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Are You Even On A Holiday When Holidaying? What Makes A Real Holiday?

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When you hear the word ‘holiday’, what rings a bell? In case you’re just like most people, shopping, parties, traveling, and late nights rank close to the highest priority on your rundown. But with all this, don’t you think that holidays should be something entirely different for all of us? In reality, a lot of us just cannot even remember the true and definite meaning of holidays. 

That apart, when you hear the word “vacation and holiday”, what clicks in one go? 

For most, it implies having a great time, reveling or spoiling themselves somewhat or just unwinding and making up for lost time with rest. The vast majority think of it as an opportunity to loosen up and recharge away from work and the worries of life. Which is what it is exactly. 

However, the truth for some is that they end up feeling considerably more stressed and exhausted than they did before they took that vacation and leisured that holiday season. But, how is that possible? Holidays are to make you feel more relaxed right? 


A very common misinterpretation that individuals have with taking some time off and going on a vacation is that they have to make the most out of their trip. They go on every tour they can press in or look into 101 places to visit while at their holiday destination and afterward pack 98 of those recommendations in their itinerary. While making the most of your time away, a great many people over-pack their schedule and overpower themselves with busyness, which brings about more pressure and less rest.

In the present overexposed ultra-tech social media culture, it is much simpler to overlook the true meaning of “holiday.” Social media and technology has over-promoted and standardized sharing each experience we have–particularly while in the midst of a get-away. The saying, “if you just did not post about it, did it even happen?” drives our present culture to record and share EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING!

You invest more energy and time taking the ideal selfie at each stop than you do actually partaking in the activities around. You end up sacrificing the quality of the trip for the quantity of posts you get out of it. 

All this leads to:

Packing Too Many Activities Into The Trip

When on a trip you simply need to make the most out of your trip so you press in each movement you can. Your vacation days start promptly early morning and ends up just before sunrise. Things being what they are, even on your vacation, you get up early and go to sleep really late and are just running and walking around the whole day… And then you wonder why your body is that physically exhausted? Right! 

Failing To Disconnect


Indeed, even on your get-away, you were continually checking and reacting to work messages or finishing undertakings. Not only are you ruining your get-away just because you are not completely present and living at the time however you are propagating the pressure you were attempting to get away! Think about it. 

Picking The Wrong Kind Of Vacation


If you purposefully want to take a break to unwind and revive, then you should pick a place or an activity that doesn’t require serious energy physically or is mentally depleting to arrange for which neutralizes the loosening up process. Rather, accomplish something that you appreciate or travel to a destination that is serene and has minimal interruptions so that you have a little time with yourself.

All of you have been doing is wrong all this while. This isn’t what a real holiday means. Gurudev Sri Ravishankar Ji, an Indian spiritual pioneer and the founder of the Art of Living Foundation, a volunteer-based NGO giving social help to the people, having a dream of a stress-free, violence-free world, the perfect portrayal of what a “Real Holiday” means.

“Rest and happiness make a real holiday. Often people go on a holiday and they come back tired and tanned, and needing a few more days to recuperate! A real holiday is that which energizes and does not wear you out. Remember, nothing energizes you like Wisdom.

If your days are Holy, then every day is a Holiday!”

If you want to have the most of your holiday, then:

Unplug from work


Does this mean you should stop yourself from browsing email or business voice message and messages all through the time your holiday lasts? Yes, if you can do that without making yourself insane or making mountainous problems for yourself when you come back to the office. So find a work diet that makes sense for you during your vacation get-away. There’s a reason people tend to come up with their best ideas when they’re off fishing or hiking.

Take Time For You


Set aside some time to accomplish something you have been waiting and longing to do, regardless of whether it’s simply to peruse reading another book. You might not have had the opportunity to do it before, but the holidays are an extraordinary time to energize and accomplish something that will satisfy you, and take one more thing off your own rundown of things that you have for a long while been itching to do.

Take Advantage Of The AM Hours

If you have any get-away time and are not working, don’t rest your days away. Try to get up early and get a lot of work done while every other person is resting. By the time everyone is up, you have completed your tasks for the day, and you have the opportunity to spend some times with you family and friends. 

Steal Moments Of Relaxation


Holidays are supposed to include down time, so build breaks into your schedule before, during and after your gatherings. Book alone time and leisurely walks and don’t skip your established exercise or meditation routines; they’re even more vital during high-stress, high-calorie periods.

Holidays are supposed to incorporate down time, so build in some breaks in your schedule way before, during and after your parties and get-togethers. Book some alone time and leisurely strolls and don’t skip your established exercise or contemplation schedules; they’re considerably increasingly imperative during high-stress, fatty periods.

Keep in mind, ’tis supposed to be the season to be thankful and jolly. You’ll improve your chances on if you set up a solid action plan into motion. We are not really recommending you dump your family duties and conventions or decline to visit your parents in law since you would prefer to accomplish something different. Be, make sure to put aside probably a portion of your downtime to accomplish something you realize will make you extremely happy. At the point when you feel refreshed and motivated to make a beeline for your usual life, you can perform better and look forward to the next vacation!

Live your holiday, like its holiday! 

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