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A New Fun Way To Travel – Fixed Departure Holidays with Sumeru Holidays!

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A well planned, enjoyable, relaxed and tension-free trip!

If this is what you call out to be a good vacation, fixed departure holiday packages are just the right thing for you! If you are planning to travel alone or in a group, a fixed departure holiday is just the ideal choice for you, someone who appreciates a well-planned holiday without getting into the hassle of arrangements and bookings. 

Why Choose Fixed Departure Packages?

Holidays are something we all always look forward to. Particularly if you are somebody who loves to travel and explore new unseen places, you must know how tedious it is to manage the whole travel thing. Regardless of whether you take the assistance of a relative or friend, toward the day’s end, the weight falls at your own hands. To save yourself from all these hassles come the fixed departure tour plans!

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Why You Need to Opt for Fixed Departure Tour Packages

Planning a Trip is always easier said than done. Instead of planning your entire trip, you can always choose our fixed departure tours and enjoy a relaxed and tension-free trip. You do not need to go for the hassle of bookings or arrangements, just pick the ideal choice for the majority of the travelers and get yourself immersed into a well-planned holiday.

What exactly is the Fixed Departure Package?

It is no wonder that at least one point in time, it has come to everyone’s mind, what exactly is a fixed departure tour package? What is fixed in the package? The answer to this question is simple. With all the whimpering and pounding going around, there is a gigantic demand now than ever, to give an all-in-one tour package. It helps to dispose of all the possible downsides that come from planning your own trip. Starting from reaching the place, Sumeru Holidays makes sure to take care of everything, helping you provide a smooth travel experience like never before. 

Briefly, you will always get the fullest during your tour along with predetermined itineraries as well as the fixed departure date. All you need to do is manage your things according to that, and your trip will be executed as scheduled on time.

All you need to then deal with is your own things and bags according to the place you are traveling, and your trip will be executed as scheduled on time! 

Fixed Departure International Packages

We all know how hard it becomes to manage all of your travel expenses along with keeping up with all the documentation you need to go through for your foreign trip. However, look no more, as Sumeru Holiday’s fixed departure international tours have come to the rescue. Just choose the exquisite location you want to spend the next few days of your life and we will play the entire trip for you. Right from booking hotels and air tickets to getting your visa done, they have got you covered.

Sumeru brings to you 6 splendid international locations that are sure to win your heart away. Here is the rundown for the exotic destinations for you.

  • Bali
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Bali, the majestic land has become the most popular tourist place for Indian travelers for a few years now. This Indonesian island is famous because of the volcanic mountains and the lovely beaches with hundreds of marine species found here. There are sights like the White and Black sand beaches in Bali. Visiting mount Batur with active volcanoes. And with Sumeru Holiday’s 5 Nights 4 Days fixed departure plan which just starts at rupees 59,999/- you are all sorted.

  • Mauritius
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Tropical island heaven and apparently Africa’s wealthiest goal, Mauritius is one of the world’s top luxury tourist destination. It has a wide scope of man-made and natural attractions, appreciates a tropical atmosphere with clear warm ocean waters, alluring seashores, tropical fauna, and greenery supplemented by a multi-ethnic and social populace that is benevolent and welcoming. Why not book your 6 Nights 5 Days fixed departure tour with Sumeru Holidays now?

  • Maldives
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Located just south of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives islands are indeed one of the most wonderful places on earth today. They offer a definitive desert island heaven with the most staggering clear turquoise waters, delicate white sandy seashores, shallow tidal ponds, interminable daylight and the absolute best coral reefs left on earth. The entirety of this combined with the most magnificent warm friendly people makes the Maldives paradise on earth, and a place worth a visit. 

  • Singapore
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Capitalizing on its blend of culture, Singapore is, at last, getting some sparkle, and is quickly getting one of Asia’s hit-list goals. Zooming around Singapore can take merely minutes, because of one of the world’s generally productive and boundless public vehicle frameworks. Alongside this, food in Singapore is taken very seriously. The solid wildernesses that once overwhelmed Singapore’s horizon are gradually offering approaches to green high rises, which look more like living environments than business center points. If you are planning to get on a shopping spree, you can plan to head out to local neighborhoods for independent designers, quirky art galleries, bustling markets, Chinese medicines, Persian carpets and a sari or two.

  • Dubai
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Following a gigantic development and change post the revelation of oil in the 1960s, Dubai has throughout the years invited expats from various pieces of the world for work purposes. This cosmopolitan culture of the emirate has carried it at standard with the different worldwide urban communities of the world. Dubai is prestigious everywhere throughout the world for its extraordinary friendliness and warmth, making it an ideal excursion spot for a wide range of guests, from couples, families, and honeymooners to daring travelers. Hospitality as well is profound established in the Emirati culture. Individuals understand that a significant part of their employment originates from the visitors, and hence, they are very thoughtful while keeping up their points of confinement. If you understand the boundaries of the Islamic culture and stick to them, you’re clearly going to make loads of new friends in the city and find get to know a lot about it.

  • Bangkok 
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Bangkok surely lives up to its reputation being a travel hot spot in Southeast Asia. The ‘City of Angels’ has funky and crazy markets, upmarket shopping centers, a riverside brimming with surprises, an energetic nightlife scene, numerous fantastic sights and attractions that mirror its novel legacy, and significantly more. Bid farewell to roads turned parking lots by using the city’s cutting edge Sky train and underground frameworks that spread a large areas. Or explore the Riverside zone by a long-tail speedboat or waterway taxi. Aren’t you excited to visit this crazy land?

Final Takeaway

Before wrapping up, we need to conclude that, this article was exclusively intended to make you aware of the advantages that comes from choosing a fixed departure tour package. But what actually makes Sumeru Holidays different from other travel agencies out there? We are pleased to report that, you will never find the hospitality and friendliness that is given by Sumeru Holidays than in any of the travel agencies out there in the market. When you travel with Sumeru, it becomes their sole duty to take care of your wellbeing and security, and they do the same with all-out commitment. Traveling to lesser discovered new places is a dream for some. Sumeru Holidays is all hands to make this dream come true! So, the next time you are planning a departure trip, don’t forget to travel with Sumeru Holidays.

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