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4 Empowering Books Every Woman Needs to Read…

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Over the course of our lives, there possibly have been many times when a book and a prayer might have helped keep your sanity. Surely, there might have been times when the only leisure activity you could actually afford to do was to read a good book. And honestly, that alone is super empowering!

Needless to say, books have truly played an integral part in many female empowerment stories over the years. As a woman steps into new roles: a leader, sportswomen, a wife, a mother, or an entrepreneur, reading remains a way to find some balance and equilibrium amidst all the crazy changes that happen in her life.

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Reading powerful books written by powerful females who are living their personal legends and kicking ass at life is a constant motivation for us all! Men women alike! We just wanted to share our love of reading with any woman looking for a little bit of inspiration.

Whether you’re a bookworm or only read when it’s required, there are a few game-changing women empowerment books that you need to check out at your local library or bookstore or simply buy them online, read them and pass them on.

Some of them are:

1. A piece of Cake: A Memoir by Cupcake Brown

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This book is all about breaking the odds! Cupcake has gone through loads of devastating situations in her life like that of childhood abuse, homelessness, and death of her mother. Don’t be sad. This book is not all heartbreaking; it is a unique coming of age story. Her trials and tribulations become super funny as she turns her life around. All her ups and lows, rise and falls are inspirational.  It’s Cupcake’s determination that will teach you how to bounce back.

2. The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks by Jeanne Theoharis

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This is a definitive political biography of Rosa Parks. She examines her six decades of challenging perceptions of her as an actor in the civil rights movements and activism. Jeanne Theoharis has provided a revealing window into Rosa’s political years of activism. She by her book shows how this civil right movement exposed and eradicated the American racial-caste system in jobs, schools, services, etc.

3. One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant

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Iyanla is that amazingly frank girlfriend who will always tell you to get your shit together no matter what happens and how much you don’t want to hear it, she’ll be the one to guide you. This beautiful book is based on her personal life and is the daily dose of motivation you all need. This book will help you know yourself better and will help you work towards the life you really want to live. And a bonus point, if you are confused about starting a business or whether to ditch a friend or your boyfriend, Vanzant’s self-help work will be chicken soup for your soul. Honestly!

4. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

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#GIRLBOSS is more than a book, #GIRLBOSS is a movement. Sophia the protagonist of this lovely book has gone from high-school dropout to being a founder followed by being an executive chairman.  She has never been a typical executive or a typical anything, and she’s written #GIRLBOSS for other girls like her: outsiders seeking a unique path to success. #GIRLBOSS covers a lot of ground. It proves that success doesn’t come from where you went to college or how popular you were in school. Success is about trusting your instincts and following your gut, knowing which rules to follow and which to break. Keep this in mind girls. This book will inspire you, motivate you and empower you. It will surely give you the required kick to reach your potential.

Read some of these amazing books and have a positive and empowered life. For those of you juggling full-time jobs and family life and possibly find it hard to find the time to actually read (trust me, I’ve been there and it sucks.), give a try to audio books. Listening to audio books during commuting to work or doing any other thing is actually a game-changer. Try it!

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