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Travel Stylizing Tips That Only a Travel Personal Stylist Can Give

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Ah, travelling! A period in which one relaxes and take twice the clothes and half the money needed!

The one time we are always looking forward to is travel to new lands and explore the world which lies there. We get our friends and family together to go and have an amazing time. Although, one of the challenges which we all tend to face is to be able to pack up the best things from our wardrobe to take with us and be able to look our best selves. Can relate to it? This problem could be quite easily taken care of by a travel personal stylist. By hiring the services of a travel personal stylist who holds substantial expertise and the ability to understand your tastes and preferences, s/he will be able to orchestrate the best version of your wardrobe right into your suitcase and ready you for the trip ahead. Stylists working with Quasar holds such incredible skill to be able to carve the best out of your wardrobe and personalize it just for you!

In the following list, you will read about some of the top tips which personal stylists from Quasar shelled out which one can follow while travelling to their beloved vacay spots:

1. Carry linen

Travel stylist suggest, if you are travelling to a spot where the summer breeze flows, a bunch of linen shirts will be your best pal. They look incredibly great and are some of the most comfortable materials which you can put on while at a place where the climate is warm. Make sure to pick up linen shirts in lots of different colors which suits your fancy. Carrying a white linen shirt is an absolute must though! You can mix and match it with any other clothing piece and this thus saves a lot of space and styling problems as a white can never go out of fashion.

2. Color Coordinate

It is important to be able to travel light as no one wants to pay extra for those extra clothing pieces and then carry that burden each place you go, right? One of the strategies to avoid travelling heavy is to opt for color coordinated clothes. Pick up your favorite color combinations and pack that. This ensures a couple of things at the same time. Firstly, it ensures that you are only carrying the very essentials of your wardrobe with yourself and therefore, are travelling light. Secondly, you are looking your best at all times during your trip because all of those color combos that you’ve packed are tried and tested!

3. Carry bright colors

While traveling, we all want to keep the mood nice and peppy, right! To make this happen, make sure to carry rich and bright colors with yourself. When you wear colors which you make you feel happy, it will deeply impact the vibe which you feel throughout the entire trip. Usually, brightly colored clothes are fun to wear and keeps one feeling energized. We agree with you Quasar stylists!

4. Carry your comfiest pair of jeans

We will all agree on the fact that, over the years, our pair of jeans have become our best pal wherever we go. When you travel, it isn’t the best option to carry a large number of jeans since they do take up quite some space. Take advantage of the fact that a pair of jeans can be used in a rugged manner and still hold up pretty well! Carry your comfiest pairs, and it is even better if they are of some essential colors such as denim black, white and blue. Happy denim styling!

5. Two Pairs of Shoes

That’s right. You ideally should not need more than two separate pairs of shoes. Stylists at Quasar recommend you to carry one pair of sneakers and the other, a pair of running shoes. This depends on whether you are the kind of person who likes to go for a run. It is fantastic if you like this activity and in that case, do not forget your running shoes. If not, two pairs of sneakers can always add a touch of versatility to your shoe game during vacay time!

6. Get a bunch of T-Shirts

One can never go wrong with a basic tee. One of the most portable and comfortable items of your wardrobe happens to be the very famous t-shirt. They also come in a plethora of designs which are super versatile! Get a whole bunch of them and keep shuffling them every now and then. During day time, wear some bright peppy colors while during night time, you can put on the more aged and comfier ones for a relaxed evening. Accessories them and you are good to go!

7. Carry one set of fancy clothing

Stylists suggest you to carry a pair of those fancy pants. You never know the kind of opportunities which you may get while traveling to a new land. If it occurs for you to be part of an event where the dress code shall be quite fancy, you will be prepared for it. A gorgeous dress for the ladies, and a dark tux for the man will be a perfect item to carry along with you during a trip.

There you have it! Traveling is one of the best experiences in which we substantially invest. By having a personal travel stylist from Quasar curate your wardrobe for the upcoming trip will save you loads of energy and time, while also ensuring that you carry the best of your wardrobe with you. Following the above tips will ensure that you are always looking your best version on vacay!

Happy Stylish Vacay!

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