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10 Crazy Thoughts That Keep Running In Our Mind When We Go For A HairCut!

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For a lot of people, getting a haircut is a sort of refreshing change and can make them feel like a completely new person altogether. But when it comes to haircut, some of the greatest and the most amazing horror stories are the ones that involve this deadly procedure. And I am sure, it happens to a lot of us, we all think we desperately need a haircut but the expectation and reality come standing poles apart. Post getting a haircut done, invariably, we come back missing our old hair feeling like the haircut we went for was a big mistake.

Imagine when you are going for a haircut, you are putting the fate of your hair into another person’s hand which has the potential to make or break your look. Once you are seated on that hot seat and are all caped up, you are pretty much opening up the gateways to a flood of uncertainties. But sometimes, a truly life-changing haircut requires a bit of forethought — mostly so you don’t find yourself with something you totally hate.

After getting the cut done, there are times when we leave with both great and not so great, looks. Of course, when the latter happens, the world does keep on turning. If you’d like to give your next haircut some thought, then here are a few things to consider before heading over to the salon, so you can walk away with the best strands ever.

As a tribute to all those tears we shed while looking into the mirror after a bad haircut, here’s a read that talks about the thoughts you have every time you muster the courage for a haircut…

Once your haircut is done and your hairstylist shows you the back mirror

“Oh god! What part of keeping the length did he not understand?”

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Then a sudden thought arises! 

Do I even trust this person to touch and cut my hair?

cuting own hair
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Then you see chunks of your hair on the floor and a sudden realization wave hits you, 

“Did I even need this haircut?”

do i need haircut?
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When your hair dresser blow dry’s  your hair 

“I know how this goes— it’s just a Cinderella day! It’s all going to go back to being a mop once I wash it.”

hair after haircut
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When you enter the salon,  you see a few certificates that are owned by the hairdresser and you think 

Actually yeah, that license of “barber mastery” hanging on the wall looks pretty legit.

best of luck
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When the hair cut process starts and the person washes your hair,

Ugh why can’t someone just wash my hair for me all the time, it is such an amazing feeling!! 

During hairwash
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When after seeing the condition of your hair, the person starts selling you a range of shampoos

“No, thank you, I don’t want to burn a hole in my pocket to maintain this awful haircut.”

Empty pocket after haircut
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When the haircut process starts and a few small hair are all over your face

Oh no my face is itchy. Should I itch it? I don’t know how to get my hands out from under the cape!

Itching during haircut
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And when you move your hands

Oh no I just moved my hands under the cape. Did it look suspicious?

Suspicious looks during haircut
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When you see a lot of cut hair on the floor

Ummmm, these were a part of me! I took so much care of them to make them grow now they are just lying on the floor. Btw, what would they do with these? 

Hair on floor
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Whatever be the case, we all at all times secretly hope for a life-changing haircut every time we go in for an appointment. Even if the haircut goes bad, just remember that these are just hair and they will grow back and that you should
always embrace it 🙂

If you wish to grow your lucious locks back then read on…

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