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The Impeccable Singapore Tour with Anand and Nimisha Desai Ji on the Royal Caribbean Cruise

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Beautiful, magnificent, rich in culture, and topping the list of international touring destinations that can be explored under a budget and is the most amazing peaceful getaway, Singapore is the famous island city that comes of everyone’s mind and feels like home to all travelers alike. 

Singapore is a splendid and effervescent island city having a rich culture and touring sites! It can be said that there is no other place in the world like Singapore. Located just off the southern tip of Malaysia, this beautiful city-state boasts a beautiful amalgamation of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, Arab and English cultures – all with its own twist. Also known as the “Lion City,” the place is stuffed with scrumptious culinary experiences, state-of-the-art accommodations and pumping nightlife. This place is sure to provide you with a different kind of experiences!

When it comes to the temperatures of the Lion City, it is consistent all year. Usually, on days, the temperature is between 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius, but the humidity level is very high. The country sees an average of 167 days of rain per year, so keep an umbrella handy with you!

It is a small country, but there is a lot to see here! The place is just 31 miles wide and 17 miles long but has a remarkable amount of must-see neighborhoods like Little India, Bugis, Chinatown, Marina Bay, the Financial District, and Sentosa Island.

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With so much to tour around, the most striking way to explore this garden city is by going on a famous Singapore cruise tour. It is surely the best way to travel through this enigmatic city. The cruises in Singapore are designed to fit everyone’s budget, and that is where the numerous Singapore cruise packages come along

But, if you are wondering, why a cruise? Well, Singapore cruises will take you to sites that are so beautiful that they will leave you flabbergasted. 

Some of the most splendid sites are placed just within sights of the cruise ships! The larger than life experiences that the itineraries of the Singapore cruise packages offer you are magnificent and surely something that should not be missed! 

When on a cruise, be it sightseeing, shore excursions, world-class services, never-ending family fun, or the romantic surprises, Singapore tour by cruise is a one-stop solution that will chase all your holiday planning blues

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Not only will the cruising experience take you through some of the most mind-blowing sites of the small city-state, but will also leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. No matter how small the place is, Singapore never fails to deliver larger than life experiences through its enchanting temples, crowded markets, heritage streets with stalls and shops, and of course the tantalizing street food

When it comes to cruising the one name that clicks everyone’s mind is The Royal Caribbean! It is the second largest cruise line in the world. 

The Quantum of the sea- The Royal Caribbean fleet weighs 138,000 tons and measures about the length of 1,020 ft. It is considered to be the most exciting cruise ship. The cruise has something special for every of its passengers.  The cruise has unusual things on board like a rock climbing wall, basketball court, and an ice skating rink. All this is placed in the cruise to provide its passengers with adventure activities while being on the sea. 

Apart from this, while you are on board this luxury cruise, you can indulge in the many iconic facilities this ship has to offer. FlowRider surfing simulator and “virtual balconies” on the inside cabins are some of its unique features. It also has pools, including a kid’s aqua park and an adults-only solarium. The ship has a bunch of activity centers too like volleyball, mini-golf, and a fitness club. When it comes to dining options, it has three elegant main restaurants named and themed after famous operas. It also has a ‘50s-styled diner, a café, and 24-hour room service, with vegetarian food options.

While on the cruise you can visit some amazing and exciting places in Singapore like: 

Depending on the duration of the stay, age, time and kind of experience that one is looking for, the Royal Caribbean cruise ship tour in Singapore that is present will offer a lot of exciting activities to make sure that there is never a dull moment on board. From romantic to adventure, a cruise tour in Singapore includes the best of experiences. 


Sentosa Island

singapore sentosa island
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The island is synonymous to fun and entertainment. Located off the southern coastline of Singapore, Sentosa is stuffed with famous attractions like that of Palawan Beach, Tiger Sky Tower, Tanjong Beach, and many more. Along with fun activities, the lively nightlife in Sentosa needs no introduction. The coastline is stacked with bars and restaurants and a Singapore cruise tour is the best way to enjoy an off-shore excursion in Sentosa Island.


Universal Studios

singapore universal studios
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The “one-of-the-kind” theme park, is the first of its kind in entire Southeast Asia. Universal Studio Singapore offers an array of options for family, couples, and friends, in terms of attractions, entertainment, and thrilling rides. Indulge in one of the seven themed parks based on Hollywood, and enjoy the best of fun, food, and frolic in Singapore’s very own Universal Studios.


Night safari

When the dusk falls, the gates open at the Night Safari, inviting you into a world of nocturnal creatures and their dimly-lit habitats. The Singapore Night Safari is the world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals. Once you enter the place, over 2,500 resident animals from over 130 species will greet you, including many indigenous to the region, such as the endangered Asian elephant, Malayan tapir, and Malayan tiger. 

All of this experience, of the city of modern embellishments, The Impeccable Singapore Tour is only possible with Sumeru Holidays in a 4 nights cruise + 3 nights Singapore package. Sumeru Holidays falls under The Art of Living umbrella help you plan your journey, making you able to just concentrate on healthy and peaceful living! 

To have the most of the trip, to have a peaceful mind and calm body and to explore life to the fullest, embark on the trip with Anand Desai Ji and Nimisha Desai Ji. Discover the most beautiful places in Singapore with them. 

Anand Desai Ji 

A prominent Art of Living faculty trained by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, belongs to an affluent & well-known family in Dahod city, Gujarat. He had completed his B.E. Mechanical from M.S.University of Vadodara & had a successful career before devoting himself to teaching these programs. He travels India & abroad, and teach the Art of Living Courses to thousands of students. He has been into action since 1997. Now, Anand ji is one of the key senior faculty and speaker with the international Art of Living Foundation. In addition to teaching the Art of Living Courses, Anandji has also developed many new centers & lead many service projects & activities in India.

Nimisha Desai Ji 

nimisha desai ji

Done B.Sc., B.Ed. Nimisha Desai Ji is the wife of Anand Desai Ji and is also a full-time Art of Living faculty teaching Happiness Program (Part-1), Advanced Meditation Course (Part-2) & Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, etc.

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While being on the tour with the duo you are sure to have a profound impact on your lives. Plan your life-changing walk with Sumeru Holidays, which is a one-stop solution to all travel-related problems!

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