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15 Amazing Places to Visit in the Gorgeously Good-looking Miami!


Miami is a magical place! The beaches, the weather, the ambience, and everything else makes it what people call a paradise. And therefore, numerous people visit this city of dreams regularly.

Beautiful beaches and art deco delights are just some of Miami’s many charms – there’s also the blazing nightlife, tropical gardens, lively arts scene and sizzling cuisine. Even if there was no beach, Miami would still have an undeniable allure. It has a gorgeous 1930s hotels lining, which is the part of the world’s greatest collection of art deco buildings. Lavishly restored, Miami’s art deco and mid-century modern hotels are also the playgrounds for locals and out-of-towners alike, with sunny poolside terraces, artfully designed dining rooms and plush nightclubs. From art and design to global cuisine, Miami remains ever on the search for bold new ideas, which manifest themselves in surprising ways.

If you are planning a trip to this beautiful land, we have gathered a few places you can visit there. Take a look:


This iconic place is at the top of the list because you can’t think of beaches when you think of Miami. Bright sun and the beautiful water is the perfect solution for relaxation, and tan is just an added bonus. Although technically outside the municipality, Miami Beach is located on an island but is considered a part of Miami. Your trip is incomplete if you don’t visit this place.


The Art Deco District is a place you can visit while you visit Miami Beach. It has a range of attractively restored buildings which give off a 1930’s vibe, and are perfect for mid-day or evening meal. Additionally, its beauty enhances at night, given the neon signs and canopy covered outdoor eating spots, it is a perfect addition to your relaxing day.


With its Cuban aura and a cultural flavour, Little Havana is the place you should go for its variety of restaurants and open-air areas. Not only will you find a range of flavours floating around, but several Cuban figures and street art. What adds even more to this amazing scene is the Latin music flowing in the streets. An absolute visit!


Established six decades ago, this museum is a piece of work. It changes its theme every once in a while and has considerably grown over the years. It is a must visit for science enthusiasts and appreciators, for there are several immersive exhibits you wouldn’t want to pass.


Not only can you witness shows with dolphins, killer whales and so many other ocean creatures, but you can even swim with dolphins! There’s a “swim with dolphins” program that lets you in regarding the behaviour as well as the history of dolphins.


Edward Leedskalninand is the person behind the creation of this peculiar place, made out of more than eleven hundred tons of coral rocks! And the lack of knowledge about how Edward accomplished this deed is what allures and fascinates the people who visit this place. A work of art, indeed!


A dollop of Miami with a hint of Venice. This is what describes this place the best. With hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, this pool was built way back in 1923, and holds over eight hundred and twenty thousand gallons of water, and hit the peak visitors in summer and spring. 


Not only is this the place astonishingly beautiful from the outside and the inside architecture is also undoubtedly breathtaking. Even the staircases and floors are aesthetic and will add a zing to your social media. The thing that is even more fascinating is the number of activities you can enjoy there, including waterfront yoga.


Not only does this bar dates back to 1930s, and has had legends like Chet Baker and Billie Holiday, it gives free salsa dancing lessons every Tuesday night! Free drinks for women every Wednesday night, and live jazz on weekday evenings. A perfect night out, right?


Whether you have to buy antiques for yourself or little mementoes for your friends, Lincoln Road is the spot. And not only can you shop or browse here for hours, after the exhaustion you can relax in one of the many coffee shops or lounges.


Even though the beautiful architecture is the reason enough for you to visit this place, there are several places you can be here to shop, eat or simply enjoy and even learn new things. Be it open-air complexes like Palm Court and paradise plaza, if you want to shop for high-end luxury brands like Giorgio Armani, or galleries and museums. St. Roch market is where you can kill your hunger. This place offers everything!


This place is abundant of fruit orchards as well as crop fields. This family-run farm also has a picturesque bakery alongside, where you will find one of the best cinnamon rolls you would have ever tasted. Add some pineapple upside down cake and milkshakes, even with your own handpicked strawberries, and you have got sweet heaven for you.


A park with picnic tables, bike trails, rentals for water activities AND beach access does sound like an idea for the perfect afternoon. This place is everything you’d want to have a peaceful day, full of bliss and relaxation.


We kept one of the most popular attractions of Miami at the last for you, but only you are an adventure enthusiast and lover at heart. With several interactive activities and shows like, this place is bound to deliver a great experience.


With more than a hundred and fifty tourist shops, this place has a fascinating charm as it had various shops, vivacious aura and several boutiques, cafes and restaurants that you can visit. Even more so, you can simply go to take in this place’s beauty, it is that good.
An unmissable stop, indeed!

There you go, these are the things you can do in Miami.

Happy Travelling!

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