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Solo Travelling Tips For Females!

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“There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of solo learning! “

Solo travelling is a self connecting experience that can teach you a lot of things. From having complete freedom and not going according to people with particular tastes, to experiencing a different side of the places you visit as well getting to know yourself better, the list will go on. But being a woman solo traveller comes with its challenges. While we are living in the twenty-first century and women should be able to go out without having to fear about their safety, India is not considered a safe place for solo travel, especially for Indian women. So after you have convinced your family that you will be careful and you can manage a solo trip, take a look at the following points to keep in mind while travelling solo, especially if it is your first time:

  • Do your research

This goes for every traveller regardless of the gender, but ladies, you should do a thorough research of what to do and what not to do before you go on a solo trip to your desired place. Many locals, as well as tourists, often share their experiences which can give you an idea of things like places you should avoid etcetera. Moreover making an itinerary, or at least a rough version of it will help you as you will have an idea if you are going to do next or how you should proceed.

  • Carry an item of defense

We, of course, do not mean any weapon, but something like a pepper spray always comes out handy in the long run. No places are a hundred per cent safe, no matter what, so it is extremely wise to carry something like a pepper spray, or even something as small as a coin tied to the end of a handkerchief, that can serve as an item of defence if you are to run into someone notorious. Better safe than sorry, right?

  • Always keep your phone charged

Always, and we mean ALWAYS, keep your phone charged, and/or have a batter backup like a power bank with you. In case of an emergency, big or small, you will have the option of calling anyone- a friend, a family member, or even a cab or your hotel, to seek help. Plus the GPS feature is always going to be an asset, regardless of your location. Your phone will be a super helpful ally during your solo trip!

  • Go easy on the alcohol

While you can have the time of your life on your solo trip, we would strongly suggest that you stay easy on the alcohol, no matter how much freedom you feel. Getting too drunk may be a problem for you and might make you easy prey for some horrid creatures out there. Drink, as long as you are fully aware of what is happening around you, and stay safe!

  • Stranger Danger

Solo travels not only boost that sense of freedom but also your self-confidence and the ability to talk to others, be it locals or some other travellers. Each of them is going to have something new and unique to feed to your knowledge base and give you a new perspective f so many things. But no matter whom you come across, do not be too naïve or trusting. Make sure that you are always present in a public place with them; this is going to ensure your safety.

  • Trust the gut
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While we usually end up dismissing our gut feeling or intuition, but sometimes you have to trust the gut. If your gut is suggesting you something fishy, then listen to it and avoid the situation. This is because as much as we may deny it, our gut is usually warning us against things, and is usually not wrong. And even if it ends up being wrong, like we said, better safe than sorry, right?

  • Regularly talk to your loved ones
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While solo travelling is meant to ensure your freedom and relaxation, make sure you talk to your family and/or friends on a regular basis. Maybe even set up a time when you will talk to them so that they have an idea of where you are and that you are safe. You do not have to tell them about every step you take during your trip, but keeping them remotely updated will not only ease their worries to a huge extent but will also ensure that your whereabouts are known by the people you trust. That is always a good thing, isn’t it?

  • Do not carry a lot of valuables
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Although this is quite understandable, we would still like to point out the fact that you should not carry valuables like precious jewellery with you. This is major because people like pickpockets and snatchers are present everywhere and you surely would not want anything happening to your precious necklace or other things, now, would you? Take only what is necessary, and if you are carrying something precious, make sure it is out of the public eye. Unless, of course, it is something like a camera, which you should keep a tight grip on, at all times.

We hope you keep these things in mind and follow them, to have a mind-blowing, yet safe solo trip.

Happy solo travelling and more power to you, ladies!

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