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A Handy Guide To Colours Of Roses: Roses Are Not Just Red

Types of roses

Gifting a rose is an art that can be mastered only by a few.

If you are not a gifting genius, then chances are that you rely on the traditional gifts to get you through the yearly flurry of birthdays and anniversaries. It does not even end there because occasions of gifting never stop popping up testing your abilities to the fullest. Are you tired of coming up with innovative ideas to make your gift somewhat unique? Well, take a rest for a while because the truth is that classic gifts never go out of style.
The notion of flowers being an outdated gift is a myth. Ask anyone and they will tell you that they love receiving a bunch of fresh, sweet-smelling flowers as a gift anytime.

Roses are a common favourite, and you can hardly go wrong with them. The beauty of roses is somewhat unparalleled in the flower world. Whether you need a hasty gift for bae or a happy surprise for your best friend, roses are the way to go. However, you might end up confused between the different colours that are available.

According to the language of flowers, the individual colours send a particular message which means you need to be careful when choosing the correct shade of roses to gift. Want to know more? Read on.


Red rose- symbol of love

You probably know this one because red roses have been considered the symbol of traditional romance since forever. There cannot be a better way to express your love for someone. Red roses also stand for beauty and perfection. So if you find someone absolutely flawless, tell him or her with a bunch of red roses.


yellow rose- bright and cheerful

The colour yellow reminds you of someone bright and cheerful; a human version of sunshine if you please. If you want to make that someone feel special, then yellow roses will do the job for you. They are all about establishing warmth and celebrating friendship.


Pink rose- gentleness, grace, and sweetness

The delicacy of a pink rose is what sets it apart. It is likely that the flower would remind you of someone who you admire for their gentleness, grace, and sweetness. If you want to tell someone that they make you happy, then you could always depend on some beautiful pink roses to convey it for you.


White rose- new beginnings

White is considered to be the prest of all colours and is hence used extensively during new beginnings. White roses stand for innocence and purity. They make a charming addition to weddings and is considered a classic symbol of Christian weddings in particular. White roses also signify remembrance and can be seen in funeral houses.



Want to tell someone that you are grateful for his or her presence in your life? Quite often, we are unable to show our appreciation for our loved ones as a result of being over conscious. A peach-coloured rose will save you the blushing and stuttering. If you gift that special one a bouquet of fresh peach roses, you will be saying, ‘Thank you’ without even opening your mouth.


Peach rose- charm and thoughtfulness

The elegance of cream coloured roses makes them a symbol of charm and thoughtfulness. Just like white roses, they are commonly sighted in weddings because of their graceful appearance. These roses do not scream out any messages. Instead, they are a quiet reminder of love and appreciation. Cream roses make for particularly good gifts for your family members.



Orange is one of the brighter colours that you will find roses in. They stand for energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Since orange is a zesty colour, these roses also signify passionate romance. If you do not want to opt for old-school red roses but find yellow roses to be inadequate, then orange roses are your best bet.


Lavende rose-  "I love you!"

Still, believe in love at first sight? Lavender roses are an embodiment of the charming occurrence. There cannot be a more beautiful way of saying, “I love you!” to the person you have met recently but seem to share a timeless connection with.

Now that you are well-educated in the task of choosing the best rose colours for your purposes, put on your coat and give someone an unexpected surprise!

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