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Be A Pro At How To Fly Cheap To Europe!!

Cheap Flight Tickets To Europe
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Dreams of crispy soft bread in France, frosty, chilly and overflowing beer glasses in Munich, and tasting on an Aperol spritz during aperitivo in Milan are now possible! What’s more, you do not even have to loot a bank for all of this. Surprised? Keep reading.

While flights to Europe sometimes skyrocket around the pinnacle of the holiday season, it is now possible to routinely find flights for under anything under $350 full circle — if and only if you know when to look for them. And to help you master this art, we interviewed Kartik Sharma, Director of Jetsave India Tours Pvt. Ltd. 

Jetsave India is the brimming one-stop solution for all your travel needs. Be it visa assistance or ticketing, they have got you all covered. For over 29 years they have been carefully crafting amazing trips that lets you escape from the stress and burden of your present lives, having just one aim in mind; to enable their guests to live their dream life! They believe in creating authentic experiences for every traveler, spreading joy to their customers and curating holidays with phenomenal once-in-a-lifetime memories. They are committed to bringing you the best in value and quality travel arrangements. 

Without a doubt the least expensive time to travel to Europe will be January through March, says Kartik Sharma, the Director of Jetsave India Tours Pvt. Ltd, who told this very confidently to Curiouskeeda. That is trailed by September through November.

“There are so many people who can just go on trips and vacations during summers, families with children, teachers, students. They all travel in summers as this is the only time they are set free from their routine life. Going soon after, when the school year begins, there’s significantly less competition for seats,” Kartik said. “It goes without saying that a lot of airlines don’t have a huge amount of planes in reserve, so if there is an increasing demand,  as economics apply, the prices of the aircraft seats go up.”

So if hitting the ski slopes in Engelberg, Switzerland or tasting hot cocoa at one of Paris’ numerous cafes is what you dream of, here are Kartik’s best tips for how to find unquestionably the least expensive deals to Europe in the fall and winter.

Search flights to other cities neighboring your target destination

Cheap Flights
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Kartik said subscribers of his site, Jetsave India, have revealed saving more than $500 by booking flights to or from a neighboring city (like flying out of New York City rather than Philadelphia or flying into Brussels rather than Paris). Kartik said this works especially well for increasingly off the beaten destinations — for instance, if you want to go to one of the Greek Islands, think about flying into Athens first.

“You can take a train or a budget-friendly flight anyplace on the continent for a very lower cost. Simply getting over the sea cheap is actually the key,” he said. “Being adaptable and flexible with your airports.. is perhaps the best thing you can do to try and get to get less expensive flights.”

By the end of the day it is all about traveling, and why not discover the undiscovered paths? This enables you to have a lot of stories to tell when you come back. 

To help you with air terminals and cap/train transfers, Jetsave India is all hands for you. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced travelers, who knows where and how to book what. So, it is a win-win situation for you. A saved a whole in your pocket without even stressing about the quality! 

Start Searching Early

Search Early for flights
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Kartik said one of the worst things you can do is hold up until the last minute of your travel as it is well known that the prices in general skyrocket near the booked flight. Rather, he said to look to book in the contrasting season from when you need to travel (book flights in the summer to travel in the winter and book flights in the winter to leave throughout the summer).

“The sweet spot, ideally, when you need to book is around two to six months ahead of time, perhaps somewhat more if you want to go during summer or Christmas, New Year’s,” Kartik stated, yet added that even better than that is to “begin looking for flights and hotels around the New Year for September, November. As soon as the prices slope down, I’m going to book it, but when you’re almost like 11 months out, I will be increasingly patient. You have got a lot of time…it’s smarter to have 10 months from when you need to fly as opposed to two months — you can be choosy.”

If you are someone who just wants to travel hassle-free, without hours of spending on the internet looking for flights, team Jetsave India has you covered. Just updated them with your preferred travel dates and they will get you covered. 

Be Flexible

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While Paris might be your dream destination to travel, Kartik suggested being a little flexible in finding the least expensive flight possible. Rather than setting your heart on the City of Light, maybe just looking to explore and investigate some lesser-known destinations in Europe if a cheap flight happens to tag along your way.

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Cheap Flights to europe
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“It is not a bad idea to have an idea in your mind, if you just really narrowly tailor your vision… you wind up missing out on some really good deals,” he said. “Instead of just being adamant and setting your heart to one place… see where the cheap flights spring up. It’s sort of a shift in your mindset, you’re making cheap flights the goal instead of making the goal.” Visit some budget-friendly places in Rajasthan.

Watch Out For Extra Airline Fees

Extra Airline Fees - europe
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Kartik brought up that airlines, particularly budget ones, regularly charge expenses for things like seat selection and baggage (sometimes these charges are even per leg of a flight or the connecting flights) and it’s very important to know precisely what you’ll need to pay for.

“The primary concern to know about is that most aircraft presently are running the basic economy model,” he said. “The greatest thing that I prescribe is trying to project forward when you book a flight in case you’re almost certain you will need to check a bag, explore at the costs to upgrade to the main economy. It’s something to know about.”

But the end line being, holidays are to be leisured. There is no point that you stress crazy before you have even started on your holiday. The best approach is to transfer all your worries to someone who is an expert in the field. And Jetsave India is just that. 

Let Jetsave India extend you a helping hand this holiday season!

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