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5 New-Fashioned Ways To Save The Environment

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Every year several people celebrate World Environment Day on June 5 with numerous plans in their minds to save the environment? But, do we really implement those plans in our lives? Going by the stats, India ranks 177 out of 180 countries in the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). However, in 2016 India was ranked 141. See the drastic decrease in EPI. 

The lowering Environmental Performance Index is evidence of embezzling use of water, flora & fauna and forests. Our environment is infected by a number of things such as plastics, sewage, radioactive elements, industrial pollution, and domestic waste. 

Many articles talk about planting trees, substituting plastic with paper cloth or using public transport instead of a personal one. But this article is a collection of new-fashioned techniques that will change the environment positively and effectively.  

Like nobody is a perfect creature in the world, nobody is a flawless environmentalist. We have to stand together and implement some honest steps to dwindle the negative influences on the environment. 

Take a quick look at some small but impactful ideas on how we can achieve this. Let’s go!


Water is not an only cleaning solution!

The water is an essential element throughout the world. It is not only involved in activities like irrigation or construction, but every bodily function from digestion to body temperature comprises water. 

Water is used as a cleaning solution in many households. However, a combination of Baking Soda and Vinegar can also do wonders if you want to clean or wash something. 

Watch the video (below) and see how can you replace water with baking soda and vinegar for cleaning purposes. 


Stop using regular bulbs

Replacing regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs can actually bring a positive change in the environment. Energy-efficient bulbs not only save the environment but they are more economical in prices as compared to the traditional-incandescents bulbs. 

Help the environment with eco-friendly bulbs and reduce all kinds of negative effects on the environment. Watch the video (below) to know more:


Go Cashless

Who knows that going cashless would also have a pragmatic impact on the environment! To save trees around you, this is an amazing strategy to start with. Many research papers have established a fact that a cashless society will have a more efficacious impact on environmental sustainability. 

Cashless payment systems are virtual in nature which helps in the reduction of carbon footprints. This, in turn, helps and saves the environment. It not only helps the environment but you can avail some of the personal benefits by adopting this method. Watch the video (below) for more information:


Defrost your refrigerator

Your refrigerator requires a manual defrosting. An increase in temperature can accumulate on the coils inside of your refrigerator. If you do not defrost your refrigerator as well as freezer regularly, it will increase the carbon emissions in the environment and will affect the ozone layer.  

Biochemical footprints generated by refrigerators not impact the environment but it also has an influence on the food that you stack up against your fridge with. 

Watch the video below to know the ideal temperature for your refrigerator


Keep a regular check on your vehicle

Automobiles play a very crucial role in polluting the environment. However, there are many ways to drive your vehicle in a greener way. By regular checking and cleaning the air filter of your vehicle will make it more efficient. Also, it is very significant to inflate your tires to a required pressure as it decreases tire-wear and helps the fuel economy too. It saves the environment and at the same time, it saves you a lot of money. 

Watch the video below to know some green driving tips

Now with everything getting fashionable let’s save the environment in a new fashionable way.

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