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10 Office Hacks That Will Impress Your Boss!!

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How can you make your cubicle feel more like a sanctuary and less like a prison cell? What should you do when you are feeling tired, antsy or in need of a refresh?

When you’re in the workplace, you might not have access to all of the creature comforts and cleaning supplies you would at home, but that doesn’t mean you should feel uncomfortable or unprepared when life takes its toll, here is when office hacks come in handy.

Here at Curiouskeeda, we have gathered some office hacks for your office days to go smoothly.


We all go through one or the other form of wardrobe malfunctions. Office supplies can come really handy in that.

how to clean shoes
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To create your own leg hammock, take a piece of cloth and ties strings around it. Tie the DIY product under your table to create a hammock.

foot rest
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While being busy at work we tend to forget our water intake. Lable your water bottle with time slots so that each time you see your bottle it reminds you of having water.

reminder of drinking and filling water
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Why to by expensive phone stands when a paper clip used to hold your paper together can do that work?

cheap mobile stand
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Running late for a meeting, collar creased and a worn off iron?? Use a hair straightener to crease-free the collar of your shirt to look presentable in every meeting.

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Use the forks available in the office pantry and place than to create a DIY laptop stand. Let your laptop breath a little.

Cheap Laptop Stand
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With office, work come paper cut. For some instant relief from the pain, rub some lip balm on the top of the paper cut to stop bleeding and burning sensation.

heal your paper cuts
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Having snacks at the workstation can be really difficult as there is no place to keep food. Use your mug as a DIY stand to keep your food in the place.

roll holder a Office Hacks
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Running low on space at your workstation?? Hang your headphones over a paper clip. DIY headphone stand started.

keeping headphones safe in office hack for headphones
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Had a moment where you had to take out the mouse wire and you accidentally plug out your laptop charger?
To help find the correct wire, label your chargers using paper.

label wires Office Hacks
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