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Perks of Tour Packages: Plan your trip now!

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We all have a phase where we desperately NEED a vacation, but we just cannot find the time to plan one amidst our busy schedules. Planning a vacation takes a lot of time and effort. Planning a vacation does not mean that you just think and head straight to the airport, it involves a lot of things. From choosing the perfect location, scouring reviews, researching the hotel, asking friends for referrals, ordering your Lonely Planet guide, booking excursions ensuring you see all that your perfect location has to offer.

All this combined takes hours and hours of time! Time is that elusive creature you can never get your hands on. Just when you think you’re closing in, it takes off once again out of your reach.

What I think is, vacation is meant to be relaxing.

A time that allows you to detox.

A time that allows you to discover new areas of the world.

A time that allows you to get out of your box back home.

A time that allows you to run wild in the beautiful air.

A time that allows you to unwind.

A time that allows sipping your favourite drink at a not so appropriate time of day.

But, you just can’t find any time to make time for these times!


If you find yourself stuck in this big vicious circle, cue towards a guided group tour operator just like Jetsave. They are always on their toes to curate tour packages with amazingly crafted itineraries for the labelled busy who’d rather be traveling and exploring. Companies like Jetsave, bring together excursions, stay, meals, and more to wrap up into one, easy package topped with a pretty glimmering bow.

The main contributor to this massive change is the ever-evolving internet which is constantly changing the world. It is the one which has brought in infinite possibilities along with empowering people. Due to this change people now actively ask for the exact thing they are looking at, and if they don’t get it, they can search for a better alternative.

Consumers have now turned out on being more demanding. They can simply search for the same offer in dozens, or even hundreds, of retail and reservations websites with simple mouse clicks in a matter of minutes. All possible information is spread everywhere, and consumers are more educated than ever. The time when the consumers just have to accept whatever was being offered to them is now over!

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Now with the shifted sales focus to accommodate a significant request for private and exclusive custom trips. Opportunities can easily turn into problems.

“It is very different, creating a new custom trip than taking a booking on an existing scheduled trip,” said Jetsave expert. “It’s more internal. We also need to be sure to get our staff in the field often. They can sell a scheduled departure without seeing it, but when it comes to customs and FITs firsthand experience is key.”

For a tour operator, shifting from print, brochure-like product to a custom package is like a classical dancer moving from classical to hip-hop.

Creating a custom trip begins with a question/answer session for the purpose of narrowing down possibilities to a realistic plan that satisfies the wants and needs of the family or group. Then the tour planner, with the help of the various specialists in the company and its network of partners, can put together a plan that works. No one in the world knows better than the clients themselves what they want. But the tour experts of Jetsave having years of experience and knowledge are always there to show what is available and what is possible.

“As creative as our set itineraries are, many want to modify a few activities or craft the week into a completely different private trip,” said Jetsave travel expert. “We love the challenge.”

Now that you know that custom tours are possible, here are some of the advantages of the same:

The tour packages made by Jetsave’s expert agent, that allows you to visit the entire world, helps you just sit back and relax. With your planned and custom made itinerary you no longer have to stress over driving or navigating in unknown lands. You can just recline your seat and enjoy the view. As things are already planned, you no longer have to argue around the accommodation fails and food facilities.

The best thing about many tour packages is that all your breakfasts and dinners are included, or optional extras can be selected, where you have the privilege of adding things based on your preferences. You now no more have to search for places in an unknown land that serves food of your choice. Along with that, you have an added bonus, as you would have your tour guide along, someone who has tried all the delicacies before can suggest you some of the best things to try in that alien land! All this instantly take away the panic of “where is it safe to eat” or “how will it taste?”.

When in an unknown land, there is no guarantee of your safety. But, having a customized tour gives you the added benefit of safety in numbers. Travelling with an experienced company and manager who is fluent in the local culture and practices is reassuring. It allows travellers to sideline their worries, and simply enjoy their vacation.

So, now that you know all the benefits – pack your bags, and enjoy a hassle-free tour travel vacation with Jetsave .

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