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10 Best Hashtag Campaigns That Every Digital Marketer Should Know

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Hashtags campaigns have brought a revolution in social media marketing. Hashtag campaigns are that effective that now Oxford Dictionary has included the term “hashtags” in its dictionary-bible. Stunning hashtag campaigns can drive more traffic to your website but, many businessmen or entrepreneurs find it hard to run an effective hashtag campaign. 

Coming up with a hashtag is a challenging task and its planning phase requires a few prerequisites:

“The hashtag should target emotional value”

Hashtag without emotion is nothing but a combination of words which make no influence. A hashtag should be formed in a way which target some human emotions and has some value in the minds of your consumers/customers. 

“Actual content plan after you finalize your hashtag”

Hashtag shapes your content plan. After you derive your own type of ‘emotional hashtag’, the actual content should be formulated. 

“Producing quality content with a sense of community”

One of the imperatives that your content should follow is the quality which has the tendency to make societal sense. 

Good hashtags are robust in nature and to prove this, CuriousKeeda has collected some of the most amazing and mind-blowing campaigns of the past few years. 


#ShareACoke Campaign

The world went crazy when Coca Cola, one of the most popular beverage brands all over the world,  came up with the #Shareacoke Campaign. Coming up with the range of name-stamped bottles was an idea that targeted every emotion possible. From love to pride, this campaign is the most successful campaign in the entire history of social media. 

See the pride that people have when they get their name-stamped Coca Cola bottles or cans 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

As mentioned earlier, your hashtag should invoke some human emotions. Coca Cola with the personalized-names bottles actually did the same. Coca Cola was able to earmark it because the hashtag includes the word ‘Share’. You could share it with your friends, family, life partners, business partners and etc. etc. 

The Internet is faceless, but with this campaign, Coca Cola gave a personal touch to each and every individual.


#IceBucketChallenge Campaign

Even after 4 years, this campaign is still remembered. 

There was a time when everybody was excited to throw a bucket of ice on each other. Do you know the rationale behind this campaign? 

The rationale of the campaign was to raise funds for the association and raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease. This campaign was undertaken by The ALS Association which was an unknown non-profit organization back then in 2015. 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

People, in general, love showcasing those actions which help others to grow. And through this campaign, everybody was able to exhibit their societal actions on their social media. Plus, it was fun to do so.  It was that fun that it propelled the celebrities to post this challenge. 

After Justin Bieber did the challenge twice in one weekend, the campaign was at its high peak. It had more than 1.3 million mentions in just 24 hours. 


#MyCalvins Campaign

In the world of Body-Shaming, Calvin Klein thought differently by encouraging its fans and users to post their pictures wearing Calvin’s products. 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

Calvin being a popular fashion brand among youngsters was able to target their fanbase by adding ‘My’ to their campaign which uplifted their sentiments on social media. 


#TweetFromTheSeat  Campaign

It is very difficult to create a buzz around the toilet paper. But Charmin with its #TweetFromTheSeat campaign fortified its customers to put their pictures while they were on the loo. Moreover, they even shared their pics on the internet to set the tone of the campaign. 

Hashtag Campaigns
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Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

It was a lot of fun! Simple

Even though the toilet paper is not the most glamorous thing in the world but is the most necessary one. Everyone in the west uses it. Hence, they had a very large pool of audience. 

Through this campaign, they were able to show that thinking outside the books always triumphs. 


#WantAnR8 Campaign

Who does not want to own a luxurious car? 

And Audi tapped this mindset through its #WantanR8 campaign. This campaign was not started by the Audi, infact, it was started by a Twitter User, Jonna McCoy who wanted to have a ride in R8. 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

By tapping the mindset of owning a luxurious car was the best strategy ever! They asked people to tweet their reasons behind possessing an R8 car. And they utilized ‘reward systems’ and gave R8 to a few amazing tweeters. 


#GreatStarts Campaign

Everyone wishes to start their day with a healthy breakfast. And, Kelloggs tapped this sentiment with their #GreatStart campaign. 

The agenda behind this campaign was to help people in kick-starting their day healthily. 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

With top-name celebrities and athletes chiming in, the campaign also promoted a 10-day countdown that increased the hype of this campaign. Kelloggs also gave amazing prizes who made their breakfast more nourishing by using Kelloggs’ products. 


#WhatsInYourBag Campaign

One of the famous clothing retailers, Ryu, started this campaign in 2018. his was the campaign that drove curiosity around their various products. By asking people to post what do they carry in their bag, they offered some amazing prizes to the users. 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

Their offerings such as prizes, free products kept engaging the audience. Also, they kept posting on Instagram stories to engage with its users base. Posting frequently was an effective strategy to be on the top of the users’ minds. 


#BeyondFiveStars Campaign

This campaign urged users to give a compliment to their drivers’ impeccable services. #BeyondFiveStar is a self-explanatory hashtag and it encouraged its users to give a tribute to the drivers for their hassle-free ride. 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

The primary objective of this campaign was to increase awareness about ‘Amazing Uber Drivers’. Uber also launched a feature that allowed its riders to write custom reviews of their drivers. They also amalgamated their theme with ‘National Compliment Day’ by posting videos of their #BeyondFiveStars drivers. 


#DoUsAFlavour Campaign

From #LifeNeedsFlavour to #DoUsAFlavour, Lay’s has been using hashtag campaigns as a part of their social media marketing strategy. It was a massive campaign by Lay’s

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

By collaborating with popular influencers, Lay’s was able to reach millions of people on the internet. Also, the hashtag had amazing catchy lines. 


#OpenYourMind Campaign

We all want to discuss our life with our friends and family. And doing this with beer makes more impact! 

With the #OpenYourWorld campaign, Heineken encouraged different sets of people to share their social and political opinions while sharing a Heineken Beer. 

Why this campaign worked so well on the internet? 

Heineken started this campaign when discussing sensitive topics was on everyone’s priority list. Focussed. They targeted the real emotions behind the discussions. 

Take some inspiration from the list of above successful hashtag campaigns and get started with your own hashtag campaign.

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