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How To Be A Responsible Tourist In Sumeru Holidays Way!

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It’s never been more important to consider and think about the way in which we travel. At the point when we travel to new places, we often just flit by, barely taking in the scenes and faces we pass —new cafés, art galleries, heritage sites, stupas and basilicas, temples, new architecture and much more. Some have been there forever, however, we just go through for a quick look; after all, we’ll most likely never see them again.

We hope these places will be there for the next generation, not only ours, but we know that this is not always the case. Take a gander at the Buddhas of Bamiyan. The Mongols and different conquerors protected this place, as they was already were aware it had been there for a very long time, yet some in our generation thought the Buddha statues should not be there. We can, obviously, think of many other examples. 

But, traveling with Sumeru Holidays brings in new perspectives altogether. They make sure to look at the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism, and how we can limit the negative consequences on the places we visit.

Why should one think about responsible tourism?

As of late, more than 1 billion vacationers made a trip to foreign destinations – a figure that is just growing constantly. What’s more, someplace in the district of 4 billion household voyagers gathers their sacks every year. The planet is stressing under the heaviness of these figures. We have to consider how to guarantee the imprint we leave is a positive one.

What are the problems?

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Most ecological harm brought about by the travel industry is delivered via air travel. Huge measures of greenhouse gasses are siphoned into the environment by in excess of 100,000 flights per day all around the world.

On a progressively local level, other environmental factors and components kick in. As tourism increases, airports, roads, and facilities are developed to accommodate and make the visitors feel comfortable. Frequently this improvement happens rapidly, and without consideration of the drain on resources, threats to natural habitats, and pollution of both water and land.

Further to this, communities often see visitor spending funneled into the hands of big business, which can threaten local economies.

We have to distinguish ways for diverting tourist income towards local people, including through the informal economy, where individuals can gain a living through services such as guiding and homestays. And this is exactly what Sumeru Holidays promote. They lay a strong emphasis on leisure tours and ashram stays so that people enjoy their life in bliss.

It’s never been more important to think about the way in which we travel. When we travel to new places, we often just flit by, hardly taking in the faces and scenes we pass—new restaurants, world heritage sites, art galleries, temples, stupas and basilicas, new architecture and so on. Some have been there forever, but we just pass-through for a quick peek; after all, we’ll probably never see them again.

A lot of historical and cultural sites are a significant draw for vacationers. However, without cautious administration – particularly in developing countries – local cultural heritage is sometimes sidelined in the face of financial gains. 

This can prompt the eradication of conventional practices and ethnic legacies. Indigenous communities may lack the political influence and lawful rights to protect themselves from such damaging external forces. 

How can one be a more responsible traveler?

Starting to reduce the detrimental impact of tourism takes a little sensitivity, planning, and forethought. Here are our tips on making a positive difference:

  • Do your research
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Research the companies you decide to travel with. Pick tour agencies that work with all possible local communities of the place you are traveling to, pay decent wages to people, employ local staff, have a “leave no trace” approach and are sensitive towards cultural heritage and social diversities,. There are not many companies that do so, and it is a struggle to find such. To help you make the task easy, Sumeru Holidays does just that! They make sure to not leave any carbon footprints and help their local communities grow. 

  • Seek out green options

Look for hotels that reuse or manure waste, and uses sustainable power source. Stay in ecolodges, which are intended to have a negligible conceivable effect on the surrounding environments. 

  • Travel in the Off-Season
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For instance, we know that in summer, numerous cities are overburdened with visitors, so why go as of now? Visit when the groups have gone so you offer the city a reprieve.

  • Conserve water

The normal hotel guest uses in excess of 200 liters of water each day. Conserve water where you can, and keep away from those luxuriously long showers.

  • Minimize bottled water
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Imagine the size of the hill of plastic you would make from drinking mineral water each day for seven days, then multiply that by more than a billion to get some sense of the yearly scale. A far greener alternative is to clean your own – there is an increasingly effective scope of travel-optimized purifying filtration system, which destroys even the tiniest microbes and infections.

  • Stay Outside the City Centre

If you have no option but go in summer, you don’t need to stay in the downtown area. Stay in a place close by and just visit the major attractions every day. In deciding not to stay in the already overburdened tourist’s areas, you diminish the pressure on the city. This is what Sumeru Holidays is a strong believer of. They promote leisure tours and ashram stays both in and outside the city to help enable the visitors to experience the natural scenic beauty and live in peace. 

  • Support the local economy
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Buy souvenirs direct from local craftspeople and eat at local restaurants rather than international chains.

  • Be respectful

Respect regional cultures and religions, adhere to local dress codes and always ask before taking someone’s photograph.

  • Take Care of Heritage Places

Heritage sites you visit are likely visited by millions of other people a year, so care needs to be taken to allow others to enjoy them as well. Take your litter with you and for heaven’s sake, don’t graffiti! Do you really need your name emblazoned on the walls or the caves or the sides of the mountain? Do you absolutely have to take that picture of yourself on top of a monument especially when the signs say “NO”?

These monuments and artifacts are so old and fragile that they are sensitive to the touch of hands or bags and shoes, not to mention pens and the like. For more information on this, go to Heritage Watch.

  • Challenge Yourself to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
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Often, we go on cushy guided tours and retreat to our hotels for meals. Instead, you should: 

  • walk around, even if only in the streets closest to your hotel. 
  • eat in local restaurants.
  • talk to the locals, even if it’s only with your taxi driver.
  • learn a few words in the local language and use it. You will surely get a smile from the hotel staff and street vendors.

In other words, challenge yourself. Taking a step beyond your comfort zone each time you take a trip is worthwhile. You will be surprised at the rich treasures stored in your memory.

Plan any of your trips with Sumeru Holidays which falls under The Art of Living umbrella that helps you plan your journeys, setting you up to simply focus on tranquil and healthy living in a responsible way! Plan your earth-shattering walk with Sumeru Holidays, which is a one-stop answer for all your travel-related issues! Drench your body, soul, and heart as you loosen up, connect and celebrate calm life with Sumeru!

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