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Your Complete Guide To Traveling In London, Switzerland, And Paris Is Here!

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Explore the modern-day boulevards of London and chic bistros of Paris, travel to Bern, Switzerland’s capital, with its medieval center, cobblestoned avenues, and wandering stream, wonder about the snow-topped Alps at Lucerne and walk around Venice’s sentimental channels. London, Paris, and Switzerland have so much to offer. 

Each state offers something extraordinary – regardless of whether you’re hoping to experience relaxing tropical holidays, snow-filled experience, or the marvels of our unbelievable National Parks, there’s something for each sort of traveler.

Heading out to this trio land with Jetsave India is just the perfect option. It is the perfect destination for scenic drives, heavenly nourishment, cosmopolitan city life, wilderness, social diversity, delightful sea shores, and much more. Book your Trip Now


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The capital of the United Kingdom is a flourishing multicultural city. The differentiation between the staggering noteworthy sights and the vivacious cultural scene makes a visit to London a fascinating and energizing experience. Meander through St. James Park, visit Westminster Abbey, explore the avenues of Shoreditch, and take a ride up the River Thames. London’s unimaginable shopping, endless sights, neighborly local people, and lively nightlife offer something for each kind of traveler.  

What To Expect When In London 

London is one of the more costly European capitals, so be readied!

Language: English is by a long shot the most communicated in language in the city.

Currency: The British Pound

Climate: The weather is commonly gentle, with temperatures seldom climbing awkwardly high or low, in spite of the fact that worth carrying an umbrella or raincoat throughout the year.

Cold season: From December to February, temperatures are generally a couple of degrees above freezing.

Warm Season: Between June and August, the late spring temperatures are as yet OK with highs once in a while going over 25 degrees Celsius.

Getting Around In London

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London is separated into a wide range of precincts and neighborhoods; each offering a remarkable kind of the city! The most famous areas worth visiting are:

SoHo: A dynamic and energizing piece of the city that is home to a stunning range of bars, jazz and blues bars and the core of London’s gay scene. This is where many of the fashion-forward residents of the city come to the party.

Covent Garden: Covent Garden is one of the most popular areas of the city with the absolute best theaters. Neal Street is a shoe darling’s heaven with a progression of shops taking into account each sole.

Camden: Famous for being the alternative center of London where hippies and punks tread the avenues together. It is home to a vivacious blend of music venues, markets, restaurants, tattoo parlors, and boutiques.

Westminster: The tourist center of London, sights incorporate the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey. Guests can see the British Government in real life by visiting the Strangers’ Gallery at the House of Commons.

Kensington + Chelsea: This borough is home to a portion of London’s most rich shops and lavish inhabitants. It’s additionally home to Notting Hill, which has gotten the best in class, popular neighborhood.

The City of London: The City is in reality just about a square mile in size, and is home to London’s greatest high rises and financial district. 

Shoreditch: Known as the innovative center point of London’s in vogue East End. Come here for incredible food, nightlife, street art, and vintage shopping.

Helpful Tip: The Tube is incredible however some of the time the Tube map is beguiling and stations are in reality significantly closer together than they look. There’s a handy map with walking distance between stations that will assist you with deciding whether it merits the trust that the train or quicker walk.


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The French capital is one that has been drawing tourists for quite a long time now. From its superb memorable landmarks to its remarkable food, it is a place unlike any other. Meander in and out of museums, cafes, ranchers markets, delightful gardens and enjoy the romance of the city. Book your Trip Now

What To Expect When In Paris

Language: While a few people may communicate in English or other European dialects, French is by a long shot the most communicated in the language in the city.

Currency: The Euro is the cash all through France and in numerous other European nations.

Climate: The climate in Paris is commonly very mellow for the majority of the year, with a sensible measure of rain consistently. It is the perfect romantic weather that one wants to experience. 

Cold season: Daytime temperatures between November and February infrequently get over ten degrees Celsius, but seeing Paris in the snow can add a totally different measurement to this stunning city.

Hot season: July and August are typically the most sweltering months in Paris.

Getting Around In Paris

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Paris is separated into twenty arrondissements; each offering one of a kind of the city! The most well-known networks worth visiting are:

Le Marais: Located in the third and fourth arrondissement, this area of Paris has for quite some time been where the aristocrats have lived. It presently has a lively Jewish community with some of the city’s best lodgings and art galleries. 

1st Arrondissement: Home to a significant number of the city’s primary sights including the Royal Palace and the Louver, this is generally the beginning stage for those meeting Paris just because.

8th Arrondissement: A well-known territory of the city that is home to a few great royal residences, alongside the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees.

11th Arrondissement: This region is a famous piece of the city for those hoping to appreciate the nightlife. There’s a decent scope of eateries to appreciate, in addition to it’s home to the Edith Piaf Museum.

La Defense: On the edge of the city, this part of Paris has some superb present day craftsmanship displayed and design. This is also one of the city’s main business areas. Book your Trip Now


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Regardless of where you look in Switzerland, you’ll be in amazement by its magnificence. It has transcending mountains that are canvassed in snow regardless of what season, crystal-clear lakes, interesting little towns, perfectly clear lakes, and moving slopes. In addition a mess of chocolate and cheddar!

You could without much of a stretch go through months exploring the nation. Highlights include Lucerne, Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Grindelwald, Gruyeres, St. Moritz, and Interlaken. And these don’t even begin to cover it!

The best way to see this incredible country? The Swiss Travel Pass, which allows you to travel around by train, which offers some of the best views you, will ever experience in your life or let Jetsave India plan the ideal trip for you! 

What To Expect When In Switzerland

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Language: There are four national languages in Switzerland, all found in specific regions of the country. The most widely spoken language is Swiss German, spoken by over 60% of the population. In the western part of the country, Swiss-French is spoken, and in the southern part of the country, Swiss Italian is spoken. The smallest national language is Romansh.

Currency: The official currency of Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF). 1 USD is equivalent to 0.98 CHF. Many shops, hotels, and train stations will also accept euros.

Plugs: The power plugs in Switzerland are type J, the standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.  I recommend buying a universal adapter (make sure it has surge protection) and using a converter for hairdryers and hot tools.

Safety: Switzerland is in the top 10 of the safest countries in the world. Violent crime is rare but petty crime such as pickpocketing and theft of vehicles (including bikes) does occasionally happen.

Aren’t you intrigued to visit these splendid places yet? If the answer you have is a YES, go ahead and book your tour to these majestic locations now. Let Jetsave India place you a helping hand for all your travel requirements

Happy Traveling!

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