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Do We Really Need Travel Insurance?

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Vacations and trips are supposed to be either full of relaxation and leaving worries behind for a few days, or worth extremely important meetings, work or otherwise. Everyone usually plans such trips in a way that nothing goes wrong, and a stress-free time is spent.

But amidst all of this hustle for these impeccable trips, most of us forget that there are risks during the journey as well.

Whether it is a trip delay or a lost suitcase, there needs to be an option to secure, or at least provide coverage over these risks or losses. This is where travel insurances come to the rescue.

Most travelers spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect vacations, but they often overlook the importance of getting a good travel insurance policy.

Travelers are more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents when they are travelling in a strange land, and there is no sure way to prevent unfortunate incidents from taking place. These travel insurances not only cover your luggage or a delayed flight but your health too. Although travel insurance cannot help people avoid misfortunes during their travels, it offers consolation in the form of monetary compensation, which can be very useful in certain situations. Travel insurance provides a wide range of benefits for travelers. Any kind of, admissible, of course, inconvenience, and travel insurance will have your back.

There are innumerable reasons why everyone should opt for a travel insurance while taking a trip- be it solo, with your family, friends or colleagues. Some of the most important ones have been listed below:

~ If you lose, you get it back

There is nothing worse than sending a client off on an amazing holiday only to have them call you about lost luggage or worse that are stuck at an airport. It’s an unfortunate mishap that you can’t control but you can advise travelers to take precautions. It is common knowledge that sometimes due to mix-ups, luggage is misplaced during a trip. Many a time people aren’t able to get hold of their lost luggage, even though promised. Travel insurance covers all the costs of each of these lost luggage. Everything you check in is covered under the insurance, whether it’s a large suitcase or your handbag. It is understandable that some valuable items can’t be replaced, but travel insurance provides monetary returns for anything and everything that can be assigned a viable price. So even though rotten luck came into play and you lost your luggage, you are getting the money back for the items lost, so that you can replace replaceable items.

~ Take care of your loved ones even from a thousand miles away

By getting travel insurance done for your loved ones, you have that assurance that in case of any mishap they will be taken care of. Whether it is a medical caretaker or any kind of lifestyle or automotive assistance, it will all be covered under the said travel insurance.

The travel insurance will offer financial recovery for medical expenses that are incurred because of accidents and illnesses. Medical treatment is very costly in some countries, and those who sustain serious injuries may have to pay medical bills that amount to tens of thousands of dollars. With travel medical travelers, can get reimbursement for the total amount of money that they spend on medical treatment. Whether you are on the move, or your loved one is, there is a travel insurance plan for both the cases, to ensure not only a stress-free journey but also the well being of your loved ones.

~ High-quality medical care as per need

Travel insurance companies have tie-ups with hospitals and healthcare companies, so as to prove the utmost level of medical care in case of need and emergencies. There is always a chance of some health issue arising during your travel, and the travel insurance is bound to cover any inconvenience that you face with your health. Travel insurance also covers medical evacuation, which means that travelers do not have to pay medical emergency transportation expenses with their own money.  This ensures you and your loves ones that especially when you are in a new and unknown place, that travel insurance company will take care of your health, so as to maintain a minimum level of stress over the people who care about you.

~ Emergency Medical as well as death and disability coverage

Unforeseen emergencies can arise anywhere and anytime. These emergencies may vary from an emergency medical situation to a disability caused by accident to even death. As much as we hope no such occurrence takes place, they are inevitable, and travel insurances dutifully cover such calamities as well. This gives the traveler the assurance that no page will be left upturned and the necessary action will be taken according to the scenario.

~ Only pay for the days you travel while having an option to extend

Travel insurance gives the freedom of getting insured for only the time period the person would actually be travelling. This lets the traveler pay only what should be intended and not give away extra bucks. This being said, the traveler also usually gets an option to extend the insurance, if the trip is being elongated. It is to be noted that the person might not have to pay anything extra if the insurance prevails and therefore hasn’t expired, which usually turns out to be a pretty beneficial situation for the person.

~ Cashless coverage

Lastly, the most important aspect of travel insurance is that it lets you get assistance without spending any cash. This turns out to be highly beneficial as several countries have expensive medical facilities, and especially if it is a severe and serious case, big bucks would be sucked out of your pockets, without insurance. In some places, hundreds of dollars can be charges for the smallest of issues, let alone major cases. These all cases are handles and resolves without you fishing out money, as everything is covered in your travel insurance. If not others, this should be the reason enough to get travel insurance, every time you take a trip.

Now that we have provided you with all the major reasons so as to why you should get travel insurance, don’t forget to get one, from Jetsave, the next time you are planning a trip. Travel Insurance by Jetsave provides important benefits like protection against trip cancellation and interruption. When an emergency arises before or during a vacation, travelers may have to cancel or cut short their trips. Since they have already paid for their vacations, they will stand to lose a substantial amount of money.

Jetsave also offers travel assistance and 24-hour emergency services to help their customers deal with unfavorable situations during their vacations. If you meet with an accident or lose your travel documents, you can seek assistance from Jetsave. The company will offer the best advice or contact local emergency services to help you solve your problems in the shortest time possible. This kind of assistance is especially important if you are travelling to a country where the locals do not speak your language.

By your travel insurance now and have a happy journey, safe journey, and most of all, a stress-free journey!

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