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8 Things To Do In The Charismatic City Of Dubai

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When in the charismatic city of Dubai, you can spend your mornings sprawling out on Jumeirah Beach and your afternoons shredding dust powder at Ski Dubai. There is a fragile balance of new and old Dubai, leading to a smorgasbord of things to try and do. If you are not an adventure junkie, you can kick start your day wrangling at the traditional Gold and Spice Souks before leveraging the benefits of your cards at the Dubai Mall. Before you kick-start your adventure tour in Dubai it is better you know the city first: Head straight to the top of the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) where you’ll notice unbelievable views stretching into the Gulf. In addition, if you’re inquisitive about a lot of ancient perspectives, take an abra (water taxi) ride on urban center Creek.

While most of the people deem luxury first, Dubai has far more to offer than simply luxurious buildings and shopping malls. And whereas it’s not wrong that town is and has all that – there are a lot of places to go to in Dubai. 

So, you think that Dubai is all about brunching and scanning around massive shopping complexes? Well, we are here to inform you you are wrong and hence educate you on all that this excellent city has much more to offer. 

To list all of Dubai’s attractions in one article would be an endless task, thus we’ve picked the best of the bunch that ought to get in your
Dubai bucket list. It’s time to induce out there and begin
ticking them off with Sumeru Holidays.


Burj Khalifa

Dubai Burj Khalifa
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Standing 828 meters high, the Burj Khalifa is hard to miss when in the iconic city of Dubai. The world’s tallest tower naturally dominates the Dubai skyline; however, the actual magnificence of the building is best appreciated up close or, even higher, from within. On a blue day, the view from the observation deck on level 124 is divine, lidded solely by the view from the luxurious. At the Top Sky Lounge on the 148th floor. In addition, for people who would really like to linger for a meal within the clouds, At.mosphere on level 122 is the place to be.


Gold Souk

Dubai Gold Soulk
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Dubai is and has been a titan of trade for hundreds of years. To urge a way of what commerce was like back within the day, take a stroll through one among the city’s ancient souks, or bazaars. The Gold open-air market settled on port Creek’s south bank within the Deira, focuses on glitz and glamour. That includes glittering displays of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from around three hundred retailers, the Gold open-air market is one among the renowned gold jewelry trading centers in the world. In fact, just about twenty percent of the world’s gold passes through this market. However, if you are not one for gold, do not fret. The open-air market additionally sells platinum, diamonds, and silver. You are additionally sure to get what you are paying for. The govt. tightly controls what is sold and bought within the open-air market, thus you do not have to leave thinking there is an opportunity you will be holding one thing counterfeit.

On the opposite facet of the creek lies the pungent Spice open-air marketplace, where vendors hawk flavors from across the world, including cinnamon, ginger, and chili. This can be conjointly the place to top off on saffron, as you will realize this delectable spice at a way lower price here than you’d home price. 


Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Underwater zoo
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Discover secrets and species of the deep blue ocean. Situated within the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the world’s largest 10-million metric capacity unit suspended aquarium that includes a group of over thirty-three thousand aquatic animals and one hundred forty species. Home to three hundred sharks and rays, the aquarium has the most important cluster of sand tiger sharks. Surround yourself with marine life as you walk through the aquarium tunnel; interact in activities just like the submersible simulator, ray feeding, otter encounter and more. Study the varied species and bring in an aquatic experience in precisely 2-hours.


Dubai Museum

dubai musemum
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The city’s main historical repository charts Dubai’s turbo-evolution from fishing and pearling village to the international center of commerce, finance, and business. It has an atmospherically setting within the compact Al Fahidi Fort, designed around 1800 and thought of Dubai’s oldest remaining structure. Walk-through mock souq exhibits on Bedouin life within the desert and a room highlighting the importance of the ocean illustrate the times before the invention of oil. The last room showcases anthropological findings from close by excavation sites.

Fortified by three towers, Al Fahidi Fort served as the residence of the native rulers till 1896 and went through stints as a jail and a garrison before changing into a repository in 1971. A durable teak door festooned with brass spikes offers a way to the curtilage dotted with bronze cannons, ancient boats and an areesha (a palm-frond hut that was the sort of summer home most locals lived in till mid of the twentieth century). Flanking the courtyard are rooms with modest displays of instruments and weapons.


The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain
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The Dubai Fountain, situated at the bottom of the enduring Burj Khalifa and simply outside the doors of the known Dubai Mall, features the world’s largest choreographed fountain system. This very popular dancing water show jets water streams as high as one hundred fifty meters within the air. Each vibrant, well-lighted jet sways in time to varied musical numbers from around the world, manufacturing what has become one of the most popular shows in Dubai. Two showings occur within the afternoon (1:00 pm and 1:30 pm), except on Fridays (1:30 pm to 2 pm) and evening displays begin at sundown and takes place every half-hour till the final song plays at 11 pm.


Palm Jumeirah

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An artificial island in the form of a palm tree – there is a reason why locals say ‘only in Dubai.’ Palm Jumeirah is one of the largest artificial islands within the world and a triumph of human ingenuity. Locals and tourists alike relish the Palm’s immense array of high-end hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria, Fairmont, One&Only, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray and, maybe most notably, the enduring imaginary place, The Palm. In addition, with a railway system running down the ‘trunk’ that connects to the mainland’s tram system, getting to Plam Jumeirah could not be easier.


Dubai Canal

Water Canal
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Dubai Water Canal is a 3.2 km long waterway extending from the Creek in Old Dubai through Business Bay before finding its way to the Arabian Gulf. Dubai Canal can produce eighty thousand sqm of city district public area and facilities, to incorporate new recreational areas just like the 3km running track and 12km cycling path. The canal’s lovely waterfalls are often viewed from Dubai’s Business Bay and you can also soak up views of the canal from a number of Dubai’s newest hotels, like W building and the St Regis. The Atrium is a series of 5 restaurants that are settled off the canal’s waterfront. 


Dubai Frame

Dubai frame
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Dubai Frame is one of the latest additions to the city’s skyline and represents a stimulating engineering achievement. Settled in Dubai’s Zabeel Park and directly between the new and old Dubai, the high structure offers sweeping wide views of the town from 150m high. One of its most wonderful features is the progressive clear glass bridge connecting parallel vertical towers to form the shape of an image frame. Dubai Frame has quickly become a must-see attraction for the city’s guests and residents alike.

Dubai is a city that can never disappoint you! Head on to Sumeru Holidays, and check out the Dubai packages they have to offer, under the budget of your choice, and gear up for an unforgettable holiday
in the aggressively developing city!

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