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The happiest place in Asia: Singapore


“The Modern Apology For A Romantic Eastern Port!”

Singapore is possibly one of the most famous tourist attractions, capturing every traveller’s attention with its variety of attractions. Travelling the spectacular city of Singapore will let you peek into an astounding world, filled with adventure and numerous unforgettable experiences.

With more than 17 million tourists visiting Singapore, on a yearly basis, there is no doubt that this place has an undeniable charm about it. Be it for the reason that it is one of the most technology ready nations, or that it is one of the safest places, or even that it is the fifth most innovative country you will surely be enchanted by Singapore. Whether you are looking for a new cultural experience, food experience or any other experience, Singapore is definitely the perfect stop for you!

The motto of this wonderful place’s government is “Passion made possible”, and the fact that this place is for anyone and everyone, proves it right. This land of innovation keeps on evolving and emerging better than ever and therefore has won a place among the top few, in innumerable fields. This A-list Asian destination is a blend of chic, luxury and wanderlust, and looks straight out of science fiction. This place is literally the definition of vacation goals.

Some of the most famous attractions here include the magnificent Gardens by the Bay, the spectacular Underwater World, the Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island Complex, huge Singapore Flyer and of course, the Universal Studios Theme Park. And these destinations do not even cover a small fraction of many, many places there are to explore in Singapore.

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Whilst vacationing in Singapore, make sure you don’t miss these must visit places:

1. Universal Studios Theme Park

Universal Hd Image
Overseas Attractions

Located within the famous Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studios is one of the most visited theme parks. It was opened back in the year of 2010 and attracted about two million tourists in the first nine months of its opening. It has been a famous tourist hub ever since. With over twenty-eight rides, and various attractions in seven zones, each having a different theme, it is spread across forty-nine acres. Universal Studios was even given the best theme attraction award, by the Tripzilla travel magazine. The seven themes include Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar, and even visiting a single one of them makes the trip worth it.

2. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is located in the district of Chinatown. It is not just a temple, but a museum as well. With a beautiful aesthetic and a huge sense of spirituality, this place attracts several tourists and locals, regardless of whether they are believers or not. It took nearly two years and sixty-two million Singaporean Dollars to build and holds a tooth relic of Buddha, after which this place is named. The relic was said to be discovered back in the 1980s, and today it can be viewed on the fourth floor of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It is must visit, for everyone who adores architectural beauty and historical artefacts.

3. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is a nature park and is spread across over two hundred and fifty acres of land. It abodes three waterfront gardens, namely Bay South garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. This nature park is also the home to the world’s largest glass greenhouse, the Flower Dome. The objective behind the Gardens of the Bay was to convert the “garden city” to the “city in a garden”, so as to increase not just the quantity, but the quality of flora and fauna in Singapore. Needless to say, it worked better than expected. This place is not just a tourist attraction, but a way to conserve the habitat as well.

4. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer Image

The Singapore Flyer is one of the biggest observation wheels in the world, being the tallest ones up until 2014, when it was taken over by the High Roller, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This giant wheel was first opened in 2008, after a 2.5 years long construction period. This wheel has twenty-eight, fully air-conditioned capsules, and the capacity of each capsule id twenty-eight passengers. With a height of 161 meters, or 541 feet, you will easily be able to see every nook and corner of Singapore, while on it. And the best part is that this locale is disabled friendly and wheelchair ramps and lifts are also provided for the specially-abled people. This approximately thirty-two minutes long trip undoubtedly experiences worthy.

5. Merlion Park

Merlion- Singapore

Merlion Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Singapore. So much so that even when movies or shows are filmed here, this place is almost always in at least one shot. The Merlion (like a mermaid), is a mythical being, or more specifically a fish lion hybrid, with a lion’s head on the body of a fish. The Merlion is widely acclaimed and referred to as the mascot in Singapore. There are two of these Merlion statues that are located at the park. One of these statues, the original ones, also acts as a fountain, spurting water from its mouth. The original Merlion Statue is about 8.5 meters tall, and the smaller, Merlion cub stands at about 2 meters. Both of these structures are spectacular, none the less!

There you have it, some of the must-visit places in Singapore! Do check out the exciting and amazing offers and tour packages by Sumeru Holidays, to avail an under budget and well planned holiday to Singapore!

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