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How to Make Your Period Less Messy This Monsoon?

Monsoon period hacks

Let’s admit it, your period can be messy, painful and extremely uncomfortable. And especially during something like the monsoon season, periods can be a nightmare. The humidity is already so uncomfortable, and the cramps, PMS and other period-related things do not help the cause. And to make it worse, an unexpected downpour can ruin your favourite dress in a matter of seconds. This means that you have to be extra cautious, to go through a less messy period this monsoon. But don’t you worry, because we have compiled a list of things you can do to have a much more comfortable period this rainy season! Have a look:

Always, ALWAYS carry extra pads/tampons with you


It goes without saying, you should have a sanitary pad or a tampon with you in your purse or bag at all times. No matter how regular or irregular your cycle is, you can never be too sure. Instead of running around looking for spare pads, you have saved the damage and have one with you. As much as we want to have sanitary pads available in public washrooms, that is not a thing at many places, yet, and we need to ensure our own emergency stack. Besides, they are sleek and can be adjusted anywhere. Better be safe, than sorry, right?


green tea to reduce cramps during periods
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That is right. You can get more clarity during your period with tea. You can boil any tea of your choice, although it would be better if you avoid tea with caffeine content, and it would work wonders. And adding some ginger while brew the tea would be even better, as ginger has several medicinal effects. For instance, it reduces not only nausea but lessens the inflammation and pain too, that end up worsening the cramps. Moreover, a hot cup of tea makes never ceases to make anyone warm and cosy during monsoon.

Switch to raincoats

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Yes, umbrellas are awesome and save you from rains, but one slip of the hand, and you have water splotches all over you. While this may not be that big of an issue otherwise, but imagine how sticky and uncomfortable it would be to have wet pants or trousers or any other garment during your period. Felt uncomfortable, right? This is why we recommend you switch to raincoats on the day’s Aunt Flo comes to visit. This will ensure that you will stay comfortable and there is a slim chance of getting all wet and get all grumpy.

Let loose

wear loose and comfortable clothes during periods

Monsoon season is already super sticky and humid, and girl, you do not want to wear those super skinny jeans or any other tight trousers during your period. Put on something loose like that flowy summer dress or those puffy trousers or even your sweatpants, it is okay. Anything that lets you be comfortable and let your body breathe is the perfect outfit. Anything stiff is going to make you so uncomfortable during your cycle, especially with the added humidity.

Pack some extra undies


Keeping an extra pair or two of underwear is going to be beneficial because every leakage is unexpected leakage. And even though there is nothing to be ashamed of a stain, it is not always comfortable, and usually gross to have bloody undies on. Having spare ones with you in your bag or locked drawer is going to help you get rid of that feeling, and feel at least a bit fresher down under.

Hot water baths

hot bath during periods to control cramps
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Hot water baths are extremely soothing and can reduce the inflammation and therefore, cramps, during your period. The heating effect of warm water applied on your body helps the pain to subside and helps you feel cleaner, fresher and in much lesser pain. Moreover, warm baths can help you release the tension in your body and relax your muscles. There is nothing better than getting out of a warm bathing session, all relaxed, right?

Heating Pads

Use heating pads to release pain

Heating pads are our saviours when those unbearable cramps attack us. This can be so uncomfortable that it stops us from doing literally anything. And more often than not, we need something to lessen this pain. While painkillers like ibuprofen help, they take some time to kick in. Heating pads can be used during that time. And as amazing electric heating pads and hot water bottles can be, sometimes you may not get a direct power source or water heating source. But fret not, you can use alternatives. For example, you can use a DIY heating pad using rice and a sock, if you have a microwave available in your place of work. Just heat it for a while and voila! Your heating pad is ready for action. In fact, sticky heating patches are also available in the market, so help you soothe your pain anywhere!

Be prepared

Be prepared with your period essentials
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Being prepared for your period is like being prepared for war. Keep a track of your cycle, as that way, it will be easier to know when your period is going to arrive and how you can make yourself comfortable. There are several apps available on the internet that you can install in your smartphone and you will be reminded about the incoming period. Moreover, keeping a track through these apps can also let you know about other things like when can you expect your PMS, or how long can it go for. The best thing is that these apps are usually free, and have some great tips that you can make note of. A simple solution, isn’t it?

Up your iron and another nutrition intake

Take healthy diet during periods

Periods can lower your body iron, and it is recommended you take something to retain that iron. Plus monsoons themselves can be exhausting and disease friendly, and keeping your nutrients in balance can help you prevent getting any illness. Foods like spinach are rich in iron, and greens are super healthy anyway. High protein foods are also recommended. Keeping your nutrition high during your period, especially in the monsoon, will ensure that you are healthy and your body is able to fight off any unwanted disease. But that does not mean you should be careless during other seasons. Take care of yourself and your nutrition especially during your period all throughout the year. This in itself will help you feel less uncomfortable, for sure!

And pro tip: Avoid super salty foods for a few days before your period to avoid the chances of bloating.

Keep yourself hydrated

Hydrate yourself during periods

Hydrating yourself is the best thing you can do to yourself, period or not. Water helps you keep your body hydrated, especially during your period, which often left you dehydrated. Moreover, putting in water regularly in your body will reduce fatigue and bloating. It will also help you digest better, and better digestion always means a more peaceful period. Being constipated before your period is a common symptom, and it actually induces more pain than necessary. Being hydrated will clear this off, and let you stay better.

Get some rest

Pause and rest during periods
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Sleeping to the soothing sounds of rain is never a non-relaxing thing. Sleeping more will not only help you energize better; it will keep your mind off of everything bad your period is making you feel. Sleep an hour or two before you usually sleep, and try getting at least a full eight-hour sleep at night. Night owls, we are looking at you! Sleeping also lets you forget those nasty cramps, so why not? Take a steaming cup of that ginger tea, and go to bed early, and sleep to the soothing pitter-patter noise of the rain. What bliss!

There you have it, folks! There are probably the best period hacks that you can follow this monsoon, and get a less messy and more relaxing period. And guess what? These hacks work even if it is not monsoon! So either way, it is a win-win! We hope you try these hacks out, girls, and feel better than you ever did, during the gloomy periods!

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