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The Best Cafes and Restaurants to Visit in The Pocket-sized Paradise of India, Goa!

Must Visit Cafes in Goa

Of the sun, sand, sea, and seafood, Goa has a lot to offer to its visitors beyond the beaches. From delightful churches to the white sand beaches, and from buildings that mirror the Portuguese architecture to well-known beach shacks, no other place can outperform the appeal of Goa when it comes to the laid-back, lazy and lovely lifestyle. 

In addition, if at all there is something that adds the cherry on top to a perfect Goan experience, it has to be the amazing cafes in Goa.

Be it fresh creamy prawns or the hot-piping Nutella pancakes, it is a must for every traveler to treat their taste buds to the scrumptious food of this paradise at these 7 amazing cafes and restaurants. 

These cafes will astound you with their moist oozy chocolate cake, a molten liquid core that oozes out when you delve into it. Goa is the ideal place to try out the best and most sophisticated dishes to satisfy your palette. Just imagine being sprinkled with a few drops of seawater, while you sit and eat up the best croissant – close by the most amazing sight of the beach, ahhhh lovely! Regardless of whether you are a fan of relaxing brunches, someone who enjoys a snappy nibble in the middle of shopping or simply loves a late evening cream tea, Goa has the café and restaurant to suit your mood. Book Your Goa Trip With Your Gang Now.

If the idea of sitting on a rocking chair, with the beach in the backdrop, a mojito to get you tipsy and a book to please you, head to Goa and take your pick at some of our favorite cafés that you must visit with your friends at least once! 

Olive Bar & Kitchen

  • Olive Bar and Kitchen

Walk into Olive Goa and you will tread down a pretty garden path that leads to a bucket of electric-blue flip-flops in all sizes. A sign above the container says: “Kick Off Your Heels”. This is your first impression, and it is a lasting one. This is Goa by way of Santorini—white walls, wooden tables and rattan furniture accentuated by striped blue cushions. A blooming garden gives the setting to the indoor segment while the breezy in the open-air region sitting above Vagator beach has more tables and jute loungers.

The Mediterranean-themed menu builds on Olive’s solid reputation for taste but also nods at Goa’s culinary heritage. The wooden bar is the focal point of the café and it is their art mixed drinks, which will draw the biggest crowd. It is deeply refreshing, with the sea breeze in the hair and the sun setting into the sea.

Location: Unit No. 1, Vagator Helipad, Big Vagator, Anjuna, Bardez, Goa.

Price for two: ₹ 2000

Open: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM


  • Thalassa restaurant in Goa

The Thalassa lets you enjoy Goa at its fullest. The place promises to treat you to the most stunning sunsets in Goa, and the location is where the river meets the sea. Ocean breeze in your hair and sunset views to bite the dust for. Couples and families are regularly seen unwinding on the cane seats, looking at the radiant nightfall. One of the delights of feasting at Thalassa is their brilliant menu of Greek and Mediterranean food, to be appreciated right beside the glorious Arabian Sea. Throwback some mimosas to accompany the appetizers like calamari meatballs, village bruschetta, grilled prawns skewers, and steamed mussels in ouzo sauce. To give your sweet tooth a kick settle on Thalassa’s rich velvety cheesecakes to handcrafted Greek yogurt. Holding true with the Greek convention the exteriors of Thalassa is done totally in white tone, which looks the Mediterranean against the setting of the lovely blue Arabian Sea. Try to sit nearest to the edge so you can get an eyeful of the stunning view. 

Location: Plot 301/1, Near Teso Waterfront, Siolim, Goa

Price for two: ₹ 2000

Open: 08:30 AM – 01:00 AM

Antares Restaurant & Beach Club

  • Antares Restaurant & Beach Club in goa

An architectural showpiece with awe-inspiring views of the Indian Ocean and the perfect spot for people to watch the sunset in the afternoon and experience casual dining. With a refreshing lack of noisy tourists and regular party music, the place is just the way we all like our dining places. Given that, the famed Masterchef Australia contestant, Sarah, personally designs seasonal menus, it’s no surprise that the dishes are on point. The cuisines here are quite simple; fresh ingredients, exotic flavors, classic cooking techniques with an injection of flavor through a charcoal grill. Chalk it down to culinary mastery yet Australian flavors meet up flawlessly with local ingredients and the outcome is absolutely exceptional. The main objective of the café is to make a little bit of Australia in this beach heaven.

Location: Small Vagator Beach, Ozran, Vagator, Goa

Price for two: ₹ 2000

Open: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Eva café

  • Eva café in goa

Striking a perfect balance between the sun, sand, sea, and the sky, Eva Cafe is a delightful little heaven on the coast of Anjuna Beach. Be it the hypnotizing sunset views, the flavorful food, or the breezy ambiance, this white paradise is surely the best bistro in Goa that offers the best of everything. Book your goa trip with your gang now.

Location: 129/45, Anthony Street, Dmello Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

Price for two: ₹ 800

Open: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Baba Au Rhum

  • Baba Au Rhum in goa

Baba Au Rhum’s natural, friendly ambiance steals the show, but the food is also excellent. Their crisp plates of mixed greens, baked luxuries, sandwiches, pizzas, cheeseburgers, and fresh squeezes are magnificent, without a doubt. Must-try dishes incorporate the wood-fired pizza, lemon tart, Mille feuilles cake, French bread and croissants.

Location: 1054, Sim Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

Price for two: ₹ 1000

Open: 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM , 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM

La Plage

  • La Plage in goa

La Plage is undoubtedly one of the most stylish shack vibe cafés serving best French fusion/French food in North Goa. Try not to let the casual air of the palm trees and simple white tables of this down-to-earth shack fool you. It serves brilliant French food just as soothing burgers and grills. In this chic beachside café, you will generally spot a wide scope of clientèle including international tourists, jet setters, and some of the time VIPs. This is among the first Ashvem Beach cafés and the food here is divine, just like the climate. Their must-try and not-to-be-missed specialties includes chocolate Thali, Chicken Pate with Onion “Jam”, Seared Tuna with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes. A lot of deck seats, finger-licking French food, and delicate jazz or varied hip-hop music make this spot one of a handful of places where you really need to reserve in advance. 

Location: Aswem Beach, Near Papa Jolly Hotel, Aswem Road, Morjim, Arambol, Goa 403512, India

Price for two: ₹ 1000

Open: 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM 

Waters Beach Lounge & Grills

  • Waters Beach Lounge & Grills in goa

Overlooking the territory of seascape from the Cliffside in Vagator, Waters Beach Lounge and Grill has staggered decked porches cut out of the stone, each bragging all-encompassing views of the ocean. Cocktails are the star of this place especially the strawberry margaritas and LIITs. This place is just perfect ideal for a sundowner, and you can enjoy it with drinks and their amazing wood-fired pizzas.

Location: Plot 18, Ozran Beach, Vagator, Goa

Price for two: ₹ 1800

Open: 4:00 PM – 04:00 AM

Drooling already? Well, don’t. Plan your trip to this heavenly destination with your friends with Jetsave India and enjoy the culinary culture of Goa. Enjoy the international ambiance of these places combined with the appeal of interiors and exteriors making for an unforgettable experience! 

Happy Dining!

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