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Art of Wearing High Heels Without Pain: 6 Expert Tips That Work Wonders

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High heels: Can’t live with them, can’t survive without them. Right?

It’s the deep-rooted question posed by each shoe-adoring lady at some point: How on earth do I wear high heels without the pain? Is it even possible? Is it true that we are consigned to a “smile and bear” attitude for life for the sake of looking—and feeling—marvelous? Turns out, a breathtaking pair sky-high shoes and pain-free feet isn’t something that goes together!

We all know that a good pair of heels is of utmost importance to (most) closets, yet there’s nothing more regrettable than assembling a mind-blowing for a night out, just to be sidelined an hour in because your feet are throbbing crazily in pain.

You might be wearing the hottest Louboutins yet in case you’re not stepping right, you may walk like you’re wearing jokester shoes – or more awful, sprain your lower leg.

Regardless of whether it’s the 1990s thong heels that television star Kim Kardashian is by all accounts seems to be reviving for 2019, or the reasonable but leg-stretching nude pumps supported by everybody from Michelle Obama to internet influencers, heels aren’t going anywhere else – except sliding onto your feet.

There’s no uncertainty that heels act as instant confidence boosters as they can make you look and feel taller. Yet, tragically, they can act an instant ticket to the doctor if you don’t watch your steps while walking in those sky-high darlings.

How surprising it is to know and think back: We did spend a good initial 15 months or so of our lives figuring out how to walk right and when it comes to walking in those high heels, everybody accepts that you just put them on and off you go. But ladies, we all will agree that it is not true! We have to learn the art of walking in those tips!

Ask any stiletto-cherishing lady or yourself when you’re tottering in them, and you’ll realize that your walk changes when you’re adjusting and balancing on those heels.

Heel problems

Sadly, the raised and elevated heels of a stiletto or slingback makes you lose the “heel-to-toe” pattern that you should preferably walk in. You wind up tiptoeing or planting your whole foot down on the ground with each step in a crazy stomping fashion, which comes out looking odd.

Both aren’t the right strides to adopt. That tiptoeing activity, alongside crushing your toes into a tight toe box, can join to create some foot problems, such as bunions, claw toes, plantar plate wounds, Morton’s neuroma, callus development, and thickened toenails.

While vanity does exact a price in the form of blisters, bunions, calluses, and other foot problems, heels can be just that little it safer for you with these, well, steps.

While vanity exacts a cost as rankles, bunions, callouses and other foot issues, heels can be only that little more secure for you if you follow these steps, well!

1.   Make Sure You’re Wearing the Right Sized Shoe


The number 1 mistake most ladies make while shopping for those sky-top heels is not having the right shoe size for their foot. To your surprise, your foot doesn’t stop growing when you grow adult, but it does change every year, even as much as one full size and this happens especially after having babies. It is advised to have your feet sized once a year. Have your feet measured when you’re buying shoes, for width and for length as well. A lot of people think they’re wide or vice versa and they’re not, so definitely do that before you shop.

2.   Walk normally, that is, heel to toe

Red heels walk

A noob mistake that the majority of ladies make is to land on the tips of your feet like you would when tiptoe. A few other ladies make this mistake of putting their entire foot down on the ground in a stomping fashion. The best way to get rid of that throbbing pain is to walk the way you’d walk when you’re not in heels. This means putting your heel to the ground first, followed by your toes. Walk the way you simply do! Once your weight is on the tips of your feet, shift your weight forward as if you’re walking on tiptoe, and push forward for the next step.

3.   Stretch Your Feet After You Take Your Shoes Off

Pink Heels

The stretches that you’ll want to do are the stretches that will target the front of the foot and ankle, like pointing your toes down and pulling your toes up with a strap to get the Achilles’ tendon and the calf muscles. And then side to side to get to the instep and the outside of the foot.

4.   Improve your posture while walking

Girl wearing heel

When one wears some heels, it may cause your lower back to arch more to compensate for the shift in your center of gravity. To minimize stressing your back, keep your head in line with your spine as there is a tendency for heel wearers to lean forward. Don’t look down either when walking; in fact, your chin should be parallel with the floor.

Another way is to keep your abdominal muscles engaged by sucking your belly button in towards your spine.

5.   Take small baby steps

Baby Steps

This in simple words means: Don’t rush. Not only will you look crazy, but it is also extra straining on your leg and foot muscles. Taking baby steps than your usual strides, this will help you balance better with each step, and minimize the chances of twisting your ankle bad.

6.   Those Over-The-Counter Shoe Inserts Really Do Help

Over Counter Shoe

One thing you can also try to minimize the pain is to try the over-the-counter products that market themselves for high heels. They are called metatarsal or ball of the footpads. They are oval-shaped pads that go under the ball of the foot, usually made from a silicone gel. They combat soreness under the ball of the foot. Especially if it’s made of silicone, it will hold your foot more steady in the shoe so your feet aren’t sliding forward as much, which will protect your toes from friction and blisters.

Ladies, now that you know the master tips!

Ace the art of walking!

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