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Going Backpacking? Make Sure You Get These 4 Things With You!

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So you have decided to become a backpacker and venture off for your first solo hiking trip. Great news! Hiking and solitude can result in magical experiences which you will cherish for the rest of your life. But before all that, solid preparation is very important. To carry some essential items along with you at all times is nothing less than crucial. Listed below are some items which you should certainly tick off before leaving for your first solo hiking trip! Check these out.

1. Proper Footwear



On a rocky terrain such as mountainous regions, a normal shoe won’t do the trick. You will be needing a rugged pair of shoes which can survive the harshness! If you are looking for a short hike, which does not involve a heavy pack or technical terrain, trail shoes are a great option to go for. In case of a longer hike, when you will be carrying a heavier load and dealing with technical terrain, better go for a quality pair of hiking boots which offer more support.

2. A Good Backpack



Now, what do we mean by a “good” backpack? It has to offer you  two simple things: comfort and space as you will be loading up your hiking backpack with loads of stuff and then put the baggage on your shoulders Purchasing a hiking backpack is very different from buying your regular backpack.. Unless it provides you with superior comfort, it could make things for you very difficult and perhaps even ruin the whole trip. So, it is essential to pick up a great backpack and invest substantially into one. Here are the things that you should look for while choosing the best backpack alternative.

a. Look for ample patches of padding, which will provide you with comfort while carrying it.
b. Secondly, look at the way the backpack is compartmentalized. Since you will be carrying a bunch of stuff with yourself, it is wise to figure out a proper organizational strategy to segregate the items for quick access when in need. Does the backpack you’re considering allow you to do that the way you want to?

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c. Thirdly, make sure it has a rain cover. Save yourself the trouble of feeling helpless during pours and stay prepared for every occasion!
d. And lastly, it would be great if the backpack comes with a day bag along with it. When you’re traveling short trips and won’t need the complete backpack, the day bag is always handy to carry just the amount of stuff you’d need for the small hike.

3. First Aid Kit



Hiking is, after all, an adventurous endeavor! You never know when things may go wrong. So, it is wise to stay prepared well ahead. Do not forget to carry with yourself a well-stocked basic first aid kit. From essential medicines to bandages, stock up well. You also might not know when a fellow hiker falls sick and you just might have to come to the rescue!

4. Safety Items



Hiking is different from dealing with the modern world. You must keep these four safety tools with you at all times.

a. Multi-purpose knife
A multi-purpose knife comes handy on more occasions than you might think it would! From cutting into the meat during an outdoor barbecue, removing splinters, fixing broken eyeglasses and performing a whole lot of repairs becomes easy.

b. Lighter
Next up, you will definitely need to carry with yourself some sort of a source of fire. An essential item which could come handy at several occasions, do not forget carrying this tool. Then, you must carry a good whistle with yourself. If and when you get lost, there isn’t a better way to communicate it to fellow hikers that you need to be found.

c. Whistle
During the night, it could get very difficult to locate anyone when one gets sidetracked. A whistle will definitely help you get rescued!

d. Flashlight
And finally, and most importantly, a flashlight. There is nothing worse than walking in the dark without knowing where you are going and what you are about to step on. A flashlight will certainly help remove a lot of those unnecessary mysteries from your life!

So there you have it! Make sure you put a tick on all the above pointers before heading  for your first adventure hike with a backpack on.
Don’t forget to make lots of memories.
Have lots of fun while you’re at it!

Have other things in mind which you should carry with yourself which we didn’t mention? Tell us in the comments below!

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