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Here Is Your Never-Ending List Of Things To Do In The Fun European Cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague & Budapest!

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With so many European cities to choose from, the task of deciding where to travel to with your friends can seem daunting. But Jetsave India has made your job easier with their most amazing itinerary package of European Cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Budapest

Experience Amsterdam’s coffeehouses, shop at the idiosyncratic boutiques, cruise on the waterways, drive past windmills, try the well-known Dutch Edam cheddar and buy a pair of clogs- all this being praised with the Light festival celebration!! When in Amsterdam, no one can tell what you’ll find: a little shrouded nursery; a boutique selling witty, stylized Dutch-planned homewares and fashion; a gem box-like jenever (Dutch gin) refinery; a flower stall loaded up with tulips in a rainbow colors; a ultra-specialty café, like an age-old Dutch works of art.

Reach to the middle of the continent, which is historic yet modern, Berlin. It is Europe’s coolest city that has a great mix of a hip new culture as well as history. The 24-hour nightlife is humming and there is something for everybody in this shaking city be it spectacular food, elective culture, cutting edge design and crazy underground parties!

The glitz and glamour of Prague is hypnotic. The royal residences, churches, busy squares, great bistros all shout to you and a must-try are the local Czech delights, beer and obviously you must get a picture by the most seasoned working galactic check on the planet

Also tour, Budapest, which is best known for the extravagant Turkish baths scattered throughout the city. These make for the perfect activity to partake in with your friends for a nice, relaxing part of your Europe trip. If the baths aren’t of interest to your group, you can also choose from a variety of other activities. Book Your Visit Now!!

These places have tons of fun things that you can experience with your friends, here is our ready guide and list for you! 


Its a well-known fact that Amsterdam is a city overflowing with fun exercises and excitement. Besides the humming coffeehouses and the acclaimed Red Light District, there are bounty more activities to do in Amsterdam with your friends

From Amsterdam’s friendship cruises, playing glow-in-dark mini-golf, riding the most noteworthy swing in Europe or other. There are loads of extraordinary group activities to stall out into. Here are some more for you:

  • Take a ride on Europe’s Highest Swing
European Cities - Amsterdam Swings
Source: www.amsterdamwelcome.info

Turn away right now! Our first proposal sits on A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam Noord. Marked as ‘Europe’s Highest Swing,’ this activity isn’t for the chicken-hearted – yet it is a whole lot of fun. Get your closest friends get strapped in and swing ceaselessly, taking off over the city.

  • Go street art hunting
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Hit the street with your friends, equipped with your camera obviously, and go touring. Our preferred spot for street art is only a short distance from ClinkNOORD at NDSM Werf.

  • Hit a festival
Amsterdam Festivals
Source: www.iamsterdam.com

Did you know that Amsterdam has more than 300 festivals every year? That is one serious parcel to browse from. You’ll be sure to discover something that suits your taste, may it be dancing, eating, drinking, business or artsy. If you and your friends are into music, what better approach to put in a couple of days with your friends than moving along to outside the box hymns and club bangers in the open air. 

  • Hail the disco taxi
Disco Taxi
Source: popupcity.net

The disco taxi, as the name proposes, is all that you would trust in and that is only the tip of the iceberg. If you and your friends are meandering the streets of Amsterdam and the disco taxi swings by, hail it quickly and tie in for the best ride of your life.

  • Eat your way around the city
European Cities - Amsterdam
Source: theculturetrip.com

There’s not much that’s more fun than being with your friends and eating lots of delicious Dutch food. There are many tours out there so just shop around until you find one that feels like a fit to your tastebuds. 


Time to hit German capital and all the crazy fun things to do in Berlin. When you Backpacking Europe with your friends, there is no way you can skip visiting Berlin. Here is our list of fun things you can do in Berlin. 

  • Go Pub Crawling
European Cities - Berlin Pubs
Source: www.timeout.com

A portion of the bars you will visit incorporate a Ping-Pong bar, a Goth frightfulness rock bar, an Absinthe bar, seashore bars, squat bars, and even burlesque clubs. Try a rave, or a hip-hop party in an old bombarded out deserted train terminal. Maybe you’d incline toward a dreamlike club 3 stories underneath the city, with a maze of concealed rooms and peculiarities that you should dive in a lift to explore. 

  • Visit Reichstag
European Cities - Reichstag
Source: www.bundestag.de

Located around the corner of the Brandenburger Gate, the very city center is something you really cannot miss it. Visit the building, dome and roof top terrace. 

  • The Monkey Bar
European Cities - The Monkey Bar
Source: www.therooftopguide.com

It is slightly touristic, to visit with your friends but it is pretty cool indeed! Climb up the monkey bar, get a drink and enjoy the view. The monkey bar is a hip hotel terrace with a direct view to the Berlin Zoo and a beautiful view over Berlin.

  • Spreepark, the Abandoned Theme Park
European Cities - Spreepark
Source: www.reddit.com

Situated in south-east Berlin, the Spreepark has been closed and abandoned since 2002. The amusement park was build in the formerly part of the GDR-controlled East Berlin, and it was open and used until 2002.

  • Drive a Trabbi Car through Berlin – Unique!
Trabbi Car

One of the special activities in Berlin is this one: Take a Trabbi Tour! Truly, that is somewhat similar to driving a vintage vehicle through Paris, or taking a Mario Kart through Tokyo. Take a trundle back in time, in your much-adored vehicle, over the cobblestones of Berlin.


Prague is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations for travelers in all of Central Europe.! With its medieval style, modest cost for basic items, lively bar and café scene and wrenching night life it is easy to see why one should visit this place. Here is your list of fun things to try with your friends. 

  • Go mountain biking 
European Cities - Biking
Source: www.outdoorvisit.com

Prague has a huge collection of mountain bike trails, and they are simply epic, and one of the best ways to get off the beaten path in Prague with your friends. 

  • Tour old Jewish cemetery
European Cities - Cemetery
Source: dissolve.com

Located only a few kilometers from the Old Town Square is the largest Jewish cemetery in all of Europe. It might seem odd to add a cemetery to a least of what to do in Prague, but it’s a fascinating place that is not only historical but very photogenic.

  •  Sedlec Ossuary – The Bone Church in Kutna Hora
European Cities - Kutna Hora
Source: upload.wikimedia.org

Boasting a gorgeous town square and plenty of opportunities for exploring in the surrounding hills, Kutna Hora is a perfect place to escape the city if you want to get off the beaten path with your friends.

  • Marvel at the John Lennon wall
European Cities - John Lennon Wall
Source: in.pinterest.com

This evolving and living craftsmanship/art display used to simply be a plain old wall, with no perceiving highlights by any stretch of the imagination. During the 1980s however that all began to change after John Lennon was killed and his impact transformed into motivation. While it is continually changing under layers of new paint, the standards consistently remain Love and harmony.

  • Hike through Chotkovy Sady to Prague Castle
European Cities - Budapest Biking
Source: www.gigaplaces.com

Take a stab at something other than what is expected and handle Prague off the beaten path by hiking up through Chotkovy Sady. To get to it you should simply stroll along the waterway just past the castle then point cut in towards the castle. Meandering through the city park is a serene method to move toward the notorious Prague Castle.


When traveling to the Hungarian capital with your friends, there are many cool and fun things to do in Budapest – besides its actual tourist sights. Know for its fantasy architecture and its thermal baths, here are other experiences for your coming trip. 

  • Thermal Baths 
European Cities - Budapest thermal Baths
Source: www.lonelyplanet.com

Everyone knows about the thermal baths in Budapest. Budapest is known to be the capital of thermal water. There are many baths in town.

  • Caving under the city
European Cities -  Budapest Caves
Source: www.getyourguide.com

There are a few large cavern frameworks as ragstone is very common stone around there. You can go underground on the sloping Buda with a guided tour where you will get a suit and a cap and you will slither in thin courses and explore a portion of the cave. 

  • Kayak the Danube
European Cities - Kayak the Danube
Source: www.verticalshotexpeditions.com/

Paddle on the Buda side with your friends. You can get to Rómani in 45 minutes by public transport from downtown or you can join a tour. 

  • Escape into the nature 
Budapest Nature
Source: www.fly4free.com

If you want to escape the city then explore the nature and parks in or around Budapest. You can also catch some splendid view towards the city, especially from Normafa.

  • Bars, clubs, pubs …are only the start of the night
European Cities - Budapest Pub

There are numerous bars and clubs to discover, so you and your friends will have some heavy evenings if you feel like taking the plunge. The old Jewish region is the busiest region in the evening time. Enjoy some fun and crazy nights with your friends here. 

With so many fun and exciting things to do in these European jewels, get your friends ready and book your package with Jetsave India today! Why wait? 

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