option.

Did you decide on something? So, which one will it be?

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