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Experience Yoga Sojourn In The Last Shangri-la, Bhutan

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There is a peaceful and spiritual oasis lying in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas that meets all the humanly requirements, it is none other than, Bhutan! 

The Land of the Thunder Dragon – doesn’t that sound cool, intriguing and mystical!! Bhutan is just not an ordinary place – it is most likely the last great Himalayan kingdom, covered in magic and mystery, where a conventional Buddhist culture cautiously grasps the global developments. The magical Kingdom of Bhutan is a small little landlocked nation placed in the southern foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, sandwiched between China in the north and India in the south.

A mere mention of Bhutan to travel addicts will evoke only two responses. First comes an insightful ‘aaahh‘, as people bring up cloudy pictures of a flawless Himalayan kingdom, of brilliant Buddhist celebrations and a traditional culture that appears to be lost. Know more about sumeru holiday travel packages in 2020!!

Bhutan Buddhist
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This is a place where there are great mountains – probably the highest on the planet – thick-forested valleys and imposing dzong, religious fortification often perched up on the cliff sides. It’s where the landscapes are speckled with blue poppies, snow leopards, and multitudinous standards of bright fluttering prayer flags. 

Yes, prayer flags. Bhutan pays attention to its practice of Buddhism. The religion swarms all levels of life, bringing about peaceful temples, red-robed monks running along the avenues, an awesome number of divinities and legends, and an across the board faith in practicing kindness and loving to all sentient beings – what could be better than that?

The nation has a policy of Gross Domestic Happiness, a principle officially regarded as more significant than measures like Gross Domestic Product. This can be the explanation of why Bhutanese sport a permanent smile. 

Equally magnificent for its panoramic views over valleys filled with the flowers of rhododendrons and the battle for oxygen in the dainty mountain air – is the Tango Goemba. Here, a special glimpse can be had of the gilded statues of Buddha inside its internal sanctum, and boy monk learning English, Buddhist philosophy and soccer skills. Impactful clouds of incense fill the air as the group of monks cant, blow trumpets and perform dances while dressed as legendary heroes.

Tango Goemba
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When in Bhutan, you will have the chance to explore probably the most marvelous landscape on the planet, communicate with local people who wear a National Dress however are beginning to pick up the outside fashion, become familiar with a profoundly embedded Buddhist religion, and find the significance of the colorful phallic images painted on entryways of houses.

It is a spot like no other and visiting it feels like stepping into an enchanted vortex frozen in time. This magical vortex enhances the feeling of mystery and adventure. 

Unbelievably, 66% of the nation still sits far from any road. These rugged Himalayan summits, grand passes, immaculate woods, turquoise lakes and undulating yak pastures are there for exploring. You will encounter traditional towns, but will also get the opportunity to experience intriguing wilderness, like the snow leopard. Here is a list of sumeru holiday travel plans for 2020.

With major glacial streams shooting off the lofty flanks of the Himalayas, it’s no big surprise Bhutan promotes kayakers and rafters.

bhutan rafting
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There is something mysterious and magical about Bhutan, the straightforward yet entrancing land some way or other figures out how to contact your spirit, balm it with peace, and even repair the broken heart. With this stated, Bhutan and yoga go hand in hand. The salubrious atmosphere, the stunning views, and the magnificent religious communities may appear to be a clichéd way to describe the beauty of Bhutan, however, each word used for this dazzling nation is in its purest form. This is the ideal spot to start your journey to enlightenment and wellness.

When in this enchanted land, and looking to connect to yourself deeply, ease your psyche with some days off and visit the culturally and historically rich Bhutan with Sumeru Holidays. This retreat has the ideal blend of yoga and meditation to help you have a clear thinking, expanded energy, better physical wellbeing, improved relationships, and greater peace of mind. With the charming setting of Bhutan, you will be guided by an expert instructor,

Kamlesh Barwal Ji to rediscover yourself through the ancient and rational discipline of yoga to balance your brain, body, and soul. On this tour, you are sure to increase in flexibility, strength, and the embodied attention to your own practice through a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes that build on one another. Special attention will be paid to right and therapeutic postural alignments, knowledge of asanas, and pranayamas.

Sumeru Holidays - Bhutan Tour with Kamlesh Barwal Ji
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A wondrous trip awaits you around each corner, with discoveries of pleasure to explore for a destination you will always remember. Come and visit the World’s Happiest Country, The Land of the Thunder Dragon and The Last Shangri-la (Paradise). Come experience all that Bhutan and yoga bring to the table for your body, mind, and soul with this therapeutic retreat.

This Yoga Sojourn like never before in Bhutan is only possible with Sumeru Holidays which falls under The Art of Living umbrella that is sure to help you plan your travel, setting you up to just concentrate on peaceful and solid living! Plan your groundbreaking journey with Sumeru Holidays, which is a one-stop answer for all your travel and adventure related issues! Soak your body, soul, and heart as you loosen up, connect and celebrate calm life with Sumeru!

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