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20 Funniest Memes On Teachers Of All Times!

funny teacher memes

Teachers are ones of the most important persons in our lives; they make and shape our future.

Being students, we tend to forget the contribution and influence they have on our lives, they share equal position as our parents do.

But with all this, teachers are the ones who are absolutely unpredictable, they can be angry, terribly crazy or badass, in their demands; but, their efforts sometimes have a positive result.

With all this, we all can say, all the people who are connected with education are just alike. We all think teachers always get angry, but we all should be sure, it was you, who triggered their righteous anger!

Seeing the nature of teachers, students having the most longsighted nature, use their inventive minds to point out those similarities through the funny teacher memes – sometimes, the highschool students are the hardcore firebrands.

But we should not forget to pay tribute to all the teachers we have had in our lives, having a sense of humour. Now it does not have to be all doom and gloom, as it’s a time to reconnect and share the funny stories with colleagues and classmates, discuss all the new and funny college happenings and perhaps build some teacher memes.

Scroll down below to see the funny memes that were made on teachers and their nature!

It is all cherry blossoms when the session starts but as the session progresses towards the end it is all crazy! And we all know the drill.

teacher transformation

And the exams season starts and all the teachers have a truck full of work to do! And the weekends go down the drain!

teacher task

And how we bombard teachers with all our useless non-sensical questions.

teacher student meme

Every teacher is a zookeeper trying to manage all the animals out there!

teacher struggle

Now I have to take care of 3 more of the similar kind

teacher stressed meme

Said every teacher ever

teacher stress

Bow down to all the teachers out there!

teacher problems

A lot can happen in a day especially in the life of a teacher

teacher missing a day at school

Teachers are God’s, they can predict life and future so well

teacher meme

And it is a hell of a task! Grading students

teacher checking paper

Everything a teacher says is utterly important!

teacher asks to highlight

Faced by every teacher ever

struggle of teacher

1 sec and havoc created

struggle teacher has

You must listen to me by all means

struggle of a teacher

Yassss, relief. No more getting to hear all the stuff I did wrong

staff meeting meme

The calculation of every teacher ever. Teaching is the most difficult job in the world

math calculation funny

The job comes with only complaints and insults and just no compliments and gratitudes

life of a teacher

The sudden realization all teachers have when their long-waited weekend is over and now they have to get back into the zombie mode and face suffering

job everyday

Call the priest, I am about to die!

sick day of teacher

Just because they are masters in decoding all possible font styles and writing types

bad handwriting
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