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Why is Visa so important?

Visa Importance

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

We all love to travel and when we are travelling between different countries, a passport is required to gain access and cross the country’s borders. Passport gives you meaning and identification! The passport proves to other nations that you are a legal citizen of your particular nation of origin. For example, if you are Indian, and want to enter the United States, you must show customs your passport in the United States to prove that you are an Indian citizen before they will allow you entry.

Basically, an international ID/ passport approach different countries authorization for you to cross their boundaries and become a part of their culture, even if it is temporary. Most passports contain your photo, name and birth date, alongside your country of birthplace and a mark. Each nation has explicit rules regarding getting a passport. The laws are different from country to country, so it is ideal to discover what is required before endeavouring to get one. In case you’re travelling to someplace that requires a passport, travel insurance is highly suggested in the event the passport gets lost or stolen.

Visas are another document that is designed to allow people access to other countries. Now you may get confused as to why we need a visa when we already have a passport in place. To your knowledge, there is a big difference between a visa and a passport. A visa specifies certain reasons as to why that person will be staying in a foreign country. It also clearly specifies a certain time frame of the stay. Most of the time, visas are granted to people who work or plan to attend some school for higher studies in a nation for a selected amount of time. It acts as a supplement to the passport, as both are required to be present at the same time. The visa is usually stapled or attached to the passport and shown at the time of entry into another country. Just like passports, most visas also have a time limit, and typically that time extends to the maximum of six months. Under certain circumstances, people can also request to get their visas extended, but there are very strict requirements that are to be followed in order to get a time extension. Just like passports, a travel insurance policy is recommended in case the paperwork is misplaced.

Here are some other uses of Visa:

Immigration Control

Visa helps in immigration

With the overflowing concerning problems of terrorism, overpopulation and economics, it is really very important for any nation to monitor who crosses the boundary and enters the country. A visa allows the central government to control and monitor the foreign visitors, their entry, their duration of stay and the activities they are allowed to participate in. (Travel or work)

Identity Verification

Visa helps in identity verification

The visa application process allows a nation’s consular and immigration departments to verify the identity of the traveler prior to his arrival. This helps the nation in a lot of different ways. On the applicable of the visa, the traveler’s criminal and economic backgrounds are investigated, as well as they are seriously checked if they carry any communicable diseases and if they are fir to enter the nation of not. If the consular department finds out that the traveler does not pass the stringent background test, it reserves the right to refuse entry before the traveler even lands on their soil.


Work visa

If an Indian citizen wishes to work in any other country, permission to work in that particular country is required. Granting a work visa to a foreign national will potentially take a job from one of its own citizens; therefore, there are strict rules regarding non-citizens desiring to work in a different nation. A visa allows the host country to determine if the applicant possesses unique skills not found among their own population.



When it comes to the topic of residency, a visa is important for the host country to determine who qualifies to permanently reside within their borders. It also allows a nation’s immigration department to decide when a permanent resident can become a citizen, and when the foreign national first arrived is an important part of the citizenship process.

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