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Top 10 Magnificent Places To Visit In The Splendid City Of Karnataka

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Think of Karnataka and myriad wonderful pictures ring a bell in the mind-the old world charm of towns and villages; hazy mountain ranges of the Western Ghats; exquisite cascades at Jog and Sivasamudra; friendly rural folk, a cacophony of transient birds at Ranganathittu; call of the wild at Bandipur and Nagarhole; and the gentle smell of teak, dark and rosewood in the forests. 

Favored with clamoring, dynamic urban cities, rich cultural legacy, historical treasures, pilgrimage sites, diverse flora, and fauna, inviting beaches, and fantastic geography enveloping beach front fields, plateaus, and mountains, Karnataka is one of the delightful states in southwest India that offers something to fulfill each traveler’s craving.

The majestic coastlines of the Arabian Sea serve Karnataka, situated in southwest India, coming up with numerous tourist destinations. With Bangalore as its capital is known for its shopping and nightlife, Karnataka is recognized as a versatile state catering to the traveling needs of people globally. Not only this, the infamous tourist destinations such as of Gokarna, Mysore, Hampi, and Chikmagalur to name a few, nestle themselves here. 

The state has maintained a consistent ratio of natural destinations and manmade wonders, which gives it a unique stand among the Indian touring places.

Best Time To Visit

The variety in the geological highlights influences the atmosphere of the region. Coastal Karnataka encounters a hot, rainy tropical monsoon atmosphere. In the southern inland places the atmosphere is hot and dry and the inside, northern territories are semi-dry and hot.

So, follow this Karnataka travel guide to get the best of experiences in this state in South India.

Bangalore – ‘The Silicon Valley of India’

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Bangalore, a bright city of culture and people, is one of the mainstream tourist destinations to visit in Karnataka. The IT center point of the nation offers a cosmopolitan vibe and people from various parts come and settle here for work. The spot has a wonderful and agreeable climate round the year thus it is perhaps the best spot to visit in Karnataka in summer. Loaded with wildlife, nature, ruins, exhibition halls, architectural wonders, and gardens, Bangalore is a treat for travelers and explorers.

Mangalore – ‘The Rome of the East’

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The name ‘Rome of the East’ is befitting to Mangalore with regards to the authentic engineering similarities. Encompassed by the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Mangalore is one of the most peaceful spots, complete with striking recorded architecture, perfect beaches, rich wildlife, moving slopes and coconut palms, and its tasty food merits making note of. Catch a look at the stupendous sunset/sunrise and unwind on the brilliant sands of Someshwar seashore, and Tannirbhavi sea shore; and don’t miss the structural wonders – St. Aloysius Chapel that is settled on a beacon slope and Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva. Additionally, there is plenty of outside exercises to participate in, similar to horse riding, sailing, parasailing and stream ski rides.

Coorg – Get Hypnotised With The Aroma Of Arabica Coffee Beans

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A curious and not so well-known hill station, Coorg is relevantly called ‘Scotland of India’. Its dreamlike magnificence makes it one of the most intriguing travelers puts in Karnataka. Enriched with coffee estates brimming with aroma, lush greenery specking the mountains, and dazzling cascades plunging down the cloudy mountains, Coorg charms all of its guests. Exciting treks along the twisting path of the coffee and zest estates, visit an elephant camp, coracle rides in the stream, natural life havens, religious communities, and neighborhood Madikeri advertise – all together add to make the place entrancing and thrilling.

Shimoga – The Luxuriant Foliage Describes It All

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Shimoga, the cultural capital of Karnataka, is a vivid spot enriched with prolific fertile land, delightful waterfalls, and lavish green woodlands making it one of the best tourist places in Karnataka. Its verdant greenery and serene atmosphere make it perhaps the best place to visit in Karnataka. 


Mysore - Karnataka
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Mysore is a southern treasure box, known for its richness and royalty. The significant fascination of this place is the three-story forcing Mysuru Palace, complete with rambling corridors, hallowed places, structures, gardens and a few yards. Ensure you remain at the royal residence until the night time – it is lit up with lakh lights and is really an astounding sight.

Dandeli – The Adventurous Nirvana

Dandeli - Karnataka
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Dandeli is a staggering escape in the midst of nature and experience which has picked up its spot on the list of peaceful traveler places in Karnataka. This grand hilly landscape encompassed by deciduous backwoods and wildlife territory is a perfect get-away goal of Karnataka. Alongside thick and rich green woodlands, Dandeli is likewise renowned for experience sports, night camps, nature strolls, drifting, and calculating in Kali River. In a way, a wholesome package for adventure enthusiasts, it is a place you must visit if you are an adrenaline junkie.


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If you love architecture and history, you’ll love Hampi. Set on the banks of Tungabhadra River, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, packed with old remains suggestive of the glorious Vijayanagara Kingdom that goes back over 500 years. There are numerous Dravidian sanctuaries, similar to the fifteenth century Vijaya Vitthala sanctuary that is notable for its stone chariot, many-sided figures, and a few columns in the corridor. The more dynamic can trek up the Matanga slope and appreciate the 10,000 foot perspective on Hampi’s historic ruins.

Udupi – The Divine Holiday In Karnataka

Udupi - Karnataka
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Udupi is ethereal, verdant, and merry. Bolted between the hazy Western Ghats and the flawless Arabian Sea, Udupi is otherwise called Odipu in the nearby language. It is well known for its temples, architecture, wood curios, seashores, stone cutting, Yakshagana – the theater craftsmanship type, and unique sort of nearby food, which incorporates Saaru, Koddelu, Huli, Tambuli, Kosambari, Bajji, and such.

Nandi Hills – The Picture-Perfect Health Resort

Nandi Hills - Karnataka
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The list of places to visit in and around Karnataka isn’t finished if we do include this alongside the mainstream wellbeing resort of the same name. Nandi Hills are found east of Bangalore and offer awesome magnificence to the explorers. A tranquil lake, glorious fortifications, old sanctuaries, and stunning backgrounds make it a truly flawless end of the week retreat and one of the definitive spots to visit in Karnataka in summer.

Kotagiri – Relax & Unwind

Kotagiri - Karnataka
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A quint hill station encompassed by the great Nilgiri mountains, it radiates harmony and serenity in all its corners. Kotagiri watches wonderful climatic conditions throughout the entire year and flaunts a few coffee manors, rich greenery, and tea ranches to visit around. It fills in as an ideal option to Ooty if you are inclined toward lesser people as it is substantially more tranquil than Ooty.

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Happy Travelling!

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