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7 Fashion Trends To Try In Spring/Summer 2018…

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Being a fashion-lover is a tough job because you have to keep up with the latest trends all the time. Now that the season of Fashion Weeks is over, it is time to decipher what are going to be hip trends in 2018.

New York, Milan, London, and Paris saw some fantastic collections as the designers decided to give 2018 fashion a rather happy and cheerful vibe. We LOVED it.

The year will be all about rainbow hues, power dressing cues and mastering the Instagram OTT trend. Here are our favorite trends to try out this year.

1. Pastels

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If soft, muted colors are up your alley, then this is going to be your year. Sugared almond shades rocked the ramp this year, as many designers decided to use the palest shades of pink and green to create the perfect outfit. Moreover, lilac is going to be a popular color for dresses and accessories alike.

Pair your pastels with bottoms of a darker shade for the perfect day look.

2. Puff sleeves

Curiouskeeda - Fashion - Full Sleeves

The classic puff sleeves are making a comeback this year. If you have any royal dressing fantasies that include elaborate puffed sleeves, then go for it. Be it tops, jackets or dresses, puff sleeves will work with all kinds of clothes.

You can pair them a slim-fit and high-waisted pair of jeans for maximum effect.

3. Jumpsuits


If you are a lazy dresser who dreads having to mix and match outfits before going out, then rejoice. The one-piece clothing is back, and no we are not talking about dresses. Jumpsuits are going to be a major trend this spring and even in summer. Super comfortable and elegant at the same time, you should stock up today. There are myriad designs available to suit your body shape and taste.

4. Denim on Denim


Denim is the fabric most of us swear by. We simply cannot get enough of it and looks like luxury designers have got the message clearly and loudly. 2018 is going to be the year of complete head-to-toe denim looks which means that you should upturn your closet for the denim shirts, jackets, skirts and jeans you can find. If you happen to own a pair of denim boots, then Booyaah!

This trend is not suitable for office-wear for obvious reasons, but the weekends are never too far away!

5. Sheer dresses

Curiouskeeda - Fashion - Blue Dress

The reason why sheer clothing is so popular is that they make you look delicate and bold at the same time depending on how you style it.

Although this is one of the bolder trends of the year, it is also very versatile. You can experiment with different levels of transparency and a variety of colors before deciding on what you are comfortable with. Moreover, you can use sheer dresses to layer your outfit if you do not want to wear them on their own.

6. Print on print

Curiouskeeda - Fashion - Print on Print

Don’t you love experimenting with different colors and patterns to get a completely new outfit? Well, get ready to mix and match because 2018 is all about innovating.

It is safer to pair a printed garment with a solid one but looks like this year is all about being bold and colorful. Be creative and pair different prints based on a similar element that pulls everything together.

7. Fringes

Curiouskeeda - Fashion - Last

Fringes will set you apart for the next party you attend. Reminiscent of retro disco vibes, this trend is just another example of the maximalist clothing mood this year. You can have them across necklines, hemlines, and accessories and go swishing down the road. Sounds fun right?

All ready to rummage through your closet?

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