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10 Splendid Summer Honeymoon Destinations Inviting You With Warm Hugs In 2020!

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You have experienced the extreme grinding schedule of the arranging and planning your wedding-shouted over the decorations, dealt with all your crazy family members, stressed over the time and schedule of all your wedding events, gone crazy over your wedding outfit and catering, and obsessed and stressed over all that with great details. Everything just went perfectly! But, now right after the wedding, you need a place where you can loosen up, unwind and make some great honeymoon memories with your newly wedded spouse. 

Honeymoon are just the perfect fuel to begin your ceaseless life of Love. Who doesn’t dream of a honeymoon where the sand kisses your feet while it sweeps away from beneath, or one where you are just tightly hugged by natures green canopy while you stand hand-in-hand with your perfect partner!

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Honeymooners have heaps of places to browse from, so whether you’re looking to head on an outlandish and adventurous location, a relaxing beach vacation, a romantic ski trip, a close to wilderness safari, or even a trip to astounding islands, your outing should be based on your join-personality, after all you both are one now! 

Beating the summer heat is much needed after a crazy wedding schedule and finding a recluse place to get to know each other is just a cheery on the top. To help you satiate that craving, here are a couple of exotic honeymoon destinations around the world to encounter an everlasting romance between you and your other half and to revive the rekindle the romance midst of the tranquil natural surroundings of these summer honeymoon destinations in the world. 

Here is a list of some of the best summer honeymoon destinations 2020 in the world that will surely make you capture the best memories. 

1| Lucerne and Paris

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If these long years of Bollywood have taught us anything, it’s that no true love is just complete without a trip to the oh-so-romantic Switzerland. Add to that the eternal city of love, Paris, and you have a honeymoon that spells classic romance. Your honeymoon vacation is impeccable when accompanies by the world’s best cheddar, chocolate, and some wine to set the summer honeymoon mood right. A totally complete experience in itself, Switzerland, followed by an outing to the city of love guarantees you return from the honeymoon with the ideal pictures to make people jealous back home. Celebrate your love and newly started life with an excursion to Switzerland. When in the city of love, you can try your hands at learning how to tango with your other-half by the Seine, at the smaller than expected amphitheaters in the 5th arrondissement or enjoy a traditional Parisian dinner with wine and shellfish at a walkway bistro. Also, there is a whole lot more.

2| Greece

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Greece, when it comes to heading for a honeymoon has an enormous amount of culture, fun and great sites to offer making the astonishing Greek Islands the most desirable destination for honeymooners around the world. Among the numerous islands of Greece, there is Mykonos and Santorini that offer and are known for their astounding views and one of a kind character. The decision of a Greek honeymoon tour is each and every couple opportunity to discover a new and dazzling civilization, soak in the sun and meet friendly, carefree people that will leave a long and enduring impression with brilliantly woven memories. Regardless of whether you want to wile away the hours on a café terrace, or explore the century-old ruins, the islands will offer you what you are searching for, the perfect romantic escape! 

The perfectly handcrafted Greece itinerary is just a click away! 

3| Mauritius

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This other best place for a wedding trips, Mauritius is certainly among the best-known place for offering romantic adventures in the midst of tranquil excellence. This marvelous island country in the Indian Ocean pairs white sand beaches, beautifully volcanic mountains, rarely seen and very uncommon birds and people with a warm blend of French, Indian and Creole cultures. Take a catamaran for snorkeling and enjoy a barbecue in the stylish 19th-century Governor’s House for a romantic dinner. Lavish inns, white sandy beaches, soothing climate and a possibility for you and your loved one to revive the love after a riotous hectic wedding spell.

4| Fiji

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Because of the coral beauty and the amazing visibility in the waters, Fiji comes to be one of the most romantic spot for a wedding honeymoon trip in summers. An outing to Beqa Lagoon – the cavity of an extinct volcano – won’t disappoint. Turtle Island is especially known for romance. Here you can explore the Blue Lagoon by day and rendezvous on the beach for a candlelit dinner in the evening. If shopping is an ‘unquestionable requirement‘, it’s duty-free here. For jewelry, nothing contrasts and the acquisition of some dark pearls found here off Savusavu Bay. You will discover a place that is known to be as Earth’s modern Eden, where every inch of the islands will fill you bliss, serenity, and romance. Life’s a beach in this destination and going from island to island will make you come back for more. 

Visit Fiji For A Romantic Honeymoon.

5| The Golden Triangle

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The Delhi-Agra-Jaipur is the most established and the oldest tourist circuit for Indians. If you are conventional or just simply want to explore these three spots, take this tour for your special honeymoon trip. Take some astounding couple pictures in front of the Taj Mahal for your special honeymoon album because your love is unquestionably superior to anything Shah Jahan’s. explore the business sectors of Delhi and shop like there’s no tomorrow. The costs are low. If you can bargain, you might be coming back with 3 extra travel bags all full of things you will need and not need at home and things you want to gift to your dear ones. If you plan on going to Jaipur, you will feel like exploring all of Rajasthan. That is not possible on a single trip. Unless of course you are on a wanderlust experience with your partner and you do not care if it takes you a month. With the best of all experiences served in a plate, here is the itinerary by Jetsave India, making your Golden Triangle honeymoon worth remembering.

6| Maldives

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The Maldives is perhaps the most romantic archipelago on earth, with superbly set, palm tree-shrouded islands, silvery-white seashores encompassed by perfectly clear, turquoise waters alongside private, over-water cabins hung over the ocean. Truly a natural wonder, the islands rarely exceed two meters in tallness. A significant number of the Maldives minor islands have been changed over into extravagance resorts, where all your impulses is met, and where romance appears to be ceaseless. It is an ideal summer goal for honeymooners and romantic heaven. Make sure to discard your shoes and head for your own private lodge, set behind your private portion of the beach or the over-water homes, at that point plunge into the sea directly from your private yard. The atmosphere of Maldives stays sentimental consistently, however, if you are planning your special honeymoon in summer, this is the best destination to be! Let Jetsave India take all the pain of planning, you just match your outfits. 

7| Amalfi Coast

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One look at the Amalfi Coast and you may accept that you have discovered paradise on earth. Situated in the Campania district of Italy, this beauty covers 34 miles of the great landscape; sky-high coastal bluffs show dynamic vegetation and colorful towns live next to each other with the incapacitating turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, making a scene that has the ability to bring even the most prepared of voyagers to an abrupt halt. The coast and the 13 shoreline towns that call it home are totally associated by means of the SS163 interstate, thought about one of the most scenic drives on the planet. The snow-capped town of Ravello may not be for weak-willed, however, its antiquated estates and dazzling sea views will be scratched in your memory for a considerable length of time to come. Plan your trip to this splendid land with Jetsave India. You enjoy your honeymoon and let them take care of all your needs. However, you decide to explore the Amalfi Coast, its glory is guaranteed to leave you completely gaga long after you have gone.

8| Kerala

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Kerala is not only one of the best honeymoon places in India, but it is also one of the natural places in India. And there is just so much to investigate and explore! The backwaters, the waterfalls, the hills, the Western Ghats, and the extraordinary sea shores of Kerala will make you need to go through weeks there. Explore the excellence of Alleppey, Kovalam, Kumarakom, and Kollam together. Take a houseboat to journey through the backwaters. You can stay on the houseboats too for a unique experience explore the Ayurvedic spa treatments, Kovalam is famous for. Let Jetsave India help and make your Kerala honeymoon worth remembering with their specially handcrafted itinerary. You will return from your honeymoon with at least a year of fuel to proceed with the tedious work life. The beauty of your honeymoon destination will make sure you have the right start to your married life, no matter whether you have known your partner for years or just a few months.

9| Indonesia

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Indonesia has always been a honeymooner’s favorite. It has that exotic appeal that makes it worthy of the occasion yet the luxury of somewhere that will bring that sense of marital bliss. Sequestered in the heart of an undiscovered island paradise, the exclusive Nihi Sumba hugs the white sands of the Indian Ocean to create a remote hideaway. An island deeply-rooted in its culture, there is a spiritual connection to be found here that serves to energize and invigorate even the most laidback of honeymoons. Amid the beautiful, unspoilt landscape, the palm trees reveal a place perfect for any couple, whether they spend their days beneath the surface scuba-diving, rustling up a nasi goreng in a cooking class or exploring local villages and customs on an island tour. This is one somewhere you’ll come for your honeymoon – and every anniversary to follow.  To experience the best of Bali swings, book your itinerary now! 

10| Croatia

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Croatia has never been a more sought after, or a more romantic, travel destination than in 2020. Expect gorgeous Roman ruins, like the fourth-century Diocletian Palace built as a retirement home for the emperor himself, natural spectacles like the seven towering waterfalls of the Krka National Park, and virtually-unchanged medieval villages. Spend the day sailing between Croatia’s beautiful islands, where you can dock for a swim and layout where you like. Go for a stroll along its cobbled streets and soak up its laid-back island vibes. It’s about time that you make your way toward the paradise that is Croatia. Seashores with perfectly clear water combined with stunningly well-safeguarded old towns that are sure to make your trip to Croatia one you’ll never forget. And with Jetsave India’s support, there is no way it can be anything less than a dream! 

So what are you waiting for? Plan your summer honeymoon trip that you have always dreamed of in one of these best honeymoon destinations in the world. After all, a honeymoon happens but once in a lifetime. So start jotting down all the activities you both will be doing and prepare for your romantic honeymoon vacation now and let Jetsave India help you make your work easy!

Escape. Indulge. Explore these best honeymoon places!!

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