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Visa a Problem? Here are 10 Countries that Indians Can Travel to Without a Visa!

Visa free places to visit
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Traveling is fun however international trips can be pretty daunting to a few of us, particularly where this cumbersome visa process comes to picture. It tends to be frustrating in some cases to acknowledge how we need a Visa to go ANYWHERE.

Traveling has never been simpler for Indian residents as they need a visa other than their passports to travel to a few parts of the world. As of now, the Indian passport positions 82 in the worldwide list with the most powerful visa being Japan, stated a report. This vacation season, ditch away from the strenuous planning process and go to countries where Indians can go without a visa.

There are 52 countries around the globe that welcome Indians with a Visa on arrival. Not any more drudging in the lines, and none of those exhausting interviews. Reaching a couple of these countries may feel costly, but getting around is less expensive than flying. Also, there is a guarantee of wonderful encounters when in these lands. So, there is no explanation at all why you ought not getaway to these spots. And yes, a portion of these international destinations are marvelous to the point that they even cost less than an iPhone.

To do away with the tedious process of obtaining a travel visa, travel to countries where you do not require a visa. There are some beautiful countries that require no visa for Indians. Yes, it’s true! Pack your bags for these top 10 visa-free countries for Indians, because International travel never got easier!


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The brilliant, sun-kissed and stunning 333 islands of Fiji are concealed in the South Pacific, near Australia and New Zealand, and are at the highest point of each explorer bucket list. During your excursion to this quintessential island heaven, don’t pass up Kula Eco Park for a tryst with Fiji’s broad greenery. Or on the other hand, have a go at snorkeling or jet skiing at the lovely Denarau Island. Travel to Fiji with Jetsave India.


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Plan a get-away at the Las Vegas of Asia, and enjoy some casino games, or see the fascinating blend of Portuguese and Chinese attributes in Macau’s buildings and architectures. This former Portuguese colony is renowned for its casino hopping, which is something you should try once. A visit to Taipa Village is additionally suggested, so is chomping on the enticing Portuguese egg tart!


Thailand -  Visa
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The astounding and charismatic land where there is white elephants, Thailand should be on your bucket list since it is also one of the on-arrival visa destinations for Indians. To investigate the religious communities, temples, seashores, and the swap meets at whatever point you need to as you don’t have to sit around hanging tight for a visa any longer. Thailand offers a visa on arrival to the Indian residents which is legitimate for 15 days. Visit Thailand now with Jetsave India.


Maldives - Visa
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Head to the Maldives since it is one of the most surprising spots with a visa on arrival facility. Set down on the sparkling white sand while getting a charge out of the dazzling views on the turquoise water and dusk. Pack your stuff and leave immediately with your BFFs or possibly your bae and appreciate in the Maldives for around 90 days with a free visa. There couldn’t be a progressively wonderful special first night goals with visa on arrival than the Maldives.


Nepal - Visa
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If you are searching for a less expensive destination to visit with a visa on arrival facility, at that point head to Nepal. The place that is known for relentless mountains and much acclaimed in the midst of the trekkers for the Everest Base Camp, visa on arrival in Nepal is accessible to Indians and other global voyagers the same for 15, 30 and 90 days. The rugged nation of Nepal is known for the most elevated mountain on the planet, Mt Everest. High on experience, history, culture, and encounters, you should visit.


Cambodia - Visa
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Cambodia has known the land which hypnotizes its guests with its glorious mix of old legacy and current modern lifestyle. Otherwise known as the empire of temples, this spot is very well known among the explorers who intend to visit Indonesia. It is perhaps the best place to visit with a visa on arrival. For Indian travelers, Cambodia offers a visa on arrival which guarantees a stay of most extreme 30 days.


Kenya Hd -Visa
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Kenya is surely a heaven for natural life admirers who need to catch the excellence of the tough geology and copious wild brutes living on it. The nation offers a visa on arrival to the Indian residents for 3 months. The explorers can benefit from the administration of visas on arrival online through E Visa.


Laos - Visa
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Laos is a little South Eastern retreat which despite being little in zone offers a heavenly voyage through the captivating scenes, rich green and thick woods shielding plentiful natural life and superb sanctuaries. To visit this unique nation Indian residents don’t require a visa for the greatest remain of 30 days for nothing by giving substantial identification and onwards tickets.


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The reef-bordered seashores and mountains that gloat of beautiful canyons and cascades will be the features of an excursion to Samoa. This nation offers a license on appearance, yet no visa records are required. Plunge into the well-known Togitogiga Waterfall, or snorkel at the Lalomanu Beach. Another must-do thing while in Samoa is to observe local people raising newborn child turtles at the Satoalepai Turtle Sanctuary in Savai’i.

Cook Island

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Snorkeling and scuba-diving on your mind? We say you pack your bags for the Cook Islands in the South Pacific! This group of 15 islands is scattered over a vast area, and have political links to New Zealand, but are still visa-free for Indians. We recommend you head to the Aitutaki Lagoon for an exceptional beach experience and the famous One Foot Island. For some of the best local food experiences, the Muri Night Market is the place to go.

So you see, planning an international trip doesn’t generally need to be an unpleasant experience or include long procedure of completing your visa. Simply pick one of these visa-free nations and the best travel packages from Jetsave and have a great time! Jetsave India has been into business for more than 29 years now and have specialists which are experts in their individual field, making you come close to your dream vacation. Be is visa, customized itineraries or bookings, they have got you covered. 

Start planning your trip. What’s your excuse now?

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