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Do Something Rejuvenating: Welcome 2020 By Traveling With Sumeru Holidays

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What better way to celebrate New Year than to explore the world? An amazing way to kick start the new year is by heading out to an amazing place! There are numerous delightful places on the planet to visit. You can choose from a plethora of destinations and plan the ideal New Year 2020. Regardless of whether you want to talk to the royal tigers in Central Asia, or just cruise past house-sized icebergs in the Arctic, or take a private tour through India’s most holy temples to understand that you are not only a physical being haphazardly living in an exceptionally material world … Sumeru Holidays is there to help! Splendidly! Down to the last detail! Since they have just experienced it themselves.

At Sumeru Holidays, quality and service go inseparably. They lay a strong emphasis on pleasant and prompt client service and the best lodgings, entertainment and sightseeing places. They try to go well beyond to guarantee that the quality trademark is met at each step of your journey. 

Following 10 years in the travel business, they have built up profound knowledge information and framed associations with the most noteworthy specialists in their fields. Their thoughtful team of knowledgeable experts having years of travel knowledge are there to deal with every single need of yours, from the minute you contact them to when you land. Their expert team does take pride in their insightful and cautious way to deal with planning your dream holiday. 

So, why to wait more to plan your holiday, here we present some of our favorite travel packages that Sumeru Holidays have to offer to celebrate New Year in a fun way:

Sapta Kshetra Yatra with Br Tattavamayi and Br Nityabodha Ji

A feeling of calm and some true serenity is something that is rarely accomplished. It is rightly said that spirituality carries one to gain the peacefulness of mind and joy that is hard to compare with anything else in life. To experience this delight, set out on a – Sapta Kshetra Yatra with Br Tattavamayi and Br Nityabodha Ji. The temples in south India are prominent for providing the explorer’s unmatched opportunity to experience spirituality and the genuine feelings of peacefulness. Karnataka, especially, is home to a couple of destinations flaunting superb temples that are embodiments of sacredness. Besides, these sacred temples furthermore have brilliant engineering of old age The tour makes the travelers dive in the flawlessness of psyche and witness the wonderful ancient architecture. It is an ideal tour to explore the primitive architectural brilliance and spirituality in the same trip under the guidance of experienced pioneers.

Navagraha Yatra with Swami Pranavananda Ji

Hindu Astronomy has a branch called Navagrahas, which has a significant influence in the Hindu cosmic circle. It is concerned about the nine planets of the Milky Way system, its position and its effect on the individual and on the world. As indicated by the Hindu astrology, it is stated, that the positions of the planets when an individual is born determines his potential throughout his life. These nine planets and their impact, on the whole, are called Navagrahas. Hindus worship these planets to overcome any hindrance, obstacle or misfortune that they face in their life. These Navagrahas are found in each temple and there are a few temples, which are exclusively devoted to these planet-gods. To loan your prayers, get ready for an awesome Navagraha Tour with Swami Pranavanand Ji. The unadulterated vibes of inestimable spirituality and the architectural brilliance of the nine sanctuaries will stir your spirits. Experience Long Kriya at Gurudev’s place of birth (Papanasam), Yoga and Meditation in a unique traditional style with Sumeru Holidays. Set out on this tour and awaken your mind in the hypnotizing corners of South India.

Spiritual Sojourn

Learning while you are traveling enlivens you and mends your spirit. Furthermore, our Spiritual Sojourn is a complete bundle of rejuvenation and exploration and this is exactly what you want in this new year. It offers an outrageous degree of internal harmony through Yoga and develops strength, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness. Welcome to a heartfelt encounter of traveling in India, the cradle of ancient civilization with a rich cultural heritage. India with all its natural magnificence and a spiritualist appeal is home to an extraordinary profound blend. Not a cutting edge pilgrimage destination, the state, nevertheless has its set of temples, mosques, gurdwaras, and churches. All the significant religious faiths co-exist in the land and have developed into full-fledged methods for living with a lot of indigenous profound pioneers. From visiting verifiable landmarks to observing Holi at Kosi, it’s about India and its way of life. Travel across the most wonderful corners of India and unfurl some hidden truths about this country’s legacy. Take some break from your unremarkable and busy lifestyle and restore your body with nature. Prepare to loosen up your brain, cheer your spirit, and restore your body. Set out on this tour with Sumeru Holidays and appreciate an enchanting, energizing excursion that will remain in your memory forever.

Bliss in Bali with Gurudev

A land known for its mind-boggling natural beauty and culture also called the ‘Land of the Gods’, Bali appeals through its sheer natural radiance of looming volcanoes and rich terraced rice handle that slime quietness, tranquility, and peacefulness. Anywhere you see, you will find intricately cut and designed temples. Experience profound rest and peace while immersing completely in deep meditation, soulful silence, and festivity in the presence of Pujya Gurudev Sri Ravishankar Ji. Go past your usually active mind and experience an extraordinary feeling of peacefulness and tranquility and renewed vitality through guided meditation and different other procedures. Be a Part of Yoga and Meditation in Bali, with the Bliss in Bali tour by the Art of Living association and jump into the sea of joy. While you are water surfing and getting a charge out of the different water exercises on this visit (Bliss in Bali) middle of an excellent location, and Sri Ravishankar Ji will guarantee that you are enhanced from inside as well. This is what everyone wants this new year, happy and positive vibes.

North East Tour with Kamlesh Barwal Ji

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Perched away in impeccable mountains and magnificent valleys of Himalayas, Northeast India is perhaps the loveliest district around the earth. Topographically and culturally, northeast India isn’t exactly equivalent to various other parts of the nation. Consolidating the best of thick woods, old religious communities, snow-beat mountains, impeccable valleys, shining lakes, and falling falls, all of North East India feels like enchantment. This tour is simply ideal for all nature lovers who are in search of tranquility in nature’s lap. Making you one step close to heaven, every individual who’s an explorer by heart, must go on a North East outing with Kamlesh Barwal Ji at any cost once in their lifetime to unwind the privileged insights of North East India! The intrigue rendered by driving mountains, charming greenery, dim woods, beautiful widely varied vegetation leaves the explorers with great bliss. Secretive and connecting, Northeast India is one of the last vintages of unexplored India.

Every one of these places in India to celebrate and start New Year 2020 has been chosen keeping the interests of various types of explorers and travelers in mind. All in all, which of these destinations are you planning to visit? Sketch out your escape and plan your customized holiday with Sumeru Holidays to welcome 2020 with a blast! Whether you opt for a spiritual city or a tranquil place, make sure you have fun.

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