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Get The Most Out of Italy By Visiting These 5 Amazing Places.


Italy is one of the most picturesque places which one can visit. With an extraordinarily rich and sublime combination of art, architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes, Italy is a getaway which can simply never go wrong. With rich culture and heritage behind the civilizations of Italy, there is a lot to explore when there. Italy has a variety of destinations to weave your itinerary with.

Italy is home to several of the world’s greatest works of art, gastronomy and architecture.

The brilliance and magnitude of each aspect in this land inspire and moves one like no other land. In the world, very few places consist of life and art to come together in such a seamless and harmonious way as Italy. The art of living a beautiful life is something which Italians have mastered over centuries. Therefore, get onboard the next flight to this magnificent destination and discover Italy for yourself. The following list will help you narrow down some of the gems which you simply cannot go missed out on. Take a look:

Take a journey into the past with the extraordinary city of Rome. Explore the breathtaking ruins which are the result of three thousand years of urban development and are dotted all over the city. Some of the icons include the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Roman Forum. Explore the phenomenal artistic heritage of Rome. Make sure to visit the world-class museums which are adorned with sculptures by Michelangelo, frescoes by Raphael and paintings by Caravaggio. Life the incredible lifestyle of Rome. Make sure to try a slice of pizza and walk down the streets and alleys of beautiful Rome. 

Florence is one of the most romantic and enchanting places which you can step into. Explore pieces from history which shall take your breath away and find yourself in one of the finest places in all of Italy to taste the very best of Tuscan cuisine. This compact city is brimming with cultural hotspots to explore and discover for yourself. The architecture of the city has transformed since the Renaissance. Walk on the beautiful cobbled streets which are complemented with elegance candlelit chapels, marble basilicas and fresco-decorated chapels. 

Explore this dreamy city of marble palaces and Venetian by staying perched upon your Gondola. The sheer grandeur of Venice is awe-striking and one of the most extraordinary and sublime experiences to have. In the fairy-tale city, you shall discover an artful lifestyle. Head over to Piazza San Marco to experience daily life in Venice. Make sure to sit down for an elaborate Venetian meal which shall include lagoon seafood and be complemented with the views at canal bistros. Venice is a classic destination which certainly must not be missed when travelling to Italy. 


One of the most special destinations of Italy is considered to be the Amalfi Coast. Deemed to be an extraordinary example of the Mediterranean by UNESCO, the landscape is where mountains meet the ocean complemented by extraordinarily steep precipitous crags and gorgeous woodlands. The turquoise seas and picturesque piazzas shall transport you into a magical world where your heart shall be stirred by the brimming scene of food, culture and music. Explore the ancient ruins in the city, the exceptional Arabic-Norman cathedral and many more gorgeous sights to visit for yourself. 


The place is one of the most beautiful and dramatic coastal sceneries which you shall come across in the whole world. Cinque Terre has been ingeniously constructed out of five fishing villages and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year of 1997. The beautiful paths traverse cliffs which are seemingly impregnable. A nineteenth-century railway line which has been cut through a range of coastal tunnels ferries the footsore traveller from one village to another. To one’s delight, vehicles were banned in this little village over a decade ago. 

Exploring Italy could seem like a tumultuous task since the range of destinations and experiences are virtually limitless. To pick the very best and craft out the perfect itinerary by traversing through one destination to the next is a job which the incredible team at Jetsave is exceptionally good at. By being able to understand what the traveller required and needs, Jetsave helps to carve out the best routes and makes sure everything throughout your entire trip works in a buttery smooth way. Italy is a place which is hard to not fall madly in love with and your experience with  Jetsave shall ensure that you get nothing short of the very best.

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