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Education: A Journey Not a Race

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“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity”
– Aristotle

Education is the keystone in the arch of a good life. Events in history have also demonstrated that the tones of life- Personality, Happiness, Mutual helpfulness, Social service are  affected by education as much as it is affected by economic factors. Education is the greatest instrument of socializing the individual, bringing the self into tune with a larger life of the society.

The concept of education is dynamic; therefore, divergent views have been expressed by eminent educationists. From Socrates to Pluto and from Dewey to Gandhi, all have a different saying on education. As we all know education is a continuous process. It has come to its present stage through evolution, and at each stage of its evolution, it has had different meanings according to different social conditions it was in. For some, education is the way to earn money for others it is an integral part of their life that has helped them change for good. The process and meaning of education  are  continuously changing and will surely continue to change in times to come. Therefore, education is not stereotyped but a dynamic concept which continuously changes to fit in this new world, where we all are busy and are moving to meet the demands of new times with a view of making revisions in our educational ideals.

Etymological derivation of the term Education

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Etymologically, the term education is derived from various sources. This word has a Latin origin. The Latin word was ‘Educatum’ which is a combination of words ‘E’ which means ‘Out of’ and ‘Duca’ which means ‘To lead.’ Thus, education means to lead from the outside to the inside. According to this very meaning of education, the teacher does not give anything to the child. He simply helps him to develop his inner potentials and be good. Thus, the main function of education is to draw out the inner potentials of the child and help them in developing the new ones.

Later on, the educationalists found out two other Latin words namely ‘Educere’ and “’Educare’ which contributes constructively to the meaning of education.  Educere means to develop or bring out, whereas Eduacre means to increase, to progress, to teach, to raise and so on. However, since education in an activity which goes on it the society, it cannot be a thing it is a process.

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We will all agree that, education is the most important thing in life today. It is the most valuable of all. It is divergent so, different people have different views on education. For Rabindranath Tagore education is the manifestation of the divine perfection that is already existing in man, whereas for Socrates the definition of education is completely different. For him, education means to bring out thef universal validity which is learnt in the mind of everyone. For Mahatma Gandhi education means an all-round drawing out of the best in a child’s and man’s body, mind and spirit. Aristotle’s view on education is completely different, he considers education as a creation of a sound mind in a sound body, whereas Pestalozzi says, “Education is the natural harmonious and progressive development of man’s innate powers.”

For all of them, the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one, to learn what you didn’t even know that you didn’t know. The first step towards achieving these ideals of education would be to sensitize the pupil about various negative detractions and help them distinguish between the useful and the useless.

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Parents today are over ambitious and are not aware of their child’s potential. They want the best for and from their little ones. For this, an active coordination between parent-teacher must be maintained. It would not only apprise the parents about the innate potentials of the child but would also help lower down the over ambitiousness in the student and letting them know what they are good at and what they can improve.

Educations should be all rounded, it should cover all the aspects.  Sex education should be made compulsory and should be need-based and age-based. It should focus towards guiding what not to do ‘than’ what and how to do.

In a nutshell, an environment should be created which makes each and every one realizes the worth of their birth, where they discover themselves saying Eureka!



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