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Escapade A Delightful Day in Chandni Chowk!


Chandni Chowk is one of the most popular spots to visit when in the capital. Delhi 6 as it is commonly known as a place which is a perfect example of what harmonic chaos could possibly mean. Auto rickshaws zoom past while cars are stuck into fanatically entangled traffic of bikes, scooters and many other vehicles of transport. Yet somehow, the locality manages to function beautifully without any stops! As soon as you step into the world of Purani Dilli, you shall be greeted with sights and sounds which shall utilize every ounce of your five senses! Being a non vegetarian is a definite advantage when here, as Chandni Chowk is called dear home by many legendary restaurants of not only Delhi but India. 

After having spent a day exploring the alleys of this old rustic world, we have prepared a curated one-day itinerary for you to follow for an energy packed and thrilling day in the world of Chandni Chowk.

Read on to find out all that you can do when here!


Chole Bhature is one of the city’s classic breakfasts and no one does it better than Chandni Chowk!

Stop by for a sumptuous breakfast at Shiv Misthan Bhandar and taste some of the most delicious Chole Bhature available in the city. Not licking your fingers off will be quite hard to pull off! The dish itself hails from Punjab and is essentially a combination of spicy white chick peas eaten along with bread made from white flour. Wash it down with a glass of lassi, yet another absolute classic drink of Chandni Chowk. Lassi is made from yoghurt which is blended with water, spices and sometimes, fruit. In the summers, lassis can be deeply refreshing and can instantaneously recharge you for the day ahead. Another culinary gift to the world from Punjab!


Dariba Kalan is one of the many streets of Chandni Chowk, and is particularly renowned for its jewelry shops. As you explore, you shall come across shops which are well over two hundred years old. The age and the classicism of the designs are brilliantly reflected in the pieces which you can find here. Dariba Kalan is known for its unique pieces of jewelry hailing from the old world, something which is extremely hard to find anywhere else. The seventeenth century street derives its name from the Persian word which translates into “unparalleled pearl”. While you are busy shopping jewelry, make sure to also dapple into the authentic ittar stores, a particular type of perfume made from essential oils. 


Non-vegetarians of the world, behold one of the greatest food havens for the palette to relish and cherish! Karim’s is the kind of restaurant which serves authentic Mughlai food that is so delicious that people are willing to fly half way across the world just to taste its preparations. A sumptuous feast at Karim’s will simply leave you craving for even more of the delicious food. Start with ordering the chicken burra, a masterfully cooked dish with the chicken giving off smoky tones to the palette. Try out the mutton seekh kebabs and enjoy them with rumali rotis. If you still want to tear into more, try their keema naan. The chicken Jahangiri is one of their most famous preparations and can be enjoyed with the iconic khamiri roti. 


Naughara or “Nine Havelis” is the name to a street which is lined up with eighteenth century havelis. Admire their exquisite architecture and the colourful facades. If you are looking for perfect spots for some lit Instagram feeds, this place certainly will give it a major kickstart! Head over to Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli, one of India’s most famous and revered poets. The Havelis would give you a great insight into the defining features of Jain architecture and is definitely a spot worthy of heavy exploration. While you are at it, grab your chance of hopping onto a cycle rickshaw and experience this classic Indian commute at one of the city’s most popular locales!


Head over to the legendary Jalebi Wala for a plate of Samosas and Jalebis. These two are some of the most popular snacks in the country and is enjoyed by innumerable people during evenings as a nice snack along with chai or tea! The samosas will have spicy potato fillings which shall tingle your tastebuds. To calm them down and balance the palette, team it up with the sweetness of the jalebis. We dare you, find us a better combo! 


One of the best experiences which you can enjoy while in this marvellous part of the city is the gorgeous and elucidate light and sound show at the Red Fort. Throwing light on the history of the country, the light and sound show in Red Fort is a fascinating experience and is certainly worth reserving the evening for. 


Head over to Aslam’s Butter Chicken to taste some of the best butter chicken preparations in the city. Known for its sheer uniqueness and complexity of flavors, Aslam’s butter chicken is truly one of a kind. If calorie count is something which you are heavily conscious of, this place is definitely not for you! On the contrary, if you do not mind enjoying great food regardless of its calorie count, Aslam’s butter chicken guarantees a great time along with phenomenal taste. 

Chandni Chowk could certainly get very exhausting and therefore, make sure to wear your comfiest pair of shoes and always carry a water bottle with you. Wear comfortable clothes and try not to bulk yourself with too much since there is going to be a lot of walking involves. We wish you a fun day at Chandni Chowk!

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