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Top 5 Must-See Places in India once in your Lifetime!


“India is beyond statement, for anything you say, the opposite is also true. It’s rich and poor, spiritual and material, cruel and kind, angry but peaceful, ugly and beautiful, and smart but stupid. It’s all the extremes. India defies understanding.” ― Sarah Macdonald

India is a colossal mix of traditions, beliefs, festivals, landscapes and amazing architecture. It is a land that is brimming with eclectic cultures and natural beauty that will surely make your memories of India blaze bright. It is truly here, that you can pause and unwind. It is the world’s largest democracy and is also home to the most varied ethnicities and boasts of a heritage that is built strongly on values of pluralism and secularism.

From the snow-dusted peaks to the sun-splashed beaches, the country has eons of outdoor attractions. When in India, you can scout for big jungle cats on scenic wildlife safaris or can paddle in the shimmering waters of coastal retreats. Taking blood-pumping treks high in the mountains, or simply inhaling pine-scented air on meditative forest walks is what India is known for. Along with all these natural retreats lies a wealth of architectural gems, from serene temples to crumbling forts peering over plunging ravines.


Spirituality is the omnipresent string in India’s richly differing tapestry, weaving right from the cold heaps of the far north to the tropical shores of the profound south. The variety of holy sites and ceremonies pay testament of the nation’s long and bright religious history.

With these visual joys, India is a spot that is certain to fulfill all your taste buds. Indian cuisines are a heavenly buffet of territorial recipes, each with their very own conventional preparation procedures and presentation styles – from the contending flavors of unbelievably marinated meats and thalis to the basic magnificence of veggie lover curries and sea delights. Flavors lie at the core of Indian cooking, with the snap of cumin seeds in hot oil being a well-known sound in many kitchens.

Travel and lose yourself to find your own self. Live like there’s no tomorrow. And whatever you’ll explore today will last a lifetime with you. So, here’s a list of 4 amazing tourist places to visit in India before. What are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and set on a journey to scratch off a few destinations from your bucket list.


Spread in ribbons over a steep mountain ridge, surrounded by emerald-green tea plantations and towered over by majestic Khangchendzonga, Darjeeling is the definitive Indian hill station with jaw-dropping locales, mesmerizing sunrises, the old-world charm of the past, and the welcoming smiles of the local people.

It is a getaway from the hot and humid summers of India. Being a popular tourist destination, it works wonders to cater to the gorgeous panorama of the Himalayas. There is a reason the city is known as the ‘Queen of the Himalayas’. The rich and lush green slopes dotted with women plucking tea leaves is a sight as mesmerizing as no other. When in this beautiful land, have a cup of locally brewed chai at the tea estate, or get down amidst the plantations to pluck a few tea leaves yourself, you are free to take your pick! Along with natural picturesque beauty, it has jaw-dropping colonial architecture including mansions and churches dot this little beautiful town. Darjeeling is brimming with cultural diversity and is filled with people from Nepal and nearby Indian states.


Sikkim is a mountain kingdom and holds an unmistakable identity. The North Eastern beguile combined with the grand Himalayan snow makes Sikkim standout amongst the most wonderful state of the nation. Sikkim is invested with brilliant natural assets, dazzling mountains, excellent cascades, and some magnificent landscapes. Hassle-free and caring, it is a state that is very easy to look all starry eyed at. Sikkim is, for the most part, a maze of plunging, super steep valleys, thick with rich subtropical forests ascending in the north to the tremendous white-top pinnacles of the eastern Himalaya. In the event that you are the one whose aesthetic sense is brilliant and the person who aches to spend a minute in the lap of Mother Nature, then Sikkim welcomes you with a clear sky and fresh air.


Renowned for its dramatic and dominant hilltop fort, which Mughal emperor Babur supposedly portrayed as the pearl of Indian fortresses, Gwalior makes a fascinating stop en-route to a portion of the better-known destinations in India.

A notable city established by Suraj Sen, Gwalior is aplenty with delightful landmarks, castles, and temples, giving this city a magnificent appeal which says a lot of its wonderful past. Being a historic city where one of India’s most eminent royalty once resided, Gwalior is loaded with royal residences and sublime sanctuaries. The Gwalior fortification, which gives an all-encompassing view of the whole city, the Jai Vilas royal residence and the Sun Temple are few of the tourist spots in Gwalior that cannot be missed. The incomparable Indian musician Tansen was born in Gwalior and the tomb of Tansen is additionally a critical spot here. Be surrounded by history!


The only hill station of Rajasthan, it’s cool climate and lavish green environment make it a noteworthy place of interest inside the state.

The most essential fascination, however, are without a doubt the Dilwara temples, which is a standout amongst the most dazzling bit architecture in the nation. If you are a history or architecture buff, this is one places you should absolutely not miss out in India. In Mount Abu, the temples were explicitly made so they are plain from the outside to avoid attraction of plunderers, and have withstood the test of time extremely well. If architecture isn’t your thing, then there are different lakes and viewpoints, like the Honeymoon Point, Sunset Point etc. You can also unwind by boating in the Nakki lake with a view of the charismatic sunset. Mount Abu will offer you all you can demand from a popular and typical destination of a romantic and simpler nature.


The Blue City truly is blue! The compelling Mehrangarh: the strong fort, that towers over the Blue City of Jodhpur, is a magnificent spectacle and an architectural magnum opus. Otherwise called the “Gateway to Thar”, it is popular for its fort, blue houses, temples, desserts, and tidbits.

Apart from the fort, there are various lakes, shopping lanes that resemble a delusion from a bygone era. Jodhpur is home to a tangle of winding, sparkling, medieval streets, which never appear to lead where you expect them to, scented by incense, roses, and sewers, with shops and bazaars selling everything from trumpets and temple decoration to snuff and saris. Also found in the backdrop of the film, The Dark Knight Rises, Jodhpur draws in countless guests from everywhere throughout the world. Adjacent Jaswant Tada and Umaid Bhawan Palace are among the top attractions in Jodhpur. Apart from the old blue city, Jodhpur has developed as a city with more extensive and cleaner streets in certain parts. But, the enchantment lies in the old city itself with many shops, guesthouses, eating joints and sellers make it a chirpy clamoring city!

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