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20 Crazy Memes on Trees

tree memes

It is true that memes in today’s world are spreading like wild forest fires. They just have no stopping!! They are capturing each and everything, each and every category that is coming their way. From Bollywood celebs to cars to trees, yes you read it right trees, memes haven’t left anyone.

So, here are some crazy memes of trees that will get you rolling on the floor with tears of laughter in your eyes.

Umm okay!! The tree looks hot and for sure it is not just for therapeutic and natural aspects

butt tree

We’ve got some fruits! Let’s harvest! Next time you wish for a cat, visit here

cat tree

Like owner like tree, both drunk

drunk tree

He really wants to nibble on something. Nevertheless, he has a stomach too!

eating tree

Bitch, I am God’s creation, I ain’t following any rules.


Ohkayy, God’s creation part seems to be true now. I mean how is that possible?

hollow tree

You guys are filled with rubbish, it is a tree!

it is a tree

Maple syrup, maple jam, maple bread, maple…maple…maple…

maple tree

Now it is spooky!

spooky tree

Deep thinking on what to eat next!

thinking tree

The wind is just like a Consultancy firm. Shaping futures and minds!

tree and strong winds

I am a treee-o-sour

tree dianosure

He looks cute, isn’t he?

tree eye

I am a tree man! Save me

tree limb

Now, this is beautiful. Plant more of them to save more lives.

tree of life

Ummm… planting went wrong!

tree stolen

Let us all start this kick-ass tree business! I mean this price for what???

tree stump

The cutest tree topper ever! Let us all try this on Christmas

tree topper

How is it living when the roots are up?

tree with roots up

Happy dancing mode on, I mean why not!

dancing tree
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