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6 Ways To Maintain Your Indoor Plants

indoor plants
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You know you are not prepared for a baby or maybe even a pet, however, you are fairly assured you’ll take care of plants, which are also like a baby.

Plants are living things as well; but, they are usually forgotten as they just don’t beg for a walk or for a play date. They are an excellent way to offer your home a full of life, refreshing ambience.

Some gardeners think growing an excellent tomato or an attractive bed of zinnias is less complicated than keeping houseplants alive. It looks that someday they are fine and the next they’re dropping leaves and are overrun with pests.

But in reality, it is truly not that troublesome to keep houseplants happy, however, you do need to pay some attention to their basic desires, and beware of any tormentor issues right away.

Taking care of indoor plants can be tricky. You need to think about multiple variables, like lighting and watering. If you are considering keeping some indoor plants, here are 6 tips to keep those babies healthy:

Let in the Light

indoor plants need some sunlight
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Although every plant is totally different, they usually all would like some light. Like we need food, plants do need some light. One thing that every plant lover should keep in mind is, every plant is different. It is better to ask from your local nursery about the amount of light your type of plant would need. Some plants are nice indoors as they thrive in low lighting. Succulents are great low light plants. And some other ones need a lot of light.

Procure the Right Plant

get the right plant for your indoor space
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Keeping your plant healthy starts before you even bring it home. Don’t begin with a brown thumb. Opt for a plant designed for the inside only. Before getting a plant home do some research the same way you would do to bring a pet home. The most effective forms of indoor plants are low maintenance. They embody everything from tiny pine trees to Chinese evergreens, creating it easy to seek out a plant that suits your lifestyle and décor.

Make pots hold water longer

add sponge to the plant to keep it moist

If your potted houseplants dry out too quickly once watering, try the easy trick for keeping the soil wet longer. Once repotting, tuck a damp sponge into the bottom of the pot before filling with soil. It will act as a water reservoir and may help prevent an oil well if you by mistake overwater.

Toss leftover club soda or egg water

add soda to plants
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To keep your indoor beauties healthy, it is advisable to add some soda water. The minerals in the soda water help green plants grow. For maximum benefit, give your plants a drink of soda once a week. Alongside this, you can also add egg water. After boiling eggs, let the cooking water cool and hydrate your houseplants with the nutrient-filled liquid.

Keep your leave clean and shinny

mayo to plants
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Are the leaves of your plants looking dull? Wipe down every leaf with a soft cloth dipped in a half-and-half mixture of warm water and milk. You will get a pleasant shine, however, there will not be enough residue left behind to clog the leaf pores. Another trick to keep your beauties shining is to rub a small quantity of dressing, mayonnaise on the leaves with a towel. They will stay bright and glossy for weeks and even months at a time.

Prune It

prune your plant

This is a basic part of plant repairs that are usually forgotten. Plants should usually be pruned within the starting of the expansion season or simply once, they have finished flowering. Many people have the most effective intentions once it involves indoor greenery; but, in the end, a shelf plant is probably going to gather mud.
Make a point to go to your plant a minimum of once every week, apart from watering. This will help you concentrate on your plant’s growth patterns, making it easy to spot the right time to prune.

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