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Millennials, Gen Z and Social Media

Millennials, Gen Z and Social Media

Millennials are considered to be the ones who are highly obsessed with the internet and social media. However, there is another generation who is walking by the internet storm on another level, Gen Z. 

The millennial group ranges from 21 to 34 years whereas, Gen Z ranges from 16 to 20 years. Gen Z is the generation that has grown up with the internet. But, Millennial is the generation which has seen some wonderful transformations since its childhood. Both the generations’ lives depend upon the internet. From the World Wide Web to Snapchat,  everything is welcomed in these generations’ world.


The older generations like our parents have criticized Millennials and Gen Z for the amount of time and energy that they give to the internet. Despite spending physical and mental effort on things like social media and other platforms, one can not ignore the fact that social media is a multi-billion-dollar-industry. The e-commerce accounts for $ 22.1 trillion in terms of its net-worth.

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There is no one from these generations who don’t spend at least an hour every day and scroll through various apps and news feeds. For instance, an average Facebook user spends at least 40-50 minutes every day on the app. To build your presence among these two generations, your social media game needs to be really strong. Your CTA (Call-to-action) post should come in contact with these users just at the right time. Understanding time-tactics can be a jackpot for you whereas, less understanding of this can have negative results for your business. 

Building your brand on social media has become the most significant factor these days.
Let’s understand the business prospects on social media:


How to build your brand on social media:

1 . Active social media accounts:

By social media accounts, we mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You can, of course, choose social media accounts according to your business type and its demographics. 

2 . User Engagement: 

Regular interaction with your audience is a must thing on social media. Many businesses get excited in the beginning, but due to less response, they stop posting regular updates on social media. Here what they go wrong! The more active you are on social media, the better the audience you will have eventually.


3 . Your audience knows better

Many top influencers say that your audience can feel selfishness. If you are only active for your benefit, your audience will never be happy

4 . Valuable content

Posting one valuable post on a day is way better than posting non-valuable content after every 3-4 hours. If you don’t come up with valuable content, your posts will just be a regular post which died during scrolling and swiping. 

Keep up with the trends: 

Whether it’s about incorporating trendy memes or figuring out a campaign around the recent shifts in your related business’s marketing. Here are the 3 things that you should keep in your mind always:

  • Figure out the content that resonated with your millennial audience
  • Keep conducting regular research to understand what works for your brand and what not
  • Reviewing analytics weekly will help your business in modifying the strategy

Social media is just about evolution and innovation. From Orkut to Tik-Tok, millennials and Gen Z have accepted each and every new innovation. These two generations have a better understanding of technology and this is the only thing that differentiates these two age-groups from others. 

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A lot of positive vibes flow on the internet if you know where to look at it. Millennials and Gen Z have been searching for the online hives on which they feel most comfortable. This includes travel, corporates, entertainment, celebrities, e-commerce and even the most indolent platforms. 

Interacting with younger generations and incorporating digital media into your business strategy on a daily basis and take away the online spotlight.


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