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Three Days in Dharamshala, Bir Billing, and Mcleodganj!


As the winters of Delhi begin to fade, time to design some cool and fun trips back to Himachal. If you are someone who loves to dapple in cultures, traditions and can appreciate a truly unique getaway, a trip to Dharamshala will certainly not disappoint. Home to the Dalai Lama, the place is one of the best places to visit in India for exploring Tibetan culture and traditions. The Tibetan roots of Dharamshala go all the way back to the eight century. A temple attached to an inn is what the name “Dharamshala” literally translates into. If Dharamshala interests you, keep on reading to discover a fantastic three days long itinerary!

When in Dharamshala, the number of things to do or places to visit are present in ample quantities. 

From ancient temples to meditation centres, Dharamshala has a lot to offer. 

Therefore, the three days spent in this part of the country could be jam-packed with activities or even highly relaxed. In the following guide, we have presented a balance between the two. Take a look at the following to know how to fruitfully spend your four days in Dharamshala and come back home refreshed. 

This being a four-day trip, one of the best ways of scheduling it is from Thursday night to Monday morning. From Delhi, one can take an overnight bus ride all the way to Dharamshala. The buses usually may also go all the way upto the main square of Mcleodganj, another gorgeous spot which is part of Dharamshala. The option of travelling by rail is also available. If flights are what you prefer, get off at Kangra Airport and travel for fifteen kilometres to reach Mcleodganj. 

Day 1

OYO Rooms

Head over to Illiterati for a sumptuous breakfast. Find yourself surrounded with somber ambience, rich aromas of coffee and shelves stocked with books of all kinds. Once you have packed in good amounts of energy for the exciting day ahead, take a trip to upper Dharamshala or more commonly known as Mcleodganj. The place is not too large and can easily be covered on foot. Getting there could be done via a bus from Mcleodganj which should charge you ten rupees one way. One of the main natural attractions here is the incredible Bhagsunag Falls. A place to spend a good amount of time, the area comprises of a gorgeous waterfall along with an ancient temple. There are several slate quarries as well as a fresh water spring. If connecting with nature was one of your priorities in this trip, this definitely will take care of it! For a sumptuous Tibetan dinner, head over to JJI Exile Brother Mama’s Kitchen, which is located at a brisk walk from Mcleodganj Chowk or Central Square. 

Day 2


If paragliding is something which has been always on your bucket list, you are in luck! Located near to Dharamshala is a place called Bir Billing. Known to be one of the best places in Asia for

Paragliding, Bir Billing will surely leave you with adrenaline rushed memories. Situated on top of a hill, one can go for several different sporting options. These include hang gliding, paragliding and much more. Camp for the night at this stellar destination and get a good night’s sleep after the adventure packed day. 

Day 3

The Wander Girls

On your last day, take some of the delicious Tibetan recipes home with you. Dharamshala has ample places where you can go ahead and learn some authentic Tibetan recipes and learn how to cook them. Once that is done, head over to a centre and practice doing meditation as long as you are in this gorgeous land of calm and scenic beauty. For your final dinner for the trip, head over to Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, a lovely restaurant known for its excellent food and sheer variety. 

As you wrap the trip up with your mode of transport waiting at night to take you back home, cherish the little moments which you got to spend while you were enveloped by the magical serenity of Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. Reflect upon the beautiful moments, the many precious snapshots to store in your head in the album named “Memories”. Dharamshala will call you back every once in a while and whenever you can, carve the opportunity out and come back for more of this extraordinary land. Follow this itinerary to have a wonderful experience while you spend three precious days in the lap of nature. Dharamshala and Mcleodganj is richly peppered with many different things to do and places to explore.  

Happy Travelling!

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