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This is why most businesses fail in succeeding in “Digital Marketing”…


Happy afternoon viewers! 
With the unfolding of modern technologies and preponderance of Digital Marketing (DM), businesses are doing all that they can to match up the pace. Businesses are either bringing Digital Marketing into their marketing plans, or amplifying existing marketing strategies with digital marketing techniques.

You should constantly incorporate a befitting Digital Marketing Strategy in your business module to be an active part of exceptionally pervasive and equally lucrative online market place. Since DM is not just a quickly developing power in today’s world of marketing, it is set to be the eventual fate of marketing.

We all know the importance of Digital Marketing and to give you a better understanding of the Digital Marketing world, today we are here to discuss about Buzz09’s Digital PCM (or Paracetamol) framework.

PCM, the three things, because of which businesses do not see success in their online efforts despite spending a lot of money on it.


The first of them being the Platform you are using to expand your marketing efforts. Your MVP (Most Valuable Platform) is where your audience lives.

No literally, the platform your audience uses to spend the major part of their day on, is the platform for you to market on.

So let’s say you are some cafe. Your platform is going to be Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in that order of importance. If you have an office sanitation product, then probably Google Ads, LinkedIn Personal Messaging, Facebook, and Pinterest are your platforms.


The second one is Content. In the world of marketing, content is the king and content delivery is the queen of all marketing. Let’s break it down.

The first and foremost is the King of Marketing the content. We call it the king because the audience is not interested in what you are selling. They are interested in what story you are telling. How are you using the arsenal of marketing THE EMOTIONS? A lot of Brand communication happens these days which is a level above the normal advertisement. Brand communication is the future of advertisements. Your audience is interested in knowing what value are you adding to their  lives or the surroundings and not in what you are selling because a lot of people are selling what you are selling.

Now this story you tell is the king! And how you execute it, also makes a lot of difference. The three important tasks in content delivery that makes it the “Queen” are:

  • Which emotion you wish to target,
  • what value you choose to show your audience and,
  • how you take your communication to the people who are your audience
She basically runs it all! 

For instance, consider these two videos and notice how widely different they really are. One is a Groz tools brand communication where the value set delivered is the general respect to all walks of life and a special salute to the people who are mostly ignored despite being a really crucial part of our lives.

One is a Groz tools brand communication where the value set delivered is the general respect to all walks of life and a special salute to the people who are mostly ignored despite being a really crucial part of our lives.

Groz – Waah Ustaad

And, another one is a Kent R.O.  saying the water tastes shit so get Kent R.O. to make it better. Well OK, even a simple pamphlet would also have done the exact same job as this 10-sec video.



Well moving on, the third and final part of the framework in Market is the Target Audience, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of the marketing cycle. This is the first thing you judge. Our P and C depends on what our M is. If the Target Market is of the millennial or younger than them then, Instagram is the most important platform for you to market, but, it also depends on the location you are trying to market,so if you are selling to the young in Tier II cities or Tier III cities, then Facebook and even Musically will take the charge over Instagram.

If you are selling to the GenX, let’s say international travel packages, then all your communication has to exist to a perfect extent on your own and many other websites in a flawlessly readable manner. No bargains there! This generation does not do impulse buying online.

And then comes the trickiest part, “How do you decide on the behavioral aspects of the Target Market”. Well, that’s where you need to research a lot and get real understanding of these people like the consumer portfolio, their buying habits, their buying decision process, and so on!

Build a sales funnel for every segment of your audience to make your process simpler.

Getting these wrong, especially the third one leads to a lot of expenses on online marketing where none is actually required, which leads to bad results and then the belief that online marketing may not work.
Well, you need the Digital Marketing PCM framework to have it all sorted for you!

I hope the session was fruitful for you and your businesses. Feel free to send me a message or comment below for feedback and any kind of questions you might have.

Signing off!

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