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What you can do about the water crisis?

Water Crisis- save water

It is official! Water Crisis is happening and you should start believing that climate change is real. Chennai is already suffering and so many other states are not that far. The experts have predicted that the countrywide top priority by the year 2024 will be having sufficient clean water. We have deteriorated our environment more than we can imagine, and it is taking its toll now. Although everyone has their own suggestions and opinions over what can be done on a large scale, they still need to figure out what they can do at a personal or an individual level. Steps taken at an individual level, by the majority of people will help make a positive impact at a bigger level than one can imagine. We have compiled a list of things you can to give your contribution during this ongoing crisis.

Take a look:

  • Reduce the water wastage at your home
do not waste water

As cliché as it may sound, we all wastewater in one way or another, without realizing it. Like leaving the tap open while brushing the teeth, or letting water flow while filling up our buckets, and showering, that takes probably twice as much water as bathing using a bucket does. Keeping in mind top close the tap when not in use and stopping it from even dripping can save so many litres of water every day. This is something we are taught in schools, and if we put it into action, we can make a huge, huge impact.

  • Spreading Awareness
spread awareness to save water

Not everyone is equally aware, and may not know what can happen if we do not take a major step now. Spreading awareness by talking to people about how water scarcity is getting bigger and bigger will help them understand better why water needs to be saved now, more than ever. Water had always been one of the most important resources, as it is what we are majorly made of and it is what plays a huge role in keeping us alive. With the need to protect water being at its peak right now, we need to let others know too, that how bad it is. And spreading awareness includes you too, so keep yourself as updated as you can and look for new facts, as long as they are authentic. Understanding the problem will help you reach the solution much better and much easier.

  • Indulge in and join hands

Taking part in events of different organizations and institutions can also play a good enough role in water preservation. Several nonprofit organisations, for example, work on spreading how water can be saved and take steps to save water themselves. Being a part of such activities can help you contribute on a level higher than the personal level. Charities that are genuine will also do justice with your help. You can even ask your friends to join you and join hands with as many people as you can. Because after all, together we stand strong!

  • Stop industrial toxic wastes and deforestation

Let’s face it. Industries and government are responsible for creating a lot of toxic and harmful wastes that get dumped in the water bodies. In fact, they also are responsible for cutting down of trees, and even forests to make more land for commercial and industrial purposes. This is an enormous reason for this climate change and needs to be stopped. You can be a part of the various pressure groups that stop such industries and governments and even individuals from causing even more harm to the environment.

  • Check for leaks
Look for water leakage to save water

Having leaking faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks, as every drop of water can contribute to several litres of water. This water can be conserved if you keep a regular check on any kinds of leaks in your house and fix them as soon as you find them. After all, it is better to have more water in the future, than to see water that could have been useful to go down the toilet!

  • Plant Trees
Plant trees to save water

Plantation drives are something that takes place on a regular basis by several self-declared groups and even official organizations. Either way, they are an extremely important and beneficial initiative to increase the number of trees in the environment. It would be even better if you opt for water-resistant plants that can thrive without abundant water as well. If you can’t find any such events and drives happening, you can even gather your family and friends and go on a plantation drive of your own in a nearby garden or forest. Have more plants in your house too, as every plant can have a great impact on the betterment of the environment and safety of the water.

  • Do not wash fruits and veggies under the tap
Do not wash vegetables user the tab to avoid water wastage

Be it fruits, vegetables or any other thing that needs to be washed, try washing them in a big bowl of water than under the tap. This is because a running tap can waste as much as even ten times, or more, the water that would be used in cleaning the same thing in a bowl full of water, and equally thoroughly. Keeping this in mind can save you hundreds of litres of water easily and individually. Just imagine what effect a large group of people can make in this.

  • Reduce the usage of hose and sprinklers
Do not use sprinklers for water wastage

Hose and sprinklers are effective and can also be extremely fun. But the wastage of water is extremely bizarre, as the water is constantly running, and is being used way more than it is needed. Moreover if you children who like playing with these in hot summer days, then the water situation is doomed. Try reducing the usage of such items as much as possible and use replacements instead. For example, getting rid of heat for kids by using a portable or inflatable swimming pool instead will not only be more fun, but more effective, and you will be saving much more water.

  • Reduce the flush volume

Flushing the toilet can take up a lot more water than required. This is because of the fixed volume the flush tank comes with and people thinking that nothing can be done about it. But what if we tell you that there is something you can do? You can put something in the cistern that will take up some space, like a cistern displacement device or even a bottle filled with pebbles to make it heavy enough, which will fill up some space. That will let a much lesser amount of water to fill up the tank, and will, in turn, let it flush out lesser, and yet sufficient amount of water. This is water usage reduction, alright.

These are some of the best steps you can take at a personal level to give your contribution during this high time and help save water. After all, without water, we are nothing!

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