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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Spiritual Destinations of the World

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We live on a planet that is filled with destinations where you can find spirituality.
Everyone needs at least one trip to place where they can find their soul some sense of link to higher or bigger authority.

Being spiritual gives one the sagacity, a deeper connection with themselves, and spiritual locales tend to enhance that feeling on a larger octave.

Spiritual travels are the soulful journeys that everyone needs to get rid of all the bunched up stress. These places have the power to seep in somehow, regardless of the faith or feeling you might bring to them.

Indeed, “spiritual” means different things to different people. For some, it’s joining the hordes at Lourdes to pray and bathe in the French town-turned-pilgrim metropolis, gaining comfort from the presence of thousands of like-minded souls. Therefore, we have made a list of spiritual destinations from around the world in association with Sumeru Holidays which falls under The Art of Living umbrella. It is a one-stop solution to all travel related problems that help you fulfill your travel dreams. You can explore these places and get in touch with your deeper self, or even something bigger. Take a look:

1. St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City (Italy)

One of the holiest places out there, St Peter’s is an Italian Renaissance church. Being the biggest church in the world, the church is considered to be the holiest Catholic shrines, and has been expressed as “holding a unique position in the Christian world”, as well as the greatest Christian church in the world. The place is famous for pilgrimage and spirituality and attracts a large amount of tourists and believers throughout the year.

2. Bodhgaya, Bihar (India)

A small village located in the state of Bihar, India, Bodh Gaya is one of the globe’s most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites. This place is believed to be the place where Siddhartha Gautama, who came to be known as the Buddha, attained enlightenment, under a Bodhi, or the Bo, “peepal tree”, and to mark the place, a Mahabodhi Temple complex had been constructed in the ancient times. A must visits spiritual place for sure.

3. Kyoto, Kansai (Japan)

This place has been the heart of Japanese culture for not just few hundred, but more than a thousand years. Once referred to as the “Heian kyo”, which can be roughly translated to as the “capital of tranquility and peace”, Kyoto abodes about two thousand religious locales, which makes it not only extremely unique, but spiritual as well. You can’t just not visit this place, if and when in the area.

4. Mount Shasta, California (United States)

Although Mount Shasta is a potentially active volcano, it is an extremely popular place among people from all over the globe. There are several legends associated with the Mount Shasta, including the one which says that the Klamath Tribes believe that the range is inhibited by the Skell, or the spirit of the Above World, who can ascend from the heaven if summoned by the Klamath’s chief. And this is just one of the several legends which makes this place so spiritual and worth a visit.

5. Cape Reinga, North Island (New Zealand)

Another spiritual place that has a long going legend associated with it, Cape Reinga is belived to be the home to a “Spirit Pathway” called the Te Ara Wairua. The mythology says that the locale is where the spirits of the dead travel to, to leap off the headland, descend to the underworld by climbing the famous eight hundred years old tree of pohutukawa, and return home using the Te Ara Wairua. Moreover, it is known for the Māori ceremonial burials, which are said to cleanse the spirits. A definitely interesting and spiritual place to visit.

6. Adam’s Peak (Sri Lanka)

Considered a holy site by Buddhists and Hindus, as well as some Muslims and Christians, Adam’s Peak is known for its domineering profile, and is known for the famous “Sri Pada”, or the sacred footprint. This footprint is considered to be that of Buddha by the Buddhists, that of Shiva by the Hindus, and to be that of Adam or St Thomas by Muslims and Christians. None the less it makes this place highly sacred a spiritual by not one, but four religions, which is a rare sight to see. This makes it even more of an attraction among the tourists and spiritual population.

7. Stonehenge (United Kingdom)

This prehistoric monument in England, dating back to the end of the Stone Age, is known for the huge stones, weighing somewhere around twenty-five tones each, which are believed to have once been in a complete circle. It is also believed that they came from about thirty kilometers away, but nobody has been able to theorize how. This makes it an even more spiritual place, and is believed to emit healing powers and energy.

8. Sandunóvskie Baths (Moscow)

These Russian baths are an architecturally important landmark of the country, and was first opened in as long ago as 1808. These baths are considered to be spiritually significant as bathing is considered to be spiritual in several cultures, as it cleanses not only the body, but the soul as well. Would you consider going here?

9. Borobudur (Indonesia)

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and dated back to as long as the 9th century. Buddhism is one of the most spiritual religions, and this temple in Java holds about five hundred and four Buddha statues. An architectural beauty in itself, it follows the Javanese Buddhist architecture, and attracts innumerable people every year. Every level in this place is said to represent the stages of a man’s life journey with its inner self. Even those who have different faith are moved by this magnificently beautiful place.

To make sure to enjoy your spiritual experience to the fullest, travel with Sumeru Holidays.

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