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Vacation on a budget: Jetsave Way


We are all crushed under the pressure of our hectic schedules, be it work or studies. Most of us crave for a few days of bliss at a place far from this pressure. While sometimes our work may not allow a vacation, usually it is our wallet that restricts us from taking one.  But what if we tell you it is possible, and in a budget that you can easily afford?

Take a look at what you can do to have some relaxing time and get in with those vacay vibes in Jetsave way :


Plan Your Budget

plan your budget

The most important thing you have to do to ensure a cheap vacation is to plan your budget wisely. Whether you will be going solo or in a group, you have to make sure that there is an amount that you should not be exceeding. Then, accordingly, you can do your research about the places you want to visit and narrow it down to the places that you actually can in the budget. This will include your travelling charges, accommodation charges, food charges and lastly charges for your leisure. You can also do this with the help of several websites like Jetsave that let you filter out the results of your choice, especially money wise so that you can get a better understanding.


Have a look out for deals

Vacation on budget

Many websites like Jetsave offer deals like discounts and planned trips at a lesser price especially if it is last minute. If you have a larger group of people going with you, it is most likely that the amount on your bills is going to drop significantly. Similarly, even if you are going solo, there are so many last minute deals that you can grab on Jetsave. Be it for accommodation or transportation. And even for food and local transportations, you can rely on Jetsave‘s help in offering you discounts and other deals that can ease off the pressure on your wallet. Just keep an eye out for these offers, and you might get some unbelievable ones!


Choose Hotel Alternatives


Hotels can be pretty expensive, especially if you are visiting a place attractive to tourists. This means spending more than the necessary amount of money solely on your accommodation, per night. There are several alternatives available, in many cities that cost much less than a hotel. Give, that you may have to give away some of the luxuries, but that’s a small price to pay, literally. One of the best alternatives is to stay with a friend if you are lucky enough to have one in the city. This would mean either spending no money or very less on accommodation if they live as a paying guest, hence making it budget friendly. Moreover, they will be pretty good guides and will give you a better idea of what you can do, whilst spending lesser. Another alternative is living in a hostel, as long as you do not mind sharing it with other travellers. You just have to make sure that your belongings are safe because you never know. Additionally, many people provide their homes as vacation rentals, if they are not in use, and usually, they are not as expensive, either. Moreover, you get that home vibe as well, which is like a cherry on top.


Go during the off season

Gray Line Rome

Many places are often very busy during what is called the “tourist season”. This gives the hotels and other tourist-related places to hike their prices and everything ends up being more expensive than necessary. For example, places can be especially busy during the summer, when students have their breaks, and therefore you will find an expensive thing. If you go off season, there are chances that not only will you get services at good prices, a lot of places provide additional discounts as the business runs slow during that time. Going off season can be one of the best decisions you take, also because the places are not too noisy or crowded, which is a huge perk, to be honest.


Go camping!

opt for camping for budget travel.
The Georgia Straight

Camping is always, ALWAYS, cheaper than going on a luxury vacation. As long as you have an idea of what you are doing or you are going with an expert, camping can be the best kind of vacation. Staying amidst nature, being able to see the stars at night and a breath of fresh air is enough to make anyone get that connection to not only nature but with themselves. And if you are lucky enough to lie near camping areas or trekking areas, which most cities have nearby, camping isn’t going to be a hassle for you or your bank account!

There you have it! A few tips that are going to take you a long way if you are looking for ways to go on a vacation, without putting a dent in your bank account. So start saving up and prepare for your next vacation now and let Jetsave help you make your work easy!

Happy Travelling!

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